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From the young age of 12 I knew I was an entrepreneur from the start. Winning football competitions to see who could sell the most gift cards, outselling my entire wrestling team in meat sales, to buying and selling lawn mowers to my fellow neighbors. As my natural tendency to sell and make a profit increased, I began to sell my self and my services. 

Walking from lawn to lawn in the Georgia heat I then realized my passion and edge towards success and how I could change my life given a business card and my fathers 12 year old mower. As my life began to shape through school, church, and family so did my passion. I rose from cutting my neighbors lawn to cutting 15 yards on my street within a summer. I quickly emerged my self into the landscaping and lawn maintenance business as my customers and profits grew.

Starting from a self propelled Honda push to, turf tracers and my beloved navigator I have become a full fledged company. As I now have graduated high school and plan to enroll in South Carolina in the fall I look back on my life and smile as I see how God and my family have shaped who I've become through landscaping. Cutting grass isn't just a hobby, it's another customer smiling as you pull away from their curb, it's a roof over my head and food on the table, and most importantly it's a lifestyle. Cutting grass has taught me many lessons that I will always cherish and lessons that kids who are given everything to will never learn. And that's why I am forever thankful to my father for pushing me to go ring my neighbors door bell with a flyer.

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