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Crystal Mounce, Louisville, KY 40206
May 05, 2020
Yard Mowing near Clifton

Damon Fahey, Louisville, KY 40213
April 29, 2020
Lawn Cutting near Audubon


Clyde Dean, Louisville, KY 40210
March 30, 2020
Lawn Mow near Park Duvalle


Clyde Dean, Louisville, KY 40210
October 02, 2019
Lawn Cutting near Park Duvalle


Clyde Dean, Louisville, KY 40210
September 11, 2019
Grass Cutting near Park Duvalle

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How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

I have been in business over six years now, I started just cutting my church and grew from there. I always enjoyed being outside and but when I start cutting I start seeing how was able to change yards into masterpiece,

How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

My work stands out from other lawns services because its cut with care and detail, no rush job just to get the next job.

What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

The thing that I like the most of this industry is that there is always change and no day is the same.

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