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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in North Lauderdale, FL as of May, 2018

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Ppp Lawn Services in North Lauderdale, FL

Hired 37 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.144 Reviews)

As you begin your search for the best lawn care service in North Lauderdale, Florida, I hope you choose a company that knows their industry as much as any professional. Unfortunately, there are way too many cheap lawn mowers in North Lauderdale who will gladly take your money without delivering a quality yard mowing. It makes the jobs of real landscapers like myself that much harder, but in the end I’m always glad that at least they found their way to me.

I have dealt with all kinds of yards and lawn maintenance strategies. From straightforward and simple grass cutting to specialized plans to get their yard back on track. I have been in the business for over ten years now, more than that if you count all the weekends back in the day when I was mowing the neighbors’ lawns for lunch money. Over the years I have learned to be delicate with each lawn I take on, no plot of land is the same. It may seem like an easy job, especially with our great Florida weather, but the smallest mistake could mean a yard of dead grass if you are not careful.

That is why I get so worried about people choosing to save money over quality service. It really isn’t worth it to save a few bucks on the front end when the cheap lawn mower in North Lauderdale you hire kills your grass after a few lawn mowings cut too close to the root. It just isn’t worth it!

If you are ready to have a professional cut your grass, you message me. Lately, I have been working around the Hampton Pines Park area, but if you are anywhere in the Lauderdale area, I can come out and give you the best lawn care service around. I can’t wait to meet you and show you what I can really do for your grass!

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Ace Lawn Services in North Lauderdale, FL

Hired 93 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.141 Reviews)

We are the best landscape maintenance company in North Lauderdale money can buy. I say that because the best lawn care service in North Lauderdale money can’t buy would come from teaching your son how to do it. But if you don’t have the time to teach your son the delicate art of cutting the grass, then I would be happy if you turned to me for the job!

Being a landscaper for as long as I have, you learn a thing or two about cutting grass. For instance, if you are dealing with a cheap lawn mower off of Craigslist, he might just rev up the old mower and go to town on your grass like he was trying to kill it. But someone professional like me will do what I like to call a half pass. Instead of pushing the mower forward once and that’s it, I like to go over it once, and go back over it again to make sure every blade of grass is cut. It takes a little while longer when I do this, but it sure looks good when I’m done and the grass looks like you could put a leveler to it.

Another thing I like to do is make sure all the grass clippings are gone from your sight. It sounds crazy, but there are local lawn mowing services in North Lauderdale that will charge extra to mulch or remove the grass clippings out of your lawn. That’s like having the sorry job of burying a loved one at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Cemetery and finding out you need to pay extra for them to put the dirt back on! It doesn’t make sense, but try convincing them of that.

I’m sure there are a bunch of yard maintenance companies on GreenPal that are great, but I want you to know that I am one of the best there is. If you don’t believe me, try me out for one lawn mowing and you will see exactly why my customer service is known in North Lauderdale. I could talk all I want on here, but the true test is when I get out there and start my mower!

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Palmer Lawn Services in North Lauderdale, FL

Hired 244 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.85 Reviews)

Hello, thank for you taking the time to visit our GreenPal profile. Although we have been servicing the great city of North Lauderdale since our company began, we are proud to say GreenPal has found our company worthy to take on your business. Being on GreenPal means a lot to us, if only just to know that we have passed their tests to bid for your business.

We are a small, local lawn mowing and landscaping service in North Lauderdale, specializing in grass cutting. But just because we can give you the sharpest looking lawn all season long doesn’t mean we aren’t good at anything else. In fact, we have team members that work around the clock servicing North Lauderdale in all sorts of lawn maintenance. From gardening, to turf renovation, sodding, mulching, transplanting, and tree removal, you can bet that there isn’t a job on a lawn that we can’t do. We know because we have the tools necessary to complete the job with precision and professionalism.

Each member of our team is trained to be courteous and attentive to your needs. Whether it’s Silverlakes Middle School that needs a freshly cut football field for their season opener, an elderly woman who needs help with her rose garden, or a stressed out mother looking to get a last minute lawn mowing, we can be your reliable lawn care service any day of the week. All it takes is to ask us what our price would be for your job, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We want you to see how great your lawn can really be!

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Platinum Lawn Services in North Lauderdale, FL

Hired 45 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.175 Reviews)

Once I heard GreenPal was helping local lawn mowers in North Lauderdale, Florida like me get more clients, I had to try and get on. although my business has been great ever since I started, I couldn’t help but feel like there were people out there I was missing. When GreenPal finally okayed my reliable lawn mowing service in North Lauderdale, Florida though, I was off to the races. Since then, I have been fortunate to find people like you who were looking for the very best in lawn maintenance.

I used to just take my truck around the Highland Park area, but now with GreenPal’s services I am able to go as far as East Fort Lauderdale. It makes me so happy that I can extend my reach to people I would not normally meet and show them what they’re missing in a lawn mower. I am proud to say I am first a neighbor, a landscaping company second. I really try and teach people about their lawn as I cut it, so eventually they can do it themselves.

I do this because I believe that when you have knowledge, it is your duty to share it. I know my kind of knowledge isn’t exactly Nobel Prize material, but I would know nothing if I didn’t know that people care about their lawn looking good. I see it every time I go out to a house. When I cut the grass and send them a picture of the job I have done, I get nothing but excitement and gratitude. It’s a small thing to have a clean row of green grass, but it makes people happy, and it makes me happy to know I was a part of making their home look that much nicer.

If you own a home, there’s no reason to be ashamed of your lawn. Even if you have yellow grass or just a patch of brown dirt, you can trust me to bring it back to life the way you want it. I have the experience necessary to get your lawn back on track, and I don’t mind showing you how to do it for seasons to come. If your current lawn care service in North Lauderdale, FL can’t say that much about their business, then I want you to message me and switch over. Let me take care of your lawn now and for the future!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Vance Jennings Yard Cutting in North Lauderdale FL
“GreenPal is amazing! I had no idea something like this existed until a few weeks ago! I’ve been taking care of my own lawn for years, and I’m getting old. I used to be able to employ my grandson, but since he moved away for college it’s been me and my trusty old push mower out there every week. My wife has been nagging me for months now to hire a local lawn mowing service in North Lauderdale, FL to take care of it, says we should be spending our money on something before we die. She’s a bit morbid, I know, but she was right! I love how easy it is to talk to the landscaping companies and schedule a lawn mowing. I did it just this morning in my underwear before breakfast! The first few times I was a bit nervous, seeing as I gave out my address and time I was away from my house, but when I came home to find a handwritten note on my door thanking me for my business, I knew it was a safe bet. The lawn mower we hired actually does some parks around the city like TOT Park, so it was nice to know I was trusting someone who lived in the neighborhood. I definitely will keep using GreenPal, there’s no doubt about that. I just hope it doesn’t disappear any time soon. ”
Danielle Bridges Lawn Mowing Service in North Lauderdale FL
“I’m not living in North Lauderdale, but my wife and I rent out our condo around Bailey Memorial Gardens. We used to have a landscaper go out to our home to upkeep the trees and all that, but sadly he retired and we were stuck for a good while. Our son actually signed us up for the website for us, and we are so glad he did. I know AirBnB is pretty strict when it comes to appearances, and our bookings were definitely suffering for some time because we couldn’t find one grass cutting service in North Lauderdale to help us out. I mean, imagine a couple of geezers like us trying to pin down a company from Virginia over the phone! We can hardly order take out without having some sort of trouble. But no, GreenPal has done a lot for us, and every lawn mower we’ve hired has been good to us. The only problem we’ve had was one time a lawn mowing service in North Lauderdale couldn’t find our home, but he was more than willing to come out the next day and take care of our lawn anyway. I’m glad you guys are finding quality people to represent your website, otherwise we would be long gone and in the stone age trying to find one ourselves! ”
Rose Davis Lawn Maintenance in North Lauderdale FL
“We use GreenPal pretty much for anything regarding lawn care. No one in my family can mow the lawn the way I like it, especially none of the kids. In theory, I would like to teach them how to do it, but truthfully we are way too busy moving them around the city to school, jiu-jitsu practice, and feeding them to do so. I was Googling for cheap lawn mowing services in North Lauderdale, Florida when I found GreenPal, and it seemed pretty promising. It wasn’t more than a few hours before I had one yard mowing service in North Lauderdale, Fl reach out to me and give me a quote on the yard. He said he could come out the next day, and I took him up on it. Totally worth it, especially because he lived so close to us, right by Parrot’s Landing. We hire him every time we need our lawn mowed, and we found another few landscaping companies in North Lauderdale who helped us out with our backyard. I don’t know how you all did it, but it’s so much easier than looking for people all over the city. This is how every service industry should handle their business. ”
Donna Adames Lawn Cutting in North Lauderdale FL
“My friends actually turned me onto GreenPal. They had already been using your site to hire local lawn mowers in North Lauderdale. I was telling them how I had to recently let go of my landscaping team because they weren’t showing up to take care of my properties on time. Well, that’s an understatement, because some of them weren’t showing up at all. I run a few complexes, kind of like the Oakland Hills Apartments and all that. As I’m sure you guys know already, those complexes can’t go more than a week without landscaping. Any more than that and they start growing all over the place. I didn’t find out that the landscaping maintenance company in North Lauderdale I had in place hadn’t visited the place in a month, and I would not have found out had it not been for an angry tenant who found out how to reach me. I jumped on GreenPal after I saw how many local lawn care services in North Lauderdale there actually were and haven’t looked back. I make sure to let them know how easily replaced they can be, but in truth I haven’t had a problem since finding my first replacement. ”

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Why spend your Saturday mornings toiling over your lawn, when local landscaping services in North Lauderdale will do it for you for next to nothing? it may seem like your options are limited, but in fact now has never been a better time to find great deals on lawn care service in North Lauderdale. We understand how difficult it might be to actually track them down, that is why we have brought you GreenPal!

Welcome to GreenPal, North Lauderdale’s premier platform for finding your local lawn mowers, reliable landscaping services, and all around yard maintenance professionals. These companies are almost in the same boat as you: you have lawn care needs but are having trouble finding the right companies. They are looking for people with lawns that need mowing but are too busy mowing lawns to go out and look for you! Those days are gone, because GreenPal is bringing both parties to the table with an easy to use online system that makes the whole process easier than before.

How many times have you worried over your money hidden underneath the doormat, worried that the maintenance man you hired will show up, take a good long look at your lawn, and take the money for nothing? How many times have you stressed about coming home to an empty house and finding your stuff going for cheap on eBay, all because you hired a cheap lawn mower in North Lauderdale from Craigslist? We know that feeling all too well, and that’s part of the reason we came up with GreenPal.

On GreenPal’s website, you can always be one hundred percent sure that every company giving you a quote is legitimate. It’s actually one of the core functions we are most proud of. Every independent lawn mower fully-fledged landscaping maintenance company in North Lauderdale, all up and down the Stranahan River, has to go through a rigorous interview process to do anything on GreenPal. That means we prescreen their business credit, audit their company, number of employees, and how many recurring customers they have. We also ask to see their inventory. We have found in the past that most shady yard mowing services will have only one or two pieces of equipment in stock, while legitimate lawn care services in North Lauderdale have an array of neatly kept tools for different kinds of jobs. It takes an extra step to verify these reliable lawn mowing services companies in North Lauderdale, but it is all worth once we get them on board and they are making customers happy.

We know Miami is a huge area, and it would not make much sense for us to include North Lauderdale with the greater Miami area. After all, we wouldn’t want to connect you with a cheap lawn mower who will charge you huge travelling fees because he has to drive all the way from Little Havana. Instead, we hyper-localized all the search results you will find on this page to bring you lawn care professionals from your area, not only to make it cheaper on your end, but to ensure that you are hiring you neighbors, people who know the way the grass grows and who can take care of your lawn the right way. We saw GreenPal as a necessity, and we are proud to make lawn care service that much easier for you!

About North Lauderdale Florida

North Lauderdale is a city in Florida, United States.

As the name suggests, the city of North Lauderdale, Florida is a residential community adjacent to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While not exactly a part of Fort Lauderdale, the small Miami suburb is listed as its own city in Broward County. Compared to Fort Lauderdale’s almost-200,000 population, North Lauderdale boasts a smaller population, only 40,000 people in the last census.

North Lauderdale was established in the sixties to be the “City of Tomorrow.” Nationally recognized architect and city planner Morris Lapidus was tasked to plan the city to be a beacon of innovation to the rest of the Miami area. Morris Lapidus is well-known in Florida as establishing the look and feel of what Miami is known today. To describe the architecture of Miami’s hotels and resorts is to describe Lapidus’ vision for what the coastal city should look like

Architecture critics and connoisseurs describe Morris Lapidus’ work as neo-baroque, containing elements from the French Baroque style (high columns and domes typical of the classical Catholic Church of the area) but with a touch of modernity.

The city of North Lauderdale is borded by Margate, Florida on the north, Coral Springs, Florida to the northwest, Tamarac, Florida on the west and south, Pompano Beach, Florida to the northeast, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the east. The area just barely covers an area of 5 square miles, most of which is land. The only area covered by water is a few small lakes making up only 0.039 square miles.

The demographics of North Fort Lauderdale vary differently than the rest of the major cities of Florida. 

Source Wikipedia

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