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    Lawn Care Service for Marietta, GA

  • Good job!!

    Larry Everson on Apr 21, 2017
    Marietta, GA

    Lawn Care Service for Smyrna, GA

  • Good job overall. I was not able to discus before cutting so ended up cutting much lower than I normally cut,

    Van Mc Coy on Apr 19, 2017
    Smyrna, GA

    Lawn Care Service for Dallas, GA

  • Thank you Price L

    Gary Moore on Apr 18, 2017
    Dallas, GA

    Lawn Care Service for Smyrna, GA

  • Donna Castenell on Apr 13, 2017
    Smyrna, GA

    Lawn Care Service for Marietta, GA

  • Jake Burgdorf on Apr 08, 2017
    Marietta, GA

    Lawn Care Service for Marietta , GA

  • Looks much better! Thank you.

    Lisa Stroligo on Apr 07, 2017

    Marietta , GA

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Before joining the United States Army, Stephen Price worked for various landscaping companies for most of his life. After serving his time in the military and being deployed in Baghdad for over a year, he became a firefighter in Marietta, Georgia. He always had the itch to get back into the landscaping business so he bought a 52 inch Scag mower, a couple of weed eaters, and a blower and Price Lawn & Landscape was born.

This Virginia native attended the Fishburne Military School for Boys before joining the Army but now resides in Dallas, Georgia with his wife and 3 year old son, Gavin. Not only is Stephen a full time fireman and full time entrepreneur, he is also taking classes at Fortis College in Smyrna, Georgia to get his paramedic license.

Price and his crew service the main 120 thoroughfare and mow lawns in Marietta including Kennesaw, Powder Springs, West Hampton, Hiram, and also cut yards in the Johns Creek area. He services neighborhoods on and around Whitlock Road and has a few apartment complexes on Powder Springs Road and west Sandtown Road in SW Marietta. Stephen will even mow yards in Alpharetta, Georgia. “If the job is big enough, we will go anywhere,” Price laughs.

Not only will Stephen take care of your basic lawn care needs, he will also handle bush and shrub trimming, plant your flower beds, low level tree trimming, mulch, over seeding, aeration, and any hardscapes including patios.

When asked what has led to his growth Price says, “I love being my own boss and I love seeing a finished product.” He goes on to say, “I love to take what the homeowner visualizes and making it come to life. There is no better feeling than to see the expression on the homeowners face when you go above and beyond their expectations.” Price will also stripe your lawn and makes sure your lawn is edged perfectly or to your preference.

When he is not out mowing or fighting fires, he loves just spending time with his family. “Since I am so busy, I love just being able to relax with my wife and watch my son grow; there is no better feeling,” Stephen says.

So if you lawn just needs a little more tender loving care or a full on lawn makeover, let Stephen and his crew at Price Lawn & Landscape breathe a little more life into your lawn this season.   

  • How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

  • I started working with a provider in 2004 and continued doing so for several years, learning the trade and the ins and outs of lawn care. Last year I decided to go into business for myself and haven't looked back. I have many happy and satisfied regular customers who have liked my work so much that they are having me do much larger projects past just mowing their grass. I install sod, build retaining walls and do patios as well as landscape redesigns.
  • How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

  • I take pride in what I do and it shows. I go the extra mile for my customers and make recommendations regularly to improve their lawns and overall landscapes.
  • What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  • Look for someone who enjoys the work and puts actual effort into what they do. Not the person who comes out and zips through the work, leaving missed spots, forgetting to edge or trim around trouble spots.
  • What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

  • It is an immediate reward for the work you've done. Arriving to the yard you see the grass has grown up, the edges are overrun and the walkways are littered with debris. Then once your finished, you leave a well manicured lawn that looks amazing and you feel good about what you've done. It's an even sweeter reward when a customer decides that they loved what you did so much they leave a glowing review and/or message you about how much they love the way their yard looks.
  • What areas do you mainly service?

  • I work in Dallas, Hiram, Powder Springs, Marietta and Kennesaw. I also service the 120 corridor between Hiram and Marietta.

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