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Selph Lawncare began in 2008 in Dover, TN. We have since moved to Clarksville and became Selph Landscaping from there as we have grown to not only accommodate cuts and weeds but hedges and tree felling as well. We have had as little as 15 and as many as 60 regular accounts although our time efficiency has not yet been affected. Selph Landscaping can give you a one time offer or cut you a deal with an annual or even monthly cost. There is no job too big or too small and if you don't think we'll do it, just ask! We have experience doing it all from flower bed retaining walls to fencing needs from tree damage. We understand your need for someone to trust, take their time to not get habitual but at the same time get the job done and get out of your way. Therefore we thank you for your consideration and remind you that Selph Landscaping is here to stay! Have a nice day :)

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