GreenPal is built for one thing,


GreenPal is the only market place built specifically
to help the professional landscaper

We will never ask you for a credit card

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Get More Lawns

Bid on as many lawns as
you want for FREE

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Get Paid Fast

Your customers pay you
automatically online

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Simplify Your Life

Stop wasting time on invoicing
and paper work

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  • So how does GreenPal work?

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Homeowners list their lawn on GreenPal

We get the word out about the GreenPal community in the following ways:

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  • We pay for top placement on all the search engines

  • One mail
  • We mail out 1000's of post cards to get
    the customers you want

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  • We even hang door hangers, tons of them

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You'll get notified to easily submit your quote

Getting access to the list of homeowners needing service

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  • We'll relay all the details, including lot size,
    date, etc.

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  • Submt your quote with the GreenPal mobile
    app or online

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  • You're in control of your business, bid only on
    the lawns you want

  • Two star
  • They will get to see your ratings , and pics of
    past work

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Get Hired and Scheduled

When a homeowner picks you, your GreenPal calendar is updated

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  • Three calendar
  • You get one organized schedule for all your
    clients on GreenPal

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  • They are still YOUR clients! We just help you
    get and keep them

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  • You'll receive a reminder each morning of lawns
    for that day

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Get Paid

The best part...We make sure you get paid fast for your work

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  • GreenPal collects and stores the credit card info
    from the homeowner

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  • You'll upload a pic of the completed work
    (this is your digital invoice)

  • Four card
  • Your client is charged automatically after each
    completed service

  • Four bank
  • Your money is deposited into your bank

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What does it cost? And what's the catch?

The catch is...we are only having a limited number of the best lawn pros

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  • There is no monthly fee, just a small 5% transactional
    fee for all work you perform with the GreenPal

  • Calculator
  • Just add the small fee plus the 3% for credit card
    processing into your quotes if you'd like

  • Gift
  • GreenPal will always be free to use for the first group
    of vendors that signup

GREAT, I'm ready to get started!
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Don't think we are serious about lawn care?

Watch this video

         I've been using GreenPal for a year now.
         I like not having to waste time chasing
         overdue customer balances. I also pick
         up lawns nearby stops I already have.
         It really has saved me wasted timed, and
         made me more money.
  • Circross
  • Hunter,
    Murfreesboro, TN