Commonly asked questions

Unfortunately, The vendors that pay to use the GreenPal system are not offering any 1 at a time cuts.

They are only taking on weekly or every 2 week clients setup until the grass stops growing at end of the season, typically October or November.

Most people don't know this... When they mow for you the first time... it's an audition on good faith for them to earn you as customer for ongoing mowings.

The good news is... if you are not happy with the lawn service you hire, you can cancel and hire a different lawn service easily with your GreenPal account.

What's more.. your lawn gets too tall for them to manage beyond 14 days and one-off ad hoc mowings are more trouble than it's worth for them.

If you'd like to setup service, just click the orange button and select weekly or every two weeks to get setup on your lawn company's route.

Unfortunately no lawn services are interested in mowing 1 time per month, or every three weeks. Reason being is that it just takes them too long when your grass gets that tall and it causes too much stress on their equipment while taking them twice the time.

The good news is If you don't want to mow your lawn anymore, GreenPal is the easiest way to book lawn mowing services till the grass stops growing in October or November.

Sure thing... that's very easy to add onto your account

Just log in to the website and click the orange button in the middle of the screen that says "Add Additional Services"

Then pick out which services you want to add on to the next mowing. It's a simple as that.

Now.. if you want a service like weeds or shrub pruning added to all future mowing visits or once a month this season, you can do that from the mobile app.

If you don't see a button that says "Add Additional Services" you'll need to first setup weekly or every 2 week mowings with your lawn service and then you can add on additional yard work to your service schedule.

Also one other thing.. You can only set up those additional services from your dashboard if your vendor has quoted those those in system. If so, you would have gotten an email outlining that pricing.

If your lawn services has not yet quoted those additional services for your on your account, then you can simply send them a text message and ask to to provide pricing to you and any additional work you verbally approve they can add the additional costs onto the next mowing for you.

If ​​ the lawn service you hired is not doing a good job, is unresponsive, or has gone out of business... and you would like to hire a new lawn service for ongoing mowings this season, that's very easy to do.

First... On the website (not the mobile app), Cancel any lawn mowing appointments that you have with them by clicking "my schedule" in the menu and then click "cancel" by each the appointments you have 1 at a time.

Then after you have cancelled all of your service with ​​ navigate to the main screen by clicking the logo in the upper left corner and then click the blue link "I want ongoing service with someone else"

You'll see the link just above the FAQ at the main screen to get new bids again so you can hire your new lawn mowing service.

A few things to keep in mind..

When you get new quotes, you'll lose your current rate with your current lawn service.. what's more.. your new quotes may be at a higher price than you were paying your last lawn service…

Most people don't know this.... Each lawn service is independently owned and operated and pays a small fee to offer their services on the GreenPal website.

Lastly... If your grass is over 8" tall, the new lawn service you hire may ask you for a surcharge on the first cut to get your yard under control.

Also none of the services that use GreenPal are doing 1 at a time cuts, they are only taking on weekly or bi-weekly clients.

The good news is.. Your GreenPal account help you get new bids 2 times per year, schedule, and pay a new lawn care service in your area.

One more thing... Each year.. You can get 2 rounds of quotes to find a lawn service you like using your GreenPal account. If you have already requested quotes twice this year then unfortunately the system will not let you get quotes a third time.

If you have already gotten free quotes twice this year already.... You'll won't be able to get quotes again for a third time, however you can book ongoing mowings with the last lawn service you hired, or wait until next year to get free quotes again using GreenPal.

Can't find the link?

Try clicking the logo in the upper left corner to navigate to main screen, you should see it just about the FAQ

Still can't find it? Then that's because you either have appointments scheduled or you've already gotten free quotes 2 times this year.

First ... you can always see what you have scheduled by clicking "my appointments" in your menu, and you can look over your upcoming appointments and your past/paid appointments there.

Then... click the orange button in the middle of the screen.

And then select the start date and end date for your service.

Now... Should you want to set up a whole new schedule.. such as going from biweekly to weekly, or setup a new start date or whatever then just click the orange button "book ongoing mowings"

And then select the new start date and new end date for the schedule you want and it will OVERWRITE whatever you had previously scheduled with what you want now.

Also.... If you haven't already.. Id recommend also sending a text message to the lawn care service you hired on their mobile to also confirm they can accommodate your request and to give them a heads up.

Keep in mind because of weather, traffic, and equipment issues, they have a 3 day window to accommodate your lawn each week. They can come the day before, the day of, or day after your date request.

Keep in mind, all of the lawn services that use the GreenPal platform are only taking on clientele booked for the entire lawn cutting season, so with that said you'll need to select an end date in October or November.

Also.. here is the link to get to the the screen to setup your new schedule.

If you want to cancel service with the lawn company you hired... you will need to login to the website or mobile app to manage your account, and make sure you are using a Chrome or Safari browser.

Keep in mind... if it was quality of service, If you'd like , you can get easily bids again to hire a new company using your GreenPal account.

Otherwise on desktop .. just click Click on "my schedule" in your menu and then.. Simply click "cancel" by each of your scheduled mowings that you want to cancel.

If you are on the mobile app there is one additional step.. just click on each future appointment in your upcoming appointments list and then click cancel on each one, one by one, if you want to cancel all of the service that you booked.

If you want to cancel ALL your future services you scheduled with the lawn service you hired, then you'll need to click "cancel" by each one individually.

Unfortunately there is no way to cancel all of the service you booked with them all at once, so with that being said, if you want to cancel all future mowings you'll need to cancel each one individually.

The good news is there is no cancellation fee for cancelling the service you scheduled.

Keep in mind.... The service you booked cannot be cancelled by email or text so you'll need to login to the website or app and manage your account, and sadly, due to privacy controls, GP support is unable to manage your account for you.

No problem, just send the lawn service you hired a text on their mobile number to firm up when they have your lawn on their route, or any service related matters.

They are probably on a mower, so text is your best bet. If you need their mobile number, click "My GreenPal" in the menu.

You’ll need to communicate directly with your GreenPal lawn service form here on out for any service related issues. Why does this matter? GreenPal is not in personal communication with the vendors you can hire and audition with the system and you want to speak to the owner of the lawn service you hired.

Most people don't know this.. The lawn services you can hie with your GreenPal account pay to use the system to grow and operate their business, so any service related issues with need to be worked out with them directly.

OK, no problem. As a rule of thumb, you can figure roughly double the cost for the first mowing to get your yard back under control and then it will be their quote you see now for every week or every two weeks mowings thereafter.

Next... After you hire the service you want... you'll need to send them a quick text message with a few pictures of how tall your grass is to get a firm price on how much the first cut is going to be.

If you don't... When they show up to your overgrown lawn, they will just cancel and enter a new price, delaying your service another 2 or 3 days.

Sending them a text after you hire them helps prevent that from happening..

You might be wondering ..... "Well... my grass is only tall in some areas"

It's been our experience that does not matter and the service you hire will ask for an upcharge.

Keep in mind... the first mowing will not look that look good, and it will take a few mowings to get your lawn back under control.

One more thing.... after the first mowing, you'll be enrolled in ongoing mowings at the bid you see now. All of the vendors that use the GreenPal system are only taking on weekly or every 2 week clients this lawn season, so if you only want 1 cut.. do not proceed.

Sure ​​ GreenPal is built to help you manage multiple lawn services for multiple properties .

Please read through all of this carefully.

First... you'll need to establish service for your first location

Then after you've hired your first vendor for your first property then just click "add a property" in your menu

Then you can get bids for the next location and hire the same lawn service or different service for the next property.

You can add as many as you like.

Couple of tips...

To keep everything straight , You'll need to manage your account from a laptop or desktop using a Chrome browser and not internet explorer and not the mobile app as it does not support multiple locations yet.

What's more, after you add your new location, click on the address in the header to toggle between the locations, to pick local contractors, pay them, or schedule services with them. The address in the header indicates the location that you are managing. You'll need to do all of this from a laptop or desktop using a chrome browser.

If you find a service you like working with ... and if your properties are within 5 or 10 miles from one another... it can be advantageous to use the same vendor for all of them... Just send your vendor a text giving them the heads up to submit their bid for you new location so you can hire them for that one too.

One more thing.. Some users have a problem with the address box when they are adding a location, so when you start typing the street address into the box just select your address that populates in the little drop down below the box.

If you are having problems, make sure you have not already added that new location to your account, by clicking the address in the header to toggle between your locations to see all your locations on your laptop or desktop.

Once you add another location, just toggle between them to manage each one by clicking the address in the blue header (using a desktop with a chrome browser) to manage each location independently.

One last thing.. we do not have the functionality to "remove" a location from your list right now .. so if you no longer have a property just cancel your appointments on that location and let it sit idle.

That's no problem.

First you'll need to update your address on your account by clicking "Contact Info" in your menu…

Then... if you are wanting to work with the same lawn service that you hired for your old address, simply text them and let them know about your new address and any future visits you book will be at that new address with that same lawn service.

Keep in mind , they may not be able to service your the new home for the same price, so you'll want to iron that out with them, and any price changes they can modify from their vendor dashboard for you.

Otherwise..... if you want to get new prices for the new location , first cancel any service you have scheduled and then just click

"I want ongoing service with someone else"

Under the orange button at the main screen after you have cancelled any appointments you currently have booked and you'll get new bids for the new address that you just updated on your account.

First, I'd recommend sending the lawn company you hired a text message to let them know about the problem.

Next, to pause billing to your card on file follow these steps.

Login to the website or mobile app and click "Problem with your service" at the bottom.

All you need to do is attach a picture of the problem and describe what they need to correct

This will also prevent your card on file from being billed.

This will also send the lawn business you hired an alert to come back to fix the problem and billing to your card will be paused until you confirm their work is corrected.

One more thing... if you can text your lawn service some additional pictures of your problems, that really helps them fix your issue much quicker. Their mobile number will be in your confirmation emails.

Now.. After you initiate your dispute ...

The lawn service you hired​​ may come back out to fix your problem, or they will just cancel the transaction if they don't want to come back out again. If they just cancel , nothing will be billed to your card.

Keep in mind, GP is not in personal communication with ​​the lawn service you hired, so you'll need to work out any issues with owner of the lawn care service you hired directly.

If you have looked over your Credit Card or Bank Statements and verified you have a HARD charge posted to your account for a mowing you did not receive (one that is not in the pending section on your account statement)... Well then, Unfortunately that means that too much time has passed for GP to be able to process your refund request for you.

First ... Double check your emails to take a look at the email you got each time the lawn service you hired completed your yard work to let you know about your 48 hour review period to look over everything in your yard.

Put another way... after each service you hired your lawn company for you get 2 days to check everything out, and raise any issues if there is a problem with the yard work they are billing you for.

After that your card is billed for their services rendered.

During that 48 hour period you can initiate a dispute with your GreenPal account if there are any problems with lawn company who you hired's work, or if they mowed the wrong lawn, however, once your service goes beyond 48 hours GP is not able to refund what you paid to the lawn service you hired.

Bottom line... GP can't be of any assistance refunding what you have paid to the lawn service you hired with your GreenPal account.

Now... We really try to make this extremely clear to GreenPal users, that's why in the work confirmation email you got it says in Red font on the last email you received:

Keep in Mind:You have 24 hours to review their work before your card on file is billed. GreenPal is unable to process any refunds after you pay the vendor you hired.

So...With that being said... If you have looked over your credit card statement and you see a hard charge posted for a service you did not receive then I apologize GP can not be of more help.

After you have verified that you were charged, you'll need to reach out to you lawn service to work out any issues and request your refund from the lawn service you hired.

Now... The good news is .. the lawn company that you hired.. their mobile number is in the confirmation email you received when they billed you for the completed work. We recommend sending them a text message to initiate that conversation.

What's more, If the problem is they made an honest mistake and mowed the wrong house.. and you did not catch this on the previous work completed email you received.. you can usually resolve this issue by sending them a quick text message to let them know they mowed the wrong house and that they still need to get you serviced.

The good news is , they are able to process your refund request from their dashboard if the have made a mistake.

Lastly, if all else fails, you can always dispute the charge for the amount you paid to the lawn care service you hired on your credit card itself.

The confirmation emails you receive after each service with the picture attached serves as your receipt.

I recommend printing that off for your records

Unfortunately GP is not able to re-send those so if you can't find it... you might check your spam folder or your trash folder in your email box.

If all else fails... you can go to your account history ... just click "My Schedule" in the menu and you can see all your past transactions..

Just print off that screen as your proof of payment for your records if you can't find your payment confirmation emails.

If you want to pay your lawn service​ for extra yard work they did, or a tall grass surcharge, or even want to give them a tip, that's easy to do.

First... After you receive the email of the completed work just login into your account on the website (not the mobile app) and click the blue link

"Any extra work to pay for? Or Want to tip them?"

Then add on the extra amount that you would like to pay them and click the orange button to pay them the new amount.

Keep in mind to tip them it has to be done within 36 hours or less of receiving the email for the completed work, otherwise your account auto pays your lawn service for you.

If that happens you can always tip them or add the amount on the next service.

Also this can not done until the lawn service you hired completes the work on your account and you get the email that they have completed your lawn.

Sure thing, if you want to sign up as a vendor that's easy to do. Just go to the homepage and at the bottom click "apply as a vendor"

First if you have already signed up as a consumer you'll need to sign out of this account by clicking this link

You'll also need to use a different email than you used to create your consumer account.

We will review your application and if we feel like you're a good fit you'll get an email letting you on the platform

To leave a review you'll need to login and do that immediately after they complete your appointment.

You have 48 hours to review their work and leave a review for the lawn care service you hired on how they did before your card is charged.

Each review on GreenPal is tied to actual transaction that took place on the system and there is a 48 hour window of opportunity to do that on each service.

If you've already missed it on this past service, you can always review them on the next service if you like.

The lawn care services that use GreenPal to operate their business will submit their pricing to you based the square footage of your lot, aerial images, and street view imagery.

After you hire the lawn service you want to work with this season, you will get an email with a picture attached of your lawn each time after it is mowed, this will serve as your digital invoice, and after you have confirmed the lawn care service you hired has completed you lawn mowing then your card on file is billed.

You do not need to be home when your lawn is serviced.

When you hire your lawn service, a pre-auth amount is soft charged to your card kind of like booking a hotel room. But no worries, this will not be hard charge on your card until after you confirm the work has been completed.

If for whatever reason you cancel or they do not get your yard serviced, your soft charge will fall off after a few days and will not be a hard charge to your card.

What's more... After the first mowing goes well... you can then setup weekly or every 2 week mowings for the rest of the lawn mowing season, as well as any other yard work you request a quote for from the vendor you hire.

To delete your GreenPal account permanently
1. Go to Deleted My Account page
2. You will be asked to enter your email and password to delete your account

After deletion your account will no longer be available and all the data associated with your account will be permanently deleted.

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