About GreenPal

GreenPal connects you with hard working lawn professionals that want your business

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  • Why in 2018 is it still a pain to easily find and
    confidently hire a reliable lawn care professionals?

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  • Why are we still leaving voicemails and checks under the mat?

Our team also believes it should be easier.

That's why we built GreenPal. With over 20 years in the lawn

care industry, our mission is to enable you to quickly find,

schedule, and pay for lawn care.

So how does GreenPal work?

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  • Post your lawn

GreenPal offers you an all-in-one place to find, schedule, and pay the perfect lawn pro for your yard. In less than a minute you can list your lawn, and GreenPal works to get you 5 bids within 24 hrs from local pros.

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  • Multiple Pre-screened & Rated Pros
    compete for your business

We work hard to vet the local professionals by checking out their equipment, talking with their customers, and even a background check to make sure you get competitive quotes from reliable pro's fast.

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  • Schedule and pay online or by
    smart phone

Next, we take the hassle out of scheduling and payment, so you can do it easily & securely from your desktop or smart phone.

You're in control, you get the lawn mowed on the day you want.

The best part...you've found a solid lawn pro that wants

and needs your business

Learn more about how it works:

GreenPal FAQ's

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It's a very simple, just enter your address to create your lawn profile. Then, pre-screened local lawn professionals will submit bids to you for your lawn service. You’ll get up to 5 bids back within an hour or so. Once you've selected a vendor, you pay online when the job is complete. Still unsure? Check out this short video that explains the GreenPal process.

GreenPal is free to use. List your lawn, receive bids, read their reviews, and select your local lawn service provider at no cost. No hidden fees, the pricing quoted by the community of lawn vendors is what you pay. Using our secure site or mobile app, you pay the lawn professional at the agreed-upon price when the job is complete. No credit card is required to get bids on your lawn, its free.

Create an auction by entering your address and the date desired for the service. You will receive multiple bids from GreenPal's qualified lawn care professionals nearest your lawn within hours of the listing. You’ll get an email notifying you have received bids, You can then pick your new lawn pro on the GreenPal website or with the mobile app.

GreenPal is growing every day. We currently offer lawn care service in Atlanta, GA, lawn care service in St. Petersburg, FL, as well as Tampa, FL. We are also live in our hometown of Nashville, TN. The GreenPal team is hard at work adding new markets every couple of months, so check back if we are not currently live in your area.

GreenPal carefully selects which lawn professionals we allow to provide service to homeowners. We don't let all vendors into the GreenPal community as have an approval process to become a GreenPal partner, including:

  • Background checks
  • Pictures of past work
  • Professional References
  • Verification of equipment and experience
  • Acceptance of the GreenPal quality of standards

The best way to feel comfortable with the lawn service you choose within GreenPal is to read over their reviews from other GreenPal customers. In addition to that, rest assured the lawn mowing services you can hire with your GreenPal account must maintain an acceptable level of service or they will no longer be allowed to conduct business within the GreenPal community.

One of the nicest things about the GreenPal community is that all of the reviews are based on actual lawn mowings that have occurred within the GreenPal marketplace. Thats one benefit better than finding a lawn service on Yelp, Angie's List, or Google Reviews. Because there is no way for a vendor to pay for reviews or get their family or friend to review them, ALL the reviews are tied back to actual lawns that were mowed in the system, so you can trust the vendor rating and reviews are legitimate.

Bids will come to you via email as vendors nearby you submit pricing, so they are ordered by how promptly they came in. You will receive up to 5 bids. You will be able to read reviews from other GreenPal customers so you can choose with confidence based on their rating and pricing.

First, you don't pay until after you have confirmed the service is completed. We do not charge your card up front. On top of that, all lawn mowings all backed by The GreenPal guarantee. If something isn't right, we’ll make it right or refund your money, no questions asked.

We empower our community of vendors efficiently bid on your lawn. This is how you get multiple quotes back so fast. GreenPal does not set lawn pricing. The size of your lawn and also its proximity to a vendor’s current lawns they already have on their route are the two biggest factors that determine their pricing. Because they are already familiar with your neighborhood, some vendors will quote your lawn based on the aerial imagery and square footage data we provide to them. GreenPal is the only way to quickly get multiple accurate quotes from vendors that you can instantly read reviews about.

Included in each quote will be a professional mowing, weedeating around obstacles and trees, and also edging of sidewalks and paved surfaces as well as clean up and blowing off of hard surfaces after mowing. Some customers also like to have their weeds pulled and sprayed in their beds, if you would like that service as well, simply add it in the special requests section.

No lawn is too big or small. To date the biggest lawn mowed in the GreenPal community was over 10 acres, the smallest was a 100 sq ft square in front of a condominium.

You can pay securely via the GreenPal website or mobile app the lawn has been mowed to your satisfaction.

The GreenPal mobile app will enable you to receive your bids, schedule your cuts, and pay your lawn service on the go. Just type GreenPal in the App Store, or Google Play store.

By using the GreenPal date picker, you select the date you would like you lawn cut. Our lawn care professionals will confirm the date when they submit bids for your review. After your first cut with your new lawn vendor , you can set it and forgot it. You will be able to pick followup dates for mowing such as weekly, every other week, or unique individual dates.

Not at all. Once you find the GreenPal professional that is right for you, you can set the desired date(s) moving forward, from weekly to bi-weekly or even unique dates. The service process will not change - you will still receive a notification and picture each time the job is completed. Just set it and forget it!

Nope, GreenPal is free to use. No credit card is required to get bids on your lawn, In the unlikely event that you are not pleased with any of the bids received, you are not obligated to pick one

There are many factors such as weather and equipment issues that could impeded your lawn service from mowing your lawn on the exact day that you’d like. So GreenPal makes this easy. On step 1 of our signup you’ll see “My date is flexible by.” This allows you to be flexible with your desired date by 1, 2, or 3 days. Keep in mind, the more flexible you are with your date, the better pricing you will receive from our community of lawn professionals.

Your lawn vendor will mow with an umbrella… Just joking, typically our vendors push the date to the following day. Keep in mind, if we experience 2-3 days of straight rain, this will cause a few days delay in your service Your GreenPal lawn vendor will modify the service date so you are in the loop on what day he is coming.

GreenPal doesn't let all vendors into the community. Mowing lawns is a craft that requires years of experience. Our vendors use caution and exercise good judgment with your lawn. If its too wet to mow he will reschedule to the next day, and you will be notified via email.

No worries , you don't have to be home because you will get a picture of the completed lawn mowing sent to you via email and mobile app. Also you have 24 hours to make sure everything was done to your satisfaction before your card is charged.

We are dog people too. We have 100’s of customers that have dogs. In most cases your lawn professional can mow while pets are present in the yard by exercising caution. You can let the bidding vendors know in your special requests section during the signup process. If you will need to place your pets inside while mowing, add that detail as well, so the vendors know that your desired date is not flexible.

Most of the time, lawn care vendors do not bag clippings as a standard service. GreenPal has vendors that do bag clippings .So if you would like your clippings bagged and hauled off, simply ask in the “Special Request” section on step 2 of the signup process.

No problem, just add this detail in the special request section of Step 2 on the signup process. Most of our vendors have smaller mowers for when this is the case. Adding this detail makes sure you get bids from lawn services that can accommodate your gate size.

We screen our vendors to make sure they follow best practices. So depending on what part of the country you are in, the mowing height will vary. For instance if you have a tall fescue lawn, the mowing height will be 3-4” . If you have a Bermuda or St. Augustine lawn, the mowing height will be shorter , around 2”. However, you’re in control, If you have any special requests for lawn mowing height simply add those in the special request box on signup, or in your lawn profile after you have received your first cut.

Currently , GreenPal is focused on making it easy to find, schedule, and pay the perfect lawn professional for your basic weekly mowing and weeding. Soon we will be adding features to order additional work such as mulch, tree work, sod etc. For now, these additional projects can be worked out directly with your GreenPal vendor you’ll have a relationship with. If you are only considering a large scale project, and don't need lawn mowing, we know 100’s of vendors in each city, so feel free to email us at support@yourgreenpal.com and we can give you a referral to the best fit company for you based on your project. Just something nice we like to do to help everyone out.

Sure you can. We have several customers who have ordered lawn mowing for a friend or relative even if they live out of state. The cool part is you get a picture of the completed work, so you know the work was completed.

Of course. In fact GreenPal helps many real estate investors with finding reliable lawn service providers for their rental homes, even if they are out of state. The best part is the picture so you know the lawn mowing was completed properly.

Unfortunately, The vendors that pay to use the GreenPal system are not doing any 1 at a time cuts.
They are only taking on weekly or every 2 week clients setup until the grass stops growing at end of the season, typically October or November.
When they mow for you the first time... it's an audition on good faith for them to earn you as customer for ongoing mowings. The good news is... if you are not happy with their work you can cancel and hire a different lawn service with your GreenPal account.
Also, it just gets too tall for them to manage beyond 14 days and one-off ad hoc mowings are more trouble than it's worth for them.

You sure can as long as its not the same day as your appointment. We are working hard with our vendors to maximize their route efficiency and feel that is it not far to cancel on them the day of. If you are needing to cancel or reschedule, please do so on your dashboard but make sure its 24 hours prior to your scheduled date.

As of right now, we are not able to handle multiple properties. If a homeowner needs more than one property serviced, they will have to sign up with separate email accounts…still better than doing it the old way. We will be enabling this very soon and allowing Property managers to manage their entire property portfolio with one vendor at their fingertips. Pretty cool stuff.

Even though we have hundreds of pre-screened trusted vendors on GreenPal, we totally understand that you love your lawn guy. If your current vendor is not on GreenPal, maybe he would be a good fit for GreenPal. We would love to talk with him and possibly help him grow his business. If you have a vendor that you would like to recommend, please email us at support@yourgreenpal.com.