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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in The Colony, TX as of Jul, 2024


Gambino's Lawn Care in The Colony, TX

Hired 114 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.119 Reviews)

Thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance this year and I appreciate the opportunity to take care of your grass cutting in landscape maintenance needs this year. I have been cutting grass all over The Colony for five years and the good news is I am adding on an additional lawn maintenance crew to my grass cutting business this year. Thanks to GreenPal I have added so many new lawn care customers in The Colony Texas that I'm able to expand my lawnmowing business debt-free and without all of the headache passing out flyers all over The Colony Texas. Now with GreenPal you can hire me without even having to meet me at your house. No that's not to say if you want me to meet with you so we can discuss the nuances and details of your yard maintenance and what you're looking for, I would be happy to do that. I would say half of my customers in The Colony like for me to give them personalized lawn care services while the other half just assume not have to spend any time with me in their yard cut whereas all they are looking for is a basic grass cutting service and not a full-service landscaper to maintain their gardens and turf.

I am happy to do either of those for you and so what I will do is after you hire me on GreenPal to cut your grass the first time I will send you a text message just to touch base and if you want me to set up a time to meet with you when I'm out there cutting your lawn I would be more than happy to do that otherwise I will just show up and mow your yard on the day that you request to have it cut and then I will upload a picture of the freshly mowed yard after I'm done cutting it through my GreenPal mobile app. After that take a look at the picture or you can walk around the yard and you've got 48 hours to inspect your grass, and lawn and if everything is cool just push to pay me and set up ongoing grass cuttings keep in mind I am taking on weekly lawn mowing service clients an every two week yard maintenance clientele. GreenPal also has an every 10 days lawn cutting schedule and I can honor that as well if that's what you want. I have a ton of satisfied lawn maintenance clients by Stewart Peninsula Golf Course in The Colony and I also mow 13 lawn's over by The Tribute at The Colony Golf Club in town as well. So if you live in any of those parts of The Colony Texas then I can usually get your grass cutting the very next day after you hire me on your GreenPal account. Included in my price for lawn cutting is your mowing edging and blowing not included is pulling any weeds in your landscaping beds or pruning any bushes however those yard maintenance services can be added onto your lawn cutting services that you hired me for on the GreenPal system. Thank you again so much for considering me I look forward to trusted landscape maintenance contractor in The Colony Texas for as long as you live in town.

Also , if you need neaby lawn cutting services in Denton TX my yard maintenance business can help you there as well as with local lawn cutting services nearby DeSoto, TX.


Field of Greens Lawn Care in The Colony, TX

Hired 39 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.34 Reviews)

If you were looking for pristine lawn maintenance and garden maintenance in The Colony Texas then I'm going to be the best fit landscape maintenance contractor that you can hire. No I will not be a cheap grass cutter but I will be a knowledgeable professional landscape management company that you can hire in The Colony to be the steward of your lawn, gardens and landscaping. I like to think that my work speaks for itself and I do some of the finest homes in The Colony and it would be my pleasure to care for and maintain your yard and gardens maintenance to my landscaping maintenance route that I'm doing in The Colony Texas. I cut grass all over the mid cities and DFW area and I am in The Colony on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of every week maintaining the lawns and landscapes of my esteemed clients.

When you get my price on GreenPal that's kind of just a starting point for our lawn maintenance relationship. Basically the price is just for a basic grass cutting, trimming of the grass around your trees, mailbox, sign posts, or anything else that you have in your yard, and blowing off the grass clippings out of the driveway and beds after I'm done cutting. Then after that I will submit to you prices for the yard maintenance services that we can offer to you and yard work that you're most likely going to need to have done for your home in The Colony. I will work up a price for re-mulching your landscaping beds and gardens, I will also prepare a proposal for bush trimming, pulling the weeds from your beds and gardens or spraying them if they have got to be a little bit out of control, and other lawn maintenance services that you can also request prices from me such as fall leaf removal, turf renovation including seeding the bare patches in the tur areas that you have in your turf grass, and also gutter cleaning and other yard work that I can do as well. The cool thing is is that you can add all of this on to your GreenPal account and we can plan out rough dates that you want to get it done throughout the year and then neither of us have to worry about it again because it will just happen automatically and it will appear on my lawn maintenance route on my GreenPal landscape management app. So this is by far and away the easiest way to get a professional lawn mowing service in The Colony Texas like mine without all the headache of mailing invoices and checks back-and-forth. I have a loyal group of lawn maintenance clients over by Ethridge Elementary School in The Colony and also another batch of grass cutting clients over by Peters Colony Elementary school, so if you live in those parts of town feel free to hire me for your grass cutting and landscape maintenance and it will be a good fit for both of us.

Also , if you are looking for local cheap lawn care services nearby Landcaster TX we mow yards in that part of DFW and can also assist with local lawn maintenance services nearby DeSoto TX..


Premier Lawn Lawn Care Services in The Colony, TX

Hired 58 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.55 Reviews)

I like to think I am one of the best kept grass cutting secrets in The Colony. I can offer affordable lawn care services without compromising the quality of your grass cutting. If what you're looking for is a good reliable affordable and efficient landscape maintenance company to cut your yard in The Colony Texas look no further all you have to do is hire me on GreenPal when you get my price for grass cutting. I have been mowing yards all over the DFW area for six lawnmowing seasons and recently expanded my yard maintenance services up to The Colony because GreenPal has driven me so much customer demand up there. What you can expect from me on your GreenPal account is prompt courteous lawn care service on the day that you want your yard mowed every week or on the every two week lawn maintenance schedule.

Keep in mind the price that you'll be getting from me on GreenPal it's for a basic grass cutting service for grass under 8 inches tall on a weekly basis. If you don't want every two week lawnmowing you can really figure $5 or $10 more progress cutting. You might be wondering why every two weeks lawnmowing services cost more than every week grass cutting, well if you think about it the grass grows taller when it goes 14 to 15 days between mowings, and as a rule of thumb the taller the grass the more time in Texas to mow. And in the lawn maintenance business in The Colony time is money. We need to be in and out of your yard within less than an hour for most of the prices that we quote on the GreenPal yard maintenance mobile app. Now that's not to say that we can't accommodate you should you have different circumstances. If your grass is over 10 inches tall which many of my new lawn maintenance clients in The Colony do you have tall grass then we will just simply ask you for a price adjustment on the first lawnmowing. Typically it's about double the cost because to cut a tall super overgrown lawn Texas about double or triple the time. We like to double and triple cut the yard to chop up all of the grass clippings so we don't leave a bunch of unsightly yard maintenance and debris strewn all over your yard, when we get done it will look pretty darn good and when you hire us for ongoing yard maintenance visits after that we will improve your yard's appearance and little by little overtime. We service the following neighborhoods in The Colony, Austin Ranch, Colony Heights, Evergreen, Leora / Lake Ridge, Nash, North Colony Peninsula, Northpointe, Ridgepointe, Slay/Baker Park, South Colony, Squires, T & R Streets, Stewart Peninsula, so if you leave any of those parts of town we can be all over your grass.

Also , if you are not near The Colony , TX we also do nearby yard cutting services in Landcaster TX and we mow yards in the entire mid-cities area including nearby lawn mowing services nearby DeSoto TX.


Enviro Lawn Care Services in The Colony, TX

Hired 139 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.319 Reviews)

I have been cutting lawns for customers in The Colony for nine years. My business has a solid reputation and I like to think that it stands for excellence in quality as it relates to yard maintenance services. Some of the things that I do different than other yard maintenance companies in The Colony is I will make sure that I leave your edges nice and neat and clean every time I mow your grass. Most lawn care services in The Colony Texas will do a rushed job on the details with respect to lawnmowing services but not me. I like to make sure everything looks nice and neat after I'm done cutting your yard and that includes all the edges on your sidewalks, your driveway, and any patios that you have. Now keep in mind if the first lawn mowing is super super tall then the yard may not turn out perfectly however usually over two or three grass cuttings I can get most any yard in The Colony straightened out and edges cleaned up and everything super nice and neat in no time.

Now back to other lawn cutting services in The Colony, what they will do is they will rush through the edges and leave them unkept and overgrown. But I just believe that that will cost me more money in the long run because most of my lawn business grows on word-of-mouth and also my ratings and reviews that I have on the GreenPal system. You can read over lawn mowing reviews about my lawnmowing service and what other people in The Colony Texas have had to say about my grass cutting services when they hired me to mow their yard. I like to think that I keep everybody happy and it shows in my reviews and also shows in the ratings that I have on GreenPal. Probably the best indicator that you can look at for any of the lawnmowing services in The Colony that you are considering with your GreenPal account is take a look at what they're on-going rate is. The ongoing rate measures how often my grass cutting clients book additional yard maintenance services with me. This kind of tells you how happy they were with the first grass cutting and if I did a good job enough to earn their lawnmowing business for future grass cuttings or not. Any grass cutting services that you are looking at with a low on-going rate means that on average their clients were not very play enough with the yard maintenance services to book on going mowings with them or not. But with my lawn maintenance company I'd like to keep a rating above 50% which is pretty good as compared to other grass cutting services in The Colony Texas especially those on GreenPal. So you may have seen me mowing yards by Morningside Elementary School and also over by Kids Colony in The Colony and if you live in any of those parts of town I would be happy to help you with your lawn maintenance as well. Thank you for considering me and I look forward to building a relationship with you on your landscape maintenance services.

If you are not near The Colony , TX we also do cheap yard mowing services in Lewisville TX and I can also take care of your needs with nearby landscape maintenance services in Landcaster TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Jessie Derryberry Lawn Care Service in The Colony TX
“If you're tired of haggling with lawnmowing services in The Colony and being stood up and being constantly misled by local lawnmowing services then I recommend the GreenPal lawn maintenance app. GreenPal is a mobile app that solved a bunch a headache for me with my yard maintenance services. It's kind of a neat little system that make sure that the grass cutting service in The Colony that you hire shows up when they're supposed to and does a good job. I have been using it for seven lawnmowings now and I felt like the mobile app reserved a good review because it honestly has saved me time and money on my lawn care services and now I don't have to worry about haggling, leaving voicemails, and chasing down my lawn guy anymore. GreenPal really does make yard work a snap.”
Karen Small Lawn Mowing Service in The Colony TX
“My father lives in The Colony Texas. Being that I live out of state I wanted to make sure that his yard was taken care of and that he wasn't trying to mow the yard himself. He's very stubborn however he's getting a little too old to be out there push mowing the grass anymore. I had to take matters into my own hands and set up a lawn care service in The Colony for him. I started calling around to The Colony yard maintenance contractors that I found on craigslist and other websites like Yelp but I wasn't having any luck and it was and it up being more headache than it was worth to be honest. Then I came across GreenPal while searching lawn care services near me. GreenPal’s mobile app awesome because the lawn care service in The Colony that I hired sends me a picture every week through the GreenPal mobile app what the yard looks like after they get done cutting it. This gives me total peace of mind that my family's yard is being maintained on a consistent basis and then I am not paying for any lawn cuttings that I did not order or that they did not receive in their yard.”
Amber Miller Lawn Care Service in The Colony TX
“Let's face it let's face it, I not lawn guy and I really don't care what my yard looks like. I was just looking for somebody decent to cut the grass, keep the yard short, and mow the yard every 2 to 3 weeks. What always got me about lawn care services in The Colony Texas is that they all want you to do every seven day grass cuttings no matter if your yard needs to be mowed or not. I get it they have to run a lawn care business and they need to make a living however I just always felt like given that I didn't really care what my yard looks like that it was silly to spend over $200 a month on my yard maintenance services. Then I found GreenPal and luckily they have an every two week grass cutting option. After I hired the cheapest grass cutting service I could on my GreenPal mobile app I can honestly say that I'm very pleased. I'm getting out for under $60 a month for yard maintenance services and I'm getting just the right amount of yard work that I want and not overpaying for lawn cutting that I don't need.”
Deborah Pruitt Lawn Mowing in The Colony TX
“Well after my last lawn care service stop serving The Colony I had to go out searching for new yard guy to take care of the grass cutting. Lord knows I sure wasn't going to mow it myself in the Texas heat. Luckily a friend recommend GreenPal and how it just expanded in the DFW area and extended yard maintenance coverage up to The Colony. I was very skeptical at first but I decided to give it a shot after seeing it was free to use and after I downloaded the mobile app and I was amazed at how quickly I was greeted with multiple competing offers for lawn care services in The Colony Texas. I hired the cheapest lawn cutter out of the batch and they came out and cut the grass the very next day. It was so smooth that I set up weekly lawn mowing services with the same grass cutter that I hired on the app and all is well that ends well.”

lawn-maintenance-in-the-colony-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley If you're looking for fast affordable and easy to hire a lawn care services online in The Colony Texas but look no further you have gotten to the right place. Let me introduce you to GreenPal, the easiest quickest and most affordable way to get quotes for yard maintenance, read reviews about local lawn care services in The Colony, and hire the best The Colony lawnmowing services has the offer. I imagine your grass is a little tall and you are looking for yard maintenance contractors in The Colony Texas and you're probably getting a little frustrated because nobody will even bother returning your phone call for lawn maintenance price quote, did I guess correctly? Well don't feel too bad because that's pretty normal. You see grass cutting services and landscape maintenance contractors in The Colony have a tough time keeping up with lawnmowing estimates. This is because they are busy on lawn maintenance equipment cutting yards for other folks throughout The Colony Texas area.

So when you are needing a quote for your lawn mowing they usually can't even bother to answer your phone call and then when they get back home at night after cutting lawns they are tired and worn out from mowing yards all day and it's stressful for them to return phone calls so you can kind of imagine what it's like to be a grass cutting service in The Colony. But with GreenPal when you sign up for your account that info is dispatched to local lawn maintenance companies and yard mowing businesses throughout The Colony area that you’re needing a price request for lawnmowing and yard maintenance. Then they can really look at the details regarding your lawn care service price request and formulate their price for lawn maintenance and submit it right through the GreenPal yard maintenance mobile app. Then GreenPal collects these quotes for you and emails them to you with reviews about each of these The Colony grass cutting services along with the statistics about how satisfied their yard maintenance clientele is on average about their yard maintenance services and also how reliable they are and what the statistical probability is that they will be there to cut your grass on the day that you hire them to mow the yard. So the good news is is that this is The Colony’s easiest way to hire a grass cutting company in The Colony with confidence and not get burned or your time wasted. So no matter if you live by Hawaiian Falls or over by Wynnwood Park in The Colony GreenPal has got you covered and getting a with instant access to the best local lawn care services who actually want your lawn maintenance business this year and you could hire schedule and without all the hassle. Should you have any questions on how to use your account after you sign up don't hesitate to reach out and we would be happy to explain it to you to save time and money on low cost lawn care services. Also if you need nearby lawn care businesses in DeSoto, TX GreenPal's website can also can assist with that as well as nearby lawn maintenance companies in Landcaster TX.

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About The Colony Texas

The Colony is a city in Denton County, and a suburb of Dallas.

The Colony is home to the Five Star Athletic Complex, completed in 2003. The Colony was named the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Sports Town of The United States in that same year. The city is home to Pizza Inn's corporate headquarters, as well as an Edward Don distribution center and a variety of small and medium-sized businesses. The Grandscape development, anchored by Nebraska Furniture Mart, is driving a new development boom in the city.

Located on the southeast side of the city, across Sam Rayburn Tollway from the larger part of the city, is Austin Ranch, a mixed-use development consisting of retail businesses, apartments and condominiums.

The Colony derives its name from the original Peters Colony. The Peters Colony headquarters was located within the current boundaries of The Colony in the historical community of Stewartsville and the site of the Hedgcoxe War. The Colony is also the site of Bridges Settlement (established during the years of the Republic of Texas and the oldest community in Denton County), Stewarts Creek, Rector, Stoverville and Camey, also known as Camey Spur.

The Colony did not exist before 1973, when home developers Fox and Jacobs (since purchased by Centex) purchased land located around State Highway 121 and Farm to Market Road 423. Source: Wikipedia The Colony, TX

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