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    2 reviews

Very nice now and edge on my lawn. His machine did not break any sprinklers which is always a big win in my book!

Eleasha Bailey, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
March 04, 2020

This will be the third service I received from green pal. Linson Lawn Care had agree to terms which was left incomplete. There was poor communication regarding the date and time of his arrival. Nor was there a call or text explaining why he will not be coming. I finally reached out and received an answer that he will be arriving on Monday. The terms of our contract was that he would cut the grass every two weeks and maintenance the front yard.. which included cutting weeds and laying down mulch. On Monday he arrived and cute the grass however didn’t not fulfill his agreement to cut and lay down mulch.. sadly he received full payment for the month based of the work that was discussed. Lastly when I called to question the work he stated that he will arrive on Tuesday to complete the work.. but again no call no show! GreenPal has been the worst app and service provided.. let me again say this is the 3rd company I used through greenpal and all three have taken my money and never completed the work! Look out for more reviews!

Carthyna St.Phard, Boca Raton, FL 33428
January 21, 2020
Response from owner.
First n foremost you want extra work with out paying for it. Your credit card was declined on green pal so please state the facts. I’m not working for free. If you want extra service you have to pay for it.. There was NEVER A CONTRACT.. you wanted me to cut down 3 large trees and Mulch you home for free...

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