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My guess is most of the bios you read on this site will include or start with the phrase "I started mowing the yard as a kid". Well, include me in that group also. I like many others here started mowing at an early age and eventually picked up a few of the neighborhood lawns, even a local bank. I paid for a lot of movies and candy and financed the pumping of quarters into video games at the skating rink for hours.

As a teenager I worked our family's 360 acre cattle ranch and a large part of that is basically mowing on a larger scale. Brushhogging, cutting, bailing, and hauling hay are essentially the same as cutting a giant yard. I've always loved the sense of accomplishment that mowing a yard or field gives. You can see what you've done, there's nothing more satisfying than that.

I just spent the last decade living on and mowing nearly three acres of a former sod farm and keeping up with the ranch on a smaller, 220 acre, scale. I've flown that coop and now I'm in Nashville with all this yard gear and no yard. I'd like to make use of it and make your yard look great at the same time. I am currently centered in East Nashville. I'm learning my way around and house shopping in the process so I am certainly not afraid to travel especially to the Franklin or Brentwood area.  I love checking out neighborhoods and houses.

In case you're curious about the gear I have a Hustler Raptor with a 52" deck. I also have both gas and electric trimmers, gas, electric, and manpower push mowers, leaf blowers and just about every yard tool known to man. I can make your yard look fantastic!

I love how much better a property looks after a nice neat trimming. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I love driving my zero turn. I really do love mowing.

Thanks for considering me and you won't be disappointed if you accept my bid.

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