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    24 reviews

I received a text asking me to pay by Venmo or cash instead of through the Greenpal service because he doesn't want to wait to get paid. I'm sorry but flaking, after you're late, because you want to get paid faster than your agreement with Greenpal isn't acceptable.

Clayton Marbrey, Madison, TN 37115
September 18, 2019
Response from owner.
Well when customers cards get declined and iyou have to wait a week to find that out.after a vendor has went through that with one 20 customers you have to get get paid upfront .sorry

William confirmed my address the morning he was scheduled to service my lawn. He never showed up, never answered my texts, and then canceled the service 6 days later by saying I had canceled.

Drew Holden, Nashville, TN 37216
September 06, 2019

Never showed up. Unable to reach him.

Lauren Brown, Nashville, TN 37206
August 29, 2019

Jenny Feakes, Nashville, TN 37207
August 27, 2019

Rachel Melton, Nashville, TN 37216
August 23, 2019

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