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overall rating: 5 / 5

    Lawn Care Service for St. Louis, MO

  • These guys do a day's worth of lawn service in a literal 15 minutes. It's fantastic! Worth every penny. I spend more time with my family and less time cutting the lawn. Huge win!

    Dan Nahmensen on Mar 16, 2017
    St. Louis, MO

    Lawn Care Service for St. Louis, MO

  • Paul Henreid on Mar 15, 2017
    St. Louis, MO

    Lawn Care Service for St. Louis, MO

  • Audrey Diestelkamp on Mar 09, 2017
    St. Louis, MO

    Lawn Care Service for Ballwin, MO

  • Very pleased with EJ lawn work. Friendly and efficient!! I will definitely continue working with EJ.

    Susan Finch on Feb 19, 2017
    Ballwin, MO

    Lawn Care Service for St. Louis, MO

  • Great work! Always goes the extra step. Will use again!

    Jaime Gilligan on Feb 15, 2017
    St. Louis, MO

    Lawn Care Service for St. Louis, MO

  • Doesn't really look much different from the last time it was mowed, which was only on the 20th of December. Pretty disappointed to be honest. :(

    Luke Casey on Jan 10, 2017
    St. Louis, MO

    Lawn Care Service for St. Louis, MO

  • I wasn't sure how overgrown it was before they did it, so it could have been a total mess. Looks like it will need a few more goes.

    Luke Casey on Dec 21, 2016
    St. Louis, MO

    Lawn Care Service for St. Louis, MO

  • Fantastic work! The lawn looks great!

    Dan Nahmensen on Nov 22, 2016
    St. Louis, MO

    Lawn Care Service for Valley Park, MO

  • Thanks

    Penny Thalhammer on Nov 18, 2016
    Valley Park, MO

    Lawn Care Service for Overland, MO

  • Linda Dockery on Nov 17, 2016
    Overland, MO
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Hi my name is Eric of EJ's Lawncare and I have been in the landscape and lawncare business for over 20 years and have been in business for myself for over 10 years in the serving lawn mowing in the  St. Louis County area, we are insured and are a full service landscape and lawncare company, no matter how big or small the job, we offer grass cuts, fertilization, aeration, bed maintenance (trim bushes and get rid of weeds in beds), tree plant and flower instalation, mulch rock compost delivered and spread, snow removal, leaf cleanups, sod, and anything else you can think of, we also work for other big companies sub contracting locally and nationally , also in the property preservation business for realtors and banks and have abc number and am familiar with ppw app, are employees have all been trained by me in the field, as I work out in the field every day, I keep up with the latest lawncare and landscape trends, I also have a website, and a YouTube channel search EJ's Lawncare in you tube and have videos of all kinds of jobs on both, we strive to be the best efficent affordable lawncare service around, we have all the tools to get the job done professionally, we love making your yard become as beautiful as your dreams, we use push mows, walk behinds and zero turns, weed eat and edge all yard with commercial weed eaters and blow off all hard surfaces patios decks mulch beds, garages with back pack blowers all included with mowing!!

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