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    • greenpal-lawn-care-services-customer-in-stlouis-mo
    • Maureen Sims

      St.Louis, MO

      greenpal-yard-maintenance-review-in-stlouis-mo greenpal-yard-maintenance-yelp-review-in-stlouis-mo

  • Have you ever been aggravated by your lawn mowing service when they stop showing up to mow the yard out of nowhere? Yeah, me too. After I found GreenPal, I was able to eliminate all that headache. I found a great lawn mowing company here in St Louis to cut my lawn at a great price. Getting setup for my lawn cutting quotes was simple and fast and I didnt have to worry about negotiating the rate for my lawn mowing, everything was very straight forward.

    • greenpal-lawn-mowing-services-customer-in-stlouis-mo
    • Terra Lawson,

      St. Louis, MO

      greenpal-yard-maintenance-review-in-stlouis-mo greenpal-yard-maintenance-yelp-review-in-stlouis-mo

  • As a new St Louis resident I was confused by the different options for lawn care here, but then I found GreenPal and I was able to compare quotes from lawn services in the St Louis area on my time and not theirs. GreenPal’s registration process was a breeze and their customer service was there for me when I had a question about one of the lawn mowing quotes. Furthermore, the ease of booking recurring lawn cutting appointments has just made lawn care one less thing I have to worry about.

    • greenpal-lawn-mower-customer-in-st-louis-mo
    • Ray Andrews,

      Belleville, MO

      greenpal-yard-maintenance-review-in-stlouis-mo greenpal-yard-maintenance-yelp-review-in-stlouis-mo

  • I heard about GreenPal on a St Louis Facebook local group, and decided to give it a try. Finding a reliable person to mow my lawn is always a source of anxiety each spring, and GreenPal offers the perfect solution. Rather than calling lawn care guys on Craigslist, GreenPal works like a reverse auction, I listed my lawn for bids, and got back 3 quotes in an hour, then you review the lawn cutting quotes and pick the guy you want to groom your yard. I picked The Grounds Guys because of the positive reviews they heard from other GreenPal lawn mowing clients..

    • greenpal-lawn-cutting-client-in-st-louis-mo
    • Marc Holland,

      Troy, MO

      greenpal-yard-maintenance-review-in-stlouis-mo greenpal-yard-maintenance-yelp-review-in-stlouis-mo

  • I am sincerely impressed with the lawn cutting service I received by the lawn care service provider I selected on GreenPal. The lawn quotes I got for our lawn mowing were within my budget and the actual lawn mowing job was neat and on the day I scheduled for it to mowed. The company who serviced our yard was polite and sent a dog treat to our home later on. I'm going to be using GreenPal to mow my lawn in Troy and some rental homes I have throughout the St Louis area.

    • greenpal-lawn-maintenance-client-in-st-louis-mo
    • Micheal Johnson,

      Clayton, MO

      greenpal-yard-maintenance-review-in-stlouis-mo greenpal-yard-maintenance-yelp-review-in-stlouis-mo

  • My wife asked me to find a good lawn care company to mow our home in St Louis. Normally I mow the yard myself, but I've gotten so busy I've been waiting three weeks at a time cutting the lawn. I had a few choices... I could drive around and see if I spot a lawn guy but that's shady, because I feel obligated to agree to the quote, I hate bargaining or I could call every lawn service in the St Louis area but I also hate the grind of calling etc.,I happened to hear a coworker raving about his recent experience with a company called GreenPal, and it sounded amazing, so I tried it out myself. Best decision ever.

    • greenpal-lawn-mowing-customer-in-st-louis-mo
    • Anette Taylor,

      Granite City, MO

      greenpal-yard-maintenance-review-in-stlouis-mo greenpal-yard-maintenance-yelp-review-in-stlouis-mo

  • As someone that actually likes to mow my own yard, I wasn't sure if GreenPal was the right place for me, however, I gave it a try while I was on vacation and realized that my grass was most likely 2 feet tall and I couldn't get the guy I normally use to cut my grass in St Louis to cut it because I wouldn't be there to pay him.. sigh. I found GreenPal while searching on Google for lawn care services in the St Louis area, and from the comfort of my beach chair I scheduled a local lawn maintenance service through Greenpal to have someone cut my yard the day before I got home. Will definitely use GreenPal for my yard from here on out.

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