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    2 reviews

I met with Justin and he gave me a bunch of reasons why he underpriced my yard due to weed eating. He is the one who gave me the price and I accepted. Needs to do an outstanding job every time and not give reasons.

Brian Byrd, Decatur, AL 35601
July 23, 2019
Response from owner.
In order to do an outstanding job it needs to be in an outstanding yard sorry if your not happy with the service but I’m not in the business to loose money I’m in the business to make money. I lost money within the first 30 minutes when I hit the galvanized pipe bending my blade. Not to mention all the stumps in the yard that are hidden because the yard hasn’t been maintained. I did my service at your place if you want the yard to be perfect you have to pay for that I gave way more than you paid for. We normally charge extra for the yard being poorly maintained and being so tall but I didn’t. Those flower beds that was over grown usually cost more but I did those for free. There’s only so much that a business owner can let go for free at some point you have to draw the line and cut losses

Allison Settles, Madison, AL 35756
July 05, 2019

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