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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lee’s Summit, MO as of Aug, 2019

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Punky Brewster Lawn Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

Hired 208 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.80 Reviews)

Top recommendations on Yelp for local lawn mowing services in Lee’s Summit include Punky Brewster. We have done our part to provide quality landscaping from Unity Village and out to our friends and neighbors of the area. We offer landscaping services like pruning and leaf blowing when necessary, but for now we want to offer our scheduled lawn mowing services.

GreenPal has been great for this business. I’m sure aI speak for all of the landscapers in Lee’s Summit, but there was nothing else like this to help us out. We do the best we can, but sometimes between lawn mowing all day it’s hard to keep track of our business at times. It’s hard to admit, but it’s true. GreenPal organized the whole process for us, and we’re thankful for that. Now that means we can focus more on giving everyone a good price on affordable lawn maintenance in Lee’s Summit, MO. If you are a veteran or a student, let us know and we will offer you discounts as well. There are a few things that differentiate us, but it is hard to write about. As much as we use our hands, writing about our lawn care service to tell you how good it is is not our expertise. We would much rather show you, and with our low lawn mowing prices you can afford trying out a few yard maintenance services in Lee’s Summit. That is the beauty of GreenPal! Thank you again to all my clients who have trusted me in the past, my success is because of your trust, and I want to thank you for that. See you soon!

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Dynamic Earth Lawn Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

Hired 212 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.193 Reviews)

What is the first thing people see when they come to your home? YOUR LAWN. The inconsistent rainfall and heat in Missouri makes keeping your grass looking healthy all year round, so it pays to hire a professional landscaper in Lee’s Summit. Take it from someone who has been doing this for five years, it pays to put your hours in. There are some things a cheap yard mowing in Lee’s Summit can’t get in one go, but with what you paid that is probably what you get. Cheap prices plus an inexperienced lawn mower means a bad grass cutting, I can tell you that from experience. But when you have someone who knows what they are doing, AND they are an affordable lawn care in Lee’s Summit? Well now you have Dynamic Earth working on your lawn!

We do free estimates, specialized packages like added leaf blowing if you have a lot of trees, shrub pruning, all that good jazz that is good for your lawn. We know how to get the best out of your soil, and that is worth more than four or five lawn mowings, you gotta see it to believe it!

We service all of the Kansas City area, Lee’s Summit mostly but our biggest clients are Pheasant Run Apartment Homes at times. We are licensed to do commercial and are insured as expected. We welcome all new clients a first time discount of thirty bucks for a lawn mowing. Let us know, your possibilities are endless.

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Ultimate Lawn Lawn Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

Hired 196 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.151 Reviews)

Ultimate Lawn is your best bet for your budget for landscaping. We have been serving Lee’s Summit area for over ten years, and we are getting better and better. We have been fortunate to upgrade to handle jobs as big as Lea McKeighan Park, by the acre. What you see on GreenPal is for a cheap lawn mowing in Lee’s Summit, an average sized yard. But even then, our price per acre is affordable, and you can be guaranteed your yard will be ours for the morning.

I have seen some pretty bad yelp reviews for cheap lawn maintenance services in Lee’s Summit. I don’t know why some maintenance men in the area think blowing the clippings isn’t part of the job, but with Ulimate Lawn it’s guaranteed. Our idea of the best lawn care service in Lee’s Summit is one where you won’t have to pick up a rake to fix something. That is our standard every appointment!

If you are looking for scheduled lawn mowing or something longterm like tree installation, we can do that as well. Trees add a lot of value to your yard, and look amazing in years time. However, it takes a while for them to adapt if not maintained. Kansas City homeowners rely on Ultimate Lawn for trimming, fertilization, removal and debris removal after storms what what not. 

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Dillon Lawn Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

Hired 148 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.89 Reviews)

Hi there, thank you for checking out our profile on GreenPal! We are well known throughout the Lowenstein Park, with over fifteen lawns in the area. We are able to spread ourselves out more, so the greater Kansas City area is under our care now! If you need a cheap lawn mowing service in Lee’s Summit then Dillon Lawn Care is your choice! Just check out our reviews on our website, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Tobe fair, my experience goes way to our home in Lee’s Summit, I was the designated lawn mower, so just by sheer hours behind the lawn mower proves that I can handle your lawn long term. No disappearing on you, no cancelling out of nowhere because this is my one job. I can treat your lawn for the better, healthy and lush! Plant and tree installation are no problem, and I can handle any general yard maintenance in Lee’s Summit in an afternoon. You just let me know what you need when it comes to your lawn care.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Joanne Whitaker Yard Mowing in Lee’s Summit MO
I had some birds of paradise which I let grow way too long, they took well but were overwhelming. I got kind of fed up with leaving voicemails for every local landscaper in Lee’s Summit I called, so I joined GreenPal and found more than enough people to help me. Two pretty cheap lawn mowers around Bent Tree Bluff and then a full service yard maintenance in Lee’s Summit that was perfect for me. We struck a deal and the whole job was done at the end of the week. I’m impressed! The next time I need something I know where to look.
Andy Lopez Lawn Care Service in Lee’s Summit MO
We have used Brian several times and hired them on GreenPal and all that. It has been an easy relationship, he comes through every time. But as far as GreenPal goes, it was nice for afew months when Brian was out of town. I didn’t hesitate to message another cheap lawn mower in Lee’s Summit to take over. Like gears of a clock we had him in and out, and when Brian got back to me in Cockrell it was like he never left.
Morgan Greenwood Yard Mowing in Lee’s Summit MO
Unfortunately after assessing the damage done to my yard, it looks like I won’t be venturing out to haggle on my own with some of these cheap landscaping services in Lee’s Summit. I got scammed pretty hard, but I should have known and done my research. I found a lot of people complaining about him on Yelp, and he was nowhere to be found on GreenPal. And there were like four affordable lawn care services near me on Lake Lotawana who were just as much as him, and they did great. Lesson learned for sure.
Bryan Anderson Lawn Service in Lee’s Summit MO
This service is amazing! I met Brent from Brentwood Lawns for a free estimate on a huge project I had, totally worth it. I would have found him anyway I think because he is pretty well-regarded online, but I’m happy I can write a review for the best lawn mowing service in Lee’s Summit. I’m from Raymore so you know we don’t get a lot traffic our way, but I’m glad he came out anyway to help me out. Very highly recommend!

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GreenPal is fast becoming the internet’s premiere platform for the best lawn care in Lee’s Summit! Just as easily as you would call for an Uber, your best options for local lawn mowing in Lee’s Summit are just as easily within reach! GreenPal works on a very simple platform: connecting both ends of the lawn care market in order to make everyone happy.

Think about it, you as a homeowner are looking for good deals on cheap landscaping in Lee’s Summit, at least something in your yard that is out of your experience. You may not know where to start. Do people still use phone books? Are the top ten results you see on Google really the best lawn maintenance services in Lee’s Summit, Missouri? With GreenPal, you can be sure that we’ve scoured every nook and cranny in Lee’s Summit, from Cheddington to Lochkirk, the Meadows of Winterset and Newberry in order to find the best deals in lawn care. When you jump on our service, you will have access to every single one of them at very competitive prices.

The second amazing part about GreenPal is that just as easily as you can find local yard maintenances in Lee’s Summit, these same services have been made within reach. Every local lawn mower and landscaper worth his salt is on GreenPal waiting for people like you. When you sign up for GreenPal and schedule an appointment for cheap lawn mowing in Lee’s Summit, you will be getting free quotes from local lawn care services big and small. It helps them recruit clients faster, you recieve competitive pricing on lawn mowing, everyone is happy.

One of the most distinguishing practices on GreenPal, besides hooking you up with the best lawn care in Lee’s Summit, is our safety regulations regarding membership. Technically, you could find every lawn mower in Lee’s Summit on Craigslist, as it has traditionally been a good source for that, but scammers have ruined the process. Without regulatory checks, anyone with a cheap lawn mower in Lee’s Summit can call themselves the best landscaper in Lee’s Summit. This can leave your entire home open to threat, all just from wanting to get your lawn mowed. Is that worth it to pay for a free service?

Okay, then what about a free service that vets every single contractor, landscaper, and independent lawn mower in Lee’s Summit before allowing them your business. By the time you sing up for GreenPal, every yard maintenance in Lee’s Summit will be registered and accredited. They will have photos of their recent work, and reviews.

GreenPal does that and so much more for your home and wallet. Sign up today to get a free quote, and you can sign up without a credit card. This is how lawn care in Lee’s Summit is supposed to be in 2018!

About Lee’s Summit M Issouri

Lee’s Summit is a city in M Issouri, United States.

Lee’s Summit is one of the small communities within Jackson and Cass County in the state of Missouri. It is the sixth largest city in the Kansas City metro area and the sixth largest city in the state. It ranks as the forty-fourth best city to live, according to CNN Money and Money magazine in 2006. As of the last census, Lee’s Summit, Missouri jumped to ninety thousand people and moved up the ladder of the “100 Best Cities to Live in the United States.” From forty-fourth to twenty-seventh.

The bustling city that Lee’s Summit is now was once called the Town of Strother. The first recorded settlers in the area involve a man named William B. Howard and Maria D. Strother. She was the daughter of a William Strother in Bardstown, Kentucky, who has his known history in that area. Howard moved from Kentucky and bought 833 acres for his homestead. 

For a while it was hardly any more than that family settling there, but in 1865 the town of Strother became Lee’s Summit, a variation from John Graves Lea, who moved to Jackson County in 1849. Dr. Lea was killed by Kansas Jayhawkers for his belief in slavery. The Jayhawkers were vigilante gangs that took it upon themselves to clash with pro-slavery groups from MIssouri. Some of those groups included the Border Ruffians. The fights often got bloody and rowdy.

As a probably pro-slavery advocate (as the Jayhawkers thought him to be because of his wealth) and took his life in 1862. The settlers that were present during that time persuaded the Missouri Pacific Railroad to change the name in his honor. Because the Missouri Pacific Railroad somehow got control over the Kansas lands, they agreed and made. Dr. Lea’s homestead rested on the highest point of the area, so they chose the name “Lea’s Summit.” Apparently, when the document was written they had misspelled the name with an extra “e” and it was kept as such until this day.

Source: Wikipedia

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