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Kelly Mathes, Canal Winchester, OH 43110
October 01, 2020
Lawn Mowing Service near White Ash

David Jones, Powell, OH 43065
September 28, 2020
Lawn Cut near Summit View Woods

David Jones, Powell, OH 43065
September 21, 2020
Lawn Care near Summit View Woods

Jagesh Soni, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
September 17, 2020

Jagesh Soni, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
September 17, 2020

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How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

Honestly this company was founded as a joke. My buddy and I were picking up a pool table from my aunts house. I turned to my friend and asked him "What was next a lawn care business?" Sure enough we found two lawn mowers in the trash. One needed a spark plug the other needed a wheel tightened. We gave it a shot started passing out flyers and picked up a little business the first year. So we had a customer who sold his truck to the company and shortly passed after. We needed a name to file with the state. So my friend says "You know I think I am going to put Mr. Jim on my truck . Not RIP or anything but just Mr Jim." That is how we came up for the name of the company Mr. Jim's Lawn Care L.L.C. Outside of mowing we also provide bush and shub trimming and removal. Mulching and flower bed insallation. Leaf and snow removal. Are also some of are specialties. There is not an area too far or a job too big. I am small company always looking to expand. When I am not slicing grass I enjoy spending time with the family and hanging out with friends. Cookouts are always a great time .Discounts if you let the crew swim after we mow. I take this line of work serious. Satisfaction garunteed.

How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

I love the flexibility and diversity that comes with the territory. Not every yard can be cut the same. Some might have trees, where others have 7 ft tall grass on the initial cut .

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Columbus metropolitan area.

What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

As a company we have been in business for two years. I finally decided to do thus full time in 06/19. I have always enjoyed mowing . it is not really work more like a hobby.

What areas do you mainly service?

I cut every yard as if it is my own . I would want it cut in a timely mannor. I would also want it cut correct with no lumps and no zigzag lines. This is how I try to cut every lawn.

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