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JW Land Service Lawn Services in Columbus, GA

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Getting the lawn cut in Columbus, Georgia, can be a painstaking and challenging chore. If mowing the lawn or tending to your yard is not your idea of fun, we can help. Leave the dirty work to the lawn care professionals at JW Land Service. We are proud to serve customers in Columbus, Georgia and all the local neighborhoods in the city. Get quality support from experts by hiring us today. 

Top-Rated Lawn Care Company In Columbus GA

JW Land Service is proud to boast our hundreds of five-star ratings and top-ratings. After successfully helping hundreds of customers, we've been the go-to lawn service provider for our community. 

Whether it's tackling threats like grubs or grass disease, or simply mowing the yard every other week, our company is here to serve you. We put our money where our mouth is. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Get any of our lawn care services. If you're not happy, we'll work until you are. 

Where We Work Our Magic

Our lawn care business operates out of Columbus near the Wynnton area. We are not too far from the Chattahoochee River. Not only do we provide affordable lawn care services to customers in Columbus, Georgia, but we also serve residents in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Full-Scale Lawn Maintenance For Properties Of All Sizes

We can remove weeds, anthills, and other issues that might threaten the quality of your turf. Our weed removal service don't include the use of potentially harmful chemicals, either.

Let's not forget about tree services! We have served customers in Averett Woods and other locations in the city that involved pruning and uprooting trees. 

Quality Tools. Expert Care. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We use a zero-turn models to navigate yards of all sizes. We provide help throughout the city, including for homes in Windsor Park, Amber Acres, and other neighborhoods around the outskirts of Columbus. 

Contact JW Land Service for all your lawn care needs today. 


Bhai Marley Lawn Care Lawn Services in Columbus, GA

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Bhai Marley Lawn Care is available for hire! Mowing, edging, weed control. We do it all! Our wallet-friendly and high end lawn care services are the perfect combination for customers looking for value. You won't need to sacrifice your bank account or settle for cheap lawn mowing when you hire us. 

Tailored Routines For Optimal Results

It’s tough enough to find lawn service providers in Columbus, Gerogia, especially if you live in the far eastern end of the city. Properties off of Macon Road are well off from the rest of the city.  

No matter how far you are, Bhai Marley Lawn Care will drive to you. We customize and tailor our lawn care services for your specific needs and budget. Whether you're in Whisperwood, Custer Village, or Benning Hills, we'll always make time to help you. 

Our services include:

Year-Round Lawn Service Solutions

We provide full year-round lawn care services that covers everything from lawn mowing to weed and leaf removal. We can trim trees before the fall season to ensure their shapes stay intact. Our lawn care professionals can also clean up around your garden beds or ornamental fountains you own.

For general lawn mowing services, we'll mow any warm-season grass. We’ll also edge the grass near your fence, mailbox, or any hard to reach areas. 

Affordable Treatment For Every Lawn Care Woe

Get affordable lawn care services in Columbus, Georgia. Homeowners further off Pierce Crossing and other remote parts of the city are covered. We even provide services to customers in Augusta, Georgia.

Contact Bhai Marley Lawn Care whenever you need lawn maintenance help. Save money and time by hiring us today. 


Mack and Mule Lawn Services in Columbus, GA

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Want your yard to look as nice as some of the open park areas in Columbus, Georgia? Mack and Mule can help. We serve customers in Columbus and other nearby cities, providing affordable and quality lawn care services at prices you can afford. From fixing damaged grass to improving your lawn's health, we offer restorative services for every property and budget. 

Who We Serve

While we provide a range of services to customers in Columbus, we've also expanded and now serve customers in Atlanta, Georgia

Our team operates out of Redwood Drive in the Autumn Ridge neighborhood. We have seen many yards in Autumn Ridge and worked with many customers, especially during the summer season. We offer a long list of options for all your outdoor needs. 

Services That Enhance Your Yard's Look and Health

Our full lineup of services can help: 

With our help, we'll turn your outdoors into a thriving green oasis. 

Lawn Care and Grass Cutting Services For All Property Owners

We also provide lawn mowing services for all property owners in the city and beyond. You don’t need to have a yard as large what you’d find at Fort Benning either. We can work on small commercial lawns in the Alta Vista area alongside larger apartment yards closer to Grove Park.

Reach Out For Our Help Today

Mack and Mule provides free and instant estimates for all of our lawn care services before we start. 

Hire Mack and Mule today. You can reach us online or by phone today to schedule a visit. We're ready whenever you are. 


Fountain City Lawn Care Lawn Services in Columbus, GA

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When hiring Fountain City Lawn Care, you'll pay less for golf course-like lawn care services in Columbus, Georgia. With our lineup of tried and true services, we can turn any yard into a blossoming green wonderland. Make your lawn look better than ever with a lush emerald green appearance. 

What We Do For You

What do you need? Lawn mowing services? Weed control? Maybe your grass is turning brown or it has too many patchy spots. Maybe weeds are ruining your yard and ruining the experience of owning a spacious outdoor space. 

Whatever troubles or chores you want to pass to us, our team of trained lawn care professionals can help. 

From landscape makeovers to lawn service treatment, you can count on our top-rated company to get the job done fast, efficiently, and properly. Whether you're in a neighborhood like Wesley Woods, the pros at Fountain City Lawn Care will take care of all your yard work. 

Lawn Mowing Done Right In Columbus GA

Our most requested solution is lawn mowing service. 

We use traditional push mowers and advanced zero-turn models for small and large properties, respectively. The option we will use will vary based on the condition of your yard, how large the yard is, and whether the turf bed is bad shape. 

We operate out of the Rosehill neighborhood in the northeastern part of Columbus. We can care for yards around all parts of the city, including yards a little closer to Fort Benning to the south.

Landscape Maintenance Optional

Need a fence installed? Want to add a new patio? Looking to install an irrigation system? No problem! We also offer a range of landscaping services in Atlanta, Georgia

Our team is made up of two different divisions with one specializing in lawn care and the other in landscape services. Get everything you need from one company without having to hire other contractors. 

Check out our profile page to see our recent landscaping projects and all the services we offer. 

We're Just A Click Away 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re downtown for work, at your local campus for study, or down at Fort Benning serving our country. You can ask us to arrive at your property at a designated time and we always show up on time! 

Fountain City Lawn Care is here to give your yard in Columbus the care it deserves. Get a free estimate from us and enjoy the benefits of affordable lawn care by hiring us today. 

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Robert Cleaver lawn mowing in Columbus GA
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The people at JW Land Service are very cautious when maintaining my yard in the Sonoma Pointe neighborhood. They are kind enough to let me know what they are doing every time they reach my home. They talk with me about mowing my lawn and trimming the ends, among other things. They always clean up when they are finished with my yard as well. They are prompt in what they do, and they never charge me for things that I do not ask for, which is a change in the norm for me. The people here are kind and respect what I need for my yard.

Michael Drake lawn service in Columbus GA
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No one has done as well for my yard in the Holiday Park area as the people at Bhai Marley Lawn Care have. The experts here know what my yard needs every month they come to my property. They schedule regular aeration services in the fall and spring, plus they clean off the leaves during the fall season before they start mowing. Their spring cleaning service is my favorite part of what they have to offer. They always clean the leaves off of my yard before they start trimming the grass. I would recommend the people at Bhai Marley to anyone in Columbus who needs a quality lawn maintenance company to help them out.

Eula Mason lawn mow in Columbus GA
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Columbus-GA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Columbus-GA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Columbus-GA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Columbus-GA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Columbus-GA

I’ve tried mowing my lawn on my own in Hunters Point, but nothing I do ever works. I either tear up my grass, or my grass dies off shortly after. But since I contacted Mack and Mule to help me out, they’ve been more than kind in helping me restore the quality of my yard. Their lawn mowing work is much more comprehensive than what I’ve been able to do by myself. They don’t charge as much as what I’d expect a lawn mowing company to ask for either. The work they provide is thorough and always ensures my grass is cut as evenly as possible.

Frank Glynn grass cutting in Columbus GA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Columbus-GA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Columbus-GA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Columbus-GA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Columbus-GA local-lawn-care-services-in-Columbus-GA

Fountain City assisted me with mowing my lawn in the Cherokee Hills area recently. The people at Fountain City checked on how well my turf bed felt, and they found the appropriate cutting tool for the job. It turns out that only a light mower is necessary for my yard, as it won’t tear up the bed. They have been more effective in caring for my yard than what other lawn mowing providers I’ve hired in the past have done for me. The people at Fountain City respect what I need for my yard, and they never compromise on quality. It’s great to have someone in Columbus who knows what it takes to care for a yard.