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Victory Lawn Service's Story

I was shipping out overseas and was looking for a lawn care company to service my lawn while I was away. Each company for one reason or another was hit or miss, unprofessional or unreliable. Upon my return home I got to thinking...I wonder how many other customers these guys had suffered the same fate, not getting serviced on time or even taking the job(or me for that matter) seriously. So I got to thinking, I knew I could do the work. I've been in the industry since I was 13 years old. Working and learning the industry from the inside out after school and during the summer. Which eventually became a full time job. I later became a forman for that company and stayed there for 5 years before leaving and moving on to a BIG lawncare company and a few other big names in the industry. What I've learned from this is the bigger the company gets the more the focus almost shifts. From the customer, to the bottom dollar. We here at Victory Lawn Service, LLC. is a veteran owned and operated company with a vested interest in serving YOU. We know what it's like to get frustrated trying to find people who "talk a good game" but fail to deliver. We aim to bridge the cap by bringing you top quality customer service and delivering a superb lawn. From the first time cut to the last. We hope to be the last "lawn guy" you will ever need. *Let Victory be yours!*

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

I have been in the industery for just over 15 years. I love making customers happy with their yard and making properties beautiful.

How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

I do the best job I possibly can, EVERYTIME. I don't "cut corners". No pun intended. Professional and quality services, everytime or your money back.

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Don't always go with the "cheapest" guy out there. Those companies usually fizzle out due to expenses and things of that nature. Choose a company that's going to be around for a while. We here at Victory Lawn Service say all the time: "We hope to be the last 'lawn guy' you'll ever need." We stand behind our work and keep the entire experience as stress free and professional as possible.

What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

I love meeting new people and the feeling of a "job well done" once the job is complete and I get to look at the finished product.

What areas do you mainly service?

I mainly service the Jacksonville and Orange Park area.

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301 Aries Drivet

Orange Park, FL 32073