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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Bixby, OK as of Jun, 2019


Champion Lawns Lawn Services in Bixby, OK

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Do you need help with your lawn mowing needs in Bixby OK? You can reach us at Champion Lawns for help with getting your yard cared for correctly. We offer a full service where you can contact us for help with anything you might have.

Our team at Champion Lawns is located right here in Bixby, specifically near Woodfield Estates and Route 64. You can reach us for help with your grass cutting needs no matter where in the city you are located. We serve both sides of the Arkansas River.

The specific services we offer at Champion Lawns include many things that will focus on helping you keep your yard looking attractive. We can mow your lawn, trim your bushes, remove old weeds, and clear out any pest infestations that might be around your property. You can trust us with your Bixby yard regardless of its style.

Our team always ensures that we will mow your lawn when the conditions are right. We will measure your yard and figure out how well the place needs to be cut while ensuring we avoid spots that might be too short around your home. We can mainly review any sites around your yard that have been growing faster due to the added shade in your area.

We can also analyze how wet or dry your yard is before we start the lawn mowing process. Our goal is to ensure we mow your yard when it is dry, what with a wet lawn often being tougher to mow. Our team can also review how your yard is draining and provide you with an aeration service if necessary. You can even ask us about producing a new drainage space in your yard if you have been struggling to get your yard to stay dry.

You can reach us at Champion no matter what property you have that needs extra help. Our team is available for services at apartments like the Hampton Hills complex. We can also serve commercial properties around Dawes Avenue and other places in the central part of the city. The thorough work that we will put in ensures you’ll have the support you need for giving your yard a look it needs.

We also offer customized plans for services. Our services are suitable for everything you might require, but the cost of services will vary by each property. Fortunately, our team can review your place and determine the proper fee schedule involved for what you have. You will find that our services are very affordable and useful for your needs. More importantly, you will never have to spend on anything that you do not ask for, thus ensuring you’ll stay protected from any surprise charges.

You can talk with us at Champion Lawns the next time you need someone to come to your place to help you with your lawn mowing needs. Our team at Champion Lawns will help ensure that your area is cut well and that you have the best yard in your Bixby neighborhood.

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Dalco Services Lawn Services in Bixby, OK

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Every yard in Bixby OK is different in many forms. You might find some yards in Bixby that are a little smaller in size. The fields around Pecan Park are particularly small, what with each trailer only having a particular bit of space. Places a little further north around Bixby Central Elementary School feature more massive places and even include a few beautiful trees all around the area.

The way how your yard can be maintained will vary based on the type you have. Whether you’ve got a small trailer park field or something a little larger, you will need to find the best team in the area who can help you with maintaining your place the right way. Fortunately, you can reach us at Dalco Services when you need assistance with keeping your property looking beautiful.

Our team at Dalco Services offers many practical solutions for yard care that you will appreciate hiring. We are available to help you with everything from mowing your lawn to trimming your bushes. You can even reach us for help with cutting your trees if you’re in a place like 131st Street South where the trees are spread out all around the neighborhood.

We proudly serve commercial properties off of Memorial Drive among other sites. You can also ask us about getting the yards around your apartment complex cut if you have one. We cater to all people in Bixby OK. We can even plan a contract for regular services depending on where you are located. Our work will see that you have the help you need where you are.

We always ensure that we take care of your lawn based on the specific care standards that your place needs. We’ll ensure that our mowers are adjusted to work at the right heights. We will also see that our cutting blades are clean, sharp, and aligned to where they will cut your grass all the way through. While we like to try and take care of many lawns around Bixby and other parts of the Tulsa area every day, we will take the time to keep our mowers functional and safe for use without anything being too hard to utilize.

You can ask us to come to your property at any time of the year too. We can help with grass cutting during the mildest times of the year, particularly times when you need to keep the grass cut lower to prevent snow mold from developing the winter. You can also reach us when you need someone to keep your yard trimmed a little higher in the summer without going too high to where the grass becomes impossible to care for.

You can trust our experts at Dalco Services when you’re looking for the best yard care solutions you can utilize. Contact us at Dalco today to learn more about what we can do for your place and how you can take advantage of a quality yard where you are in Bixby.

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Hobbs Lawn And Landscape Lawn Services in Bixby, OK

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It never ceases to amaze us here at Hobbs Lawn and Landscape how some properties are a little more secluded than others. Go down to 181st Street South near Lake Bixhoma, and you will see plenty of rural properties with big lawns and loads of trees. These places seem beautiful and relaxing, but they are also spots that are hard to care for. The need to clean off all those leaves and branches from a lawn can be a problem for many to bear. The need to mow all that grass can be a hassle too.

The good news is that we at Hobbs Lawn and Landscape are available to help people in Bixby with mowing their yards and with caring for their landscape maintenance needs no matter where they are. We can even come out to 181st Street South to take care of your yard care needs if you have a vacation home or rental property in that area.

We have been serving people on both sides of the Arkansas River for years here at Hobbs Lawn and Landscape. We provide people in the city with the thorough lawn mowing services that they need. The effort includes working with all types of grass and with the right inspections to ensure we only mow at the proper height or pattern depending on the property that needs service.

You can reach us at Hobbs Lawn if you need help with mowing your yard. You can even ask us for help if you need to get the lawn cut before you head out to your place of work. Let’s say you live near Posey Creek need to get to the Kimberly Clark factory just outside town. We can make the trip out to Kimberly Clark Place near the factory and creek and take care of your lawn mowing needs. We’ll let you know when we are coming to your property and then mow the lawn and take care of the other things you need.

We will always clean up after we are finished caring for your yard. You can ask us to provide you with any grass clippings that you might have if needed. We will ensure that your place will look clean and is taken care of well without any problems.

We offer full services that will ensure you will get the help that you need. You can talk with us about everything surrounding how well your yard looks and what you might need surrounding many needs involved with your place. We will see that your site is cared for well and that there’s nothing wrong with your area no matter what you might need out of your efforts.

Talk with us at Hobbs Lawn and Landscape if you need assistance with all your yard care needs. Our team is available to help you with everything you require surrounding the quality of your yard and how you can get the lawn care needs you have served to your liking in any case.

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Four Season Lawn Service Lawn Services in Bixby, OK

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It can be frustrating to take care of your yard on your own, especially if you don’t have much knowledge surrounding the lawn mowing process. You might assume that you could mow your lawn without problems and keep everything short, but you might be doing more to hurt the grass bed at your property. The work includes possibly mowing short to the point where the surface may become susceptible to weeds.

Also, you might think that you are doing things right by removing weeds by hand. But in this case, you are causing those weeds to spread due to the seeds being produced not being cleared out.

The efforts that you might put in on your own can be riskier than you might think. That’s why you should reach us at Four Season Lawn Service if you need help with keeping your yard looking its best.

Our team at Four Season will help you with managing everything surrounding your yard and how well the space might look. Our yard maintenance team has been helping homeowners around the Bixby OK area with their yard care needs for years.

We recognize that homeowners around all parts of Bixby OK can have a tough time trying to get their yards to look their best. Whether it’s at a small residential subdivision on Sheridan Road or a mobile park off of 73rd Avenue, every year requires extra help when it comes to managing various yard care needs. Our team at Four Season wants to provide your property with the support it deserves surrounding how well the place might look and what you can get out of the place.

You can reach us for help with essential lawn mowing services as well as for solutions surrounding your landscaping needs. Our landscape maintenance team can assist you with everything surrounding the quality of your property and how well the place looks. Our team is available to help you with everything from weed removal to power washing and hedge trimming.

The best part is that our services at Four Season are easy to afford. You should not have to be punished for not knowing how to handle yard maintenance tasks on your own by having to pay more than what you can afford for services. We at Four Season feel that all our lawn maintenance services should be affordable and accessible to all. Our team offers services that work for everyone. You don’t have to afford one of the homes at South Bridge to pay for our services. We are also transparent over how we list our fees for services, thus keeping you from being surprised at any of the charges involved with our services.

You can reach us at Four Season Lawn Service when you’re looking for a team that can assist you with your lawn mowing needs in Bixby OK. We would love to provide you with the assistance you need surrounding how well your yard can be cared for and what you can get out of your place.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Kenneth Watson Grass Cut in Bixby OK

My place on South Memorial Drive near the fireworks shop has a huge yard. I hardly have the time to mow the site, what with me having to get to my job in downtown Tulsa every day. But the people at Champion Lawns have been very friendly and supportive of me in that they can mow my lawn and every few weeks. The team is very courteous and always ensures that my place is cut well every time. They always clean up before I get back to my home as well, which is something that I am particularly pleased with.

Lillian Saxton Yard Cutting in Bixby OK

The people at Dalco have done more for my yard maintenance needs than what I could have ever imagined. The people here are very friendly and provide me with the help I need for keeping my yard looking beautiful. I had them come to my place in Johns Park recently, and they did well with restoring the appearance of my lawn and with ensuring the site would look clean. They helped me with mowing my lawn and even did so with the right height in mind. They always clean up after they are finished too, which is something I don’t see from every other lawn care team in the city.

Raymond Mitchell Lawn Care in Bixby OK

I appreciate the work that the people at Hobbs Lawn and Landscape have provided me with when it comes to getting my yard looking appealing. The team at Hobbs came to my place in the Shannondale area and helped me with mowing the yard. They did well with reviewing the quality of my yard and with trimming everything around my fence. The people also helped me with power washing some surfaces in my place and ensured the area looked as bright and beautiful as possible. I appreciate the hard work that they put in for my site to make it look great.

Dorothy Ricker Lawn Mowing Service in Bixby OK

I asked the people at Four Season about fixing my backyard. My yard surrounds the Bentley Park baseball fields, and my yard looked out of place when compared with the well-groomed grounds nearby. But the team at Four Season helped me with everything from grass cutting to edging the spaces near my fence and even with treating the crabgrass that had been growing here since the spring. The team has restored my yard to its former glory. The work they have put in here at Four Season has been constructive in keeping my place looking attractive and distinctive all around.

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You deserve access to only the best lawn care providers in Bixby OK regardless of which side of the Arkansas River you live on. You can reach a quality team irrespective of the number of your street in Bixby. Even people out on 160th Street and other far-off places in Bixby OK deserve access to the best yard care services.

Fortunately, you can reach us at GreenPal for help with finding the right yard maintenance teams in Bixby OK and elsewhere in the Tulsa area. We at GreenPal have been helping people in the area with finding top-rated yard service providers for years. We want to help you find a team that is right for your particular needs.

Our work at GreenPal mainly focuses on ensuring you’ve got the help you need for caring for your property. We at GreenPal always review the teams that we list on the app. We work with local organizations like the Bixby Chamber of Commerce to find different groups that you can trust. Our work will ensure that you’ve got access to only the best people who can help you.

Our app will help you with finding great teams for your needs. We offer services for people from all parts of the city, including people who live in the smaller Twin Creeks and Seven Lakes neighborhoods. We cover people who live in large subdivisions and small trailer parks alike.

You can list information on your address to get information on the best teams near you. We will help you find landscape maintenance teams that are near your place and can reach where you are. You can use our program to find help whether you’re in Cypress Pointe, Auberge, or any other part of the city.

You will also get plenty of reviews off of the app surrounding the services available for your use. These reviews include many reports that highlight the experiences that customers have had with these lawn mowing providers and other yard care teams in the Bixby OK area. You can learn plenty of points of value surrounding these teams when you look at what the GreenPal app have listed.

You can reserve services through the app as well. You can confirm to bring a team to your property in Bixby after finding the team that works for you. The process of getting services can be worthwhile for your needs while helping you to save time. Besides, you might have to drive from Springtree to other parts of the Tulsa area for work, and you might want to focus more on specific activities.

Download the GreenPal app today, and start looking around now for quality yard maintenance teams in the Bixby OK area. We are here to give you access to all the great lawn mowing providers that you can trust. Besides, it always helps to have support from teams around the Bixby area that understand everything that can work for making your place in the city look its best.

About Bixby Oklahoma

Bixby is a city in Oklahoma, United States.

Bixby Oklahoma is a southern suburb of Tulsa. The city is situated in the middle part of the Arkansas River and is one of the largest suburbs in the Tulsa area.

The Washington Irving Memorial Park and Arboretum is in Bixby. The park is about 32 acres in size. The area is on a site where Irving visited in the 1830s while studying the western expansion of the United States in what was called the Indian Territory at the time.

The SpiritBank Event Center is in the city of Bixby. The arena fits 4,500 people and has been host to various concerts. The arena has also hosted various sporting events, including some developmental basketball games.

The Bixby School District operates the schools in the city. The district operates nine schools including the Bixby High School and the Bixby Ninth Grade Center.

Most of the commercial activity in Bixby OK is on the northern end of the city, particularly on Memorial Drive or US Route 64. The Bentley Park Sports Complex is directly south of the Arkansas River and features various baseball and softball diamonds as well as a few soccer fields.

Haikey Creek Park is also located in the northern part of the city. The park is home to a few walking paths and also to a few baseball fields.

Bixby is in the southern part of Tulsa County. A small portion of the city can be found in Wagoner County. The town is directly south of Jenks and Broken Arrow. The city is also located south of the Broken Arrow Loop, thus linking up to all parts of Broken Arrow and eventually into Tulsa.

The population of Bixby OK is at around 27,000. The city has been progressively growing over the years like many other suburbs in the Tulsa area.

Bixby OK is on a land space that was occupied by the Osage and Pawnee tribes. The city would be formed in the late nineteenth century and was named for Dawes Commission chairman Tams Bixby. The city grew through the discovery of natural gas deposits around the turn of the century, although the vegetable farms of the city were critical in helping the city to grow.

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