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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Lodi
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lodi, CA as of Sep, 2019


Maximum Lawn Services in Lodi, CA

Hired 195 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.115 Reviews)

Fully-licensed and insured, competitive pricing, and customer service that cannot be beat. That is who we are! With the kinds of pricing we offer for cheap lawn mowing and lawn care, there are few other companies out there that will beat our bang for your buck.

We offer a variety of services, from simple fertilizing and mulching to turf renovation and tree removal. The only thing we can’t do is read your mind, so please tell us what you need done! The more you tell us about your worries about your yard, the better we can cut and shape your lawn. Even if you want a giraffe cut out of a shrub in your yard, let us know. We don’t know how to do it, but we are not going to see we can’t. What we will say is “we can’t do that yet” and we will learn how.

The neighborhoods around Thomas Peterson Park have seen us work for a few months now. We have a few clients out there that signed a seasonal contract with us, so if you are in the area look out for out truck. Maybe if you are lucky you will get to see a true professional at work.

Unlike a lot of cheap lawn mowers in San Joaquin County, we use specialized mowers that are powerful and efficient. We invested our time and money into this company, and it is all for a cleaner, smoother finish on a good day of lawn mowing.

If you are curious about who we are as the best landscape maintenance in Lodi, Ca, visit our profile and see what people are saying. That is the great thing about GreenPal, even if it is great reviews, we can’t stop them from coming in!

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Mow Town Lawn Services in Lodi, CA

Hired 127 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.216 Reviews)

We may not be the cheapest lawn mowing service in Lodi, but we can pretty much guarantee that we are the most experienced. We are the vetted pros of grass control, and we are ready to take our company to the next level with GreenPal.

Already we have seen so much improvement in our client base. Not only are we getting more attention because of our fast and excellent service, We knew we would win over the trust of Lodi and Stockton eventually, we just didn’t see that it would be coming so fast! We almost have to turn people away sometimes from all the calls we are getting.

Soon, we hope to expand our team to three more members, something that we are sure will help with the new exposure. Until then, we will continue doing our best to serve as many yards in Stockton as possible.

No yard is too big or too small, and no job is too outrageous for our team. We are all trained in the art of the lawn mower. If you would like to give us a shot we will offer discounts to first time clients and even bigger discounts to those who sign season contracts with us. For those of you who know the park, Vinewood Park was once under our protection. And if you know anything about the surrounding area, you know that every lawn is cared for.

Whenever you are ready for a lawn mowing, we will be the first to reach out to you with a quote for cheap lawn mowing in Lodi. You won’t be sorry for hiring the best landscapers near you!

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Josue Lawn Services in Lodi, CA

Hired 233 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.191 Reviews)

I may be just one man, but don’t let that fool you. If you didn’t see me working you would think that there is a whole team of landscapers in Lodi, CA that are working on your yard. Nope, it just me, and I like it that way.

I can help you take your lawn from where it is now to places you wouldn’t believe. Some of my favorite jobs start out with dirt patches or concrete, and over time as I fix the soil and seed, I have been able to grow beautiful, lush grass. I won’t say that I am a miracle worker, but I know the process. California has a very specific type of soil, and here in the San Joaquin Valley it gets even stranger. Some neighborhoods will range from the most alkaline soil to the strangest combination of acids that make it a whole different problem. I have heard from some landscapers that even schools like Millswood Middle School have different soil compositions than their surrounding houses.

For that reason I treat every new client as a completely new battle. If you call on me to renovate your lawn, expect me to take the time to learn about it. It all works out in the end when you have amazing grass though!

As for all of you who are looking for cheap lawn mowing in Lodi, I am your guy. Lawn mowing is my meat and potatoes, while lawn renovation is my three course meal. I can schedule you for any day of the week including Saturdays, and I always keep in close contact with my clients in case something happens. Does your current lawn mower do that for you?

You don’t have to settle for lame landscaping. With my prices, you can afford the best landscaping in Lodi for months to come, how does that sound? Don’t be afraid to reach out for any questions. You can get in touch with me through GreenPal or through our website. I always make sure to return any missed calls by the end of the day, at the very least to leave a voicemail.

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Hd Lawn Services in Lodi, CA

Hired 215 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.253 Reviews)

With over fifteen years of experience, HD is fast becoming Lodi’s most established lawn care service in San Joaquin County. Your lawn is our priority, and when it comes time for a yard mowing, we will be there bright and early to help you out.

When we first started HD, we had one goal in mind: to leave no stone unturned, no blade of grass uncut. It’s a simple motto, but it helps us become the best landscaping in Lodi. We train our guys to do the job right the first time, there are no returns or callbacks (from us I mean, you can call us back however many times you want).

This was a big deal for us because we have heard so many stories about cheap lawn maintenance in Lodi. We didn’t want anything to do with that, and God forbid we were associated with a bad reputation. So when we started this company, we made sure that we gave ourselves enough time between lawn mowing appointments to do each job right. We mean it when we say quality over quantity, because in the end we strive to be your reliable lawn mowers in Lodi until the end of days, not just one time.

We station out in the west of Lodi, right by Leroy Nichols Elementary if you know where that is. But we drive out to Stockton as often as we do Lodi and the surrounding areas, so if you are coming across this from the dead center of downtown Stockton, no worries! We will give you the same great landscaping that we do anyone else. Thank you and God bless!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Michael Frankel Grass Cut in Lodi CA
You can tell right away that this is a professional outfit. They’ve done their homework on the cheap lawn mowing services in Lodi, Ca because I have. I have been wanting to outsource my lawn mowing for months now, and I made it my mission to find the best deal possible. I found them, but it took forever waiting for some lawn care services near me in Lodi, Ca to get back to me for a quote. GreenPal started showing up on my Facebook and whatnot so after seeing it a few times I took a shot. They did all the work I had done in the last two weeks and gave it all for free. Fine by me, as long as I get cheap lawn mowing. I don’t have many yards in Casa De Lodi Mobile Estates, but it still matters to me and I’m not going to spend fifty bucks for every small patch of grass.
Chris Amato Lawn Care Service in Lodi CA
I hire gardeners more than anything on GreenPal. Sure, a lawn mowing service in Lodi, Ca might say they are careful, but my experience says otherwise. I tried hiring a local lawn mower near me from the Henry Glaves Junior Park area, and he promised me a clean job (like they all do). I outlined what to watch out for, including the tree roots that surface in the grass. Did he pay attention? Nope. It took three more lawn mowers in Lodi, Ca for me to say enough and go GreenPal. When I saw the tree murderer on the website, I messaged GreenPal and told them what happened outside of the website, and they adjusted their rating apparently. I don’t know, but I don’t see them as often, so I guess that took care of that.
Ronald Page Lawn Maintenance in Lodi CA
Tree removal is an art as far as I’m concerned, and I needed an artists to take some trees out of my yard. Poor things died over the course of the years, and they were just rotting wood in my yard. I hired Eco-Systems to take care of it and they did it like pros! I was nervous too seeing some of the Yelp reviews from local landscaping in Lodi. There are dozens of bad reviews from companies who just tore up the grass pulling a stump out, I was very nervous. Eco-Systems put me at ease, walking me through every step just to make sure I knew what was going on. I don’t want to brag now, but my yard is looking great. People walking around Kofu Park always give me compliments when they see me, and my wife is happy.
Kay Britt Grass Cut in Lodi CA
Works as good as any app on the market. Simple, easy, and it seems targeted to an older market, something I’m happy with. I like how some apps look, but they are too confusing to use sometimes. GreenPal is super functional, not flashy at all. And above all, it works. As far as I can tell it works in real time, but even if it lags it still is the fasted contracting app I know for local yard maintenance in Lodi, Ca. I have been hiring local lawn mowers near me for over a year now and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Most of the companies on GreenPal are true, hard working people who just want help finding clients. That works because I’m looking for good landscapers in Lodi, Ca. I don’t care if they don’t have a stellar resume like an ex groundskeeper at Woodbridge Golf Course, if he can do the job I don’t care where he’s been, and it has worked out well so far.

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GreenPal has come to be the time-saving internet platform that the lawn care industry so desperately needed. The age old task of going through the phone book, calling up local landscaping in Lodi to find the best deals is over, because GreenPal has brought all the info you need right to your laptop.

When you really think about it, GreenPal was begging to be made into a service. As homeowners and ex-lawn mowers ourselves, we know how hard it can be on both ends to find the other. We know from personal experience from the time we were landscapers that finding clients is difficult work. When there was an abundance of clients, business could not have been better. We would have to hire our siblings to cover the extra lawn mowing sometimes, believe it or not. But when a week came by when no one within five miles seemed to not need lawn mowing, that was when we could have used GreenPal.

Unfortunately, the technology wasn’t quite there yet in the nineties. But now that apps like Uber and Instacart have made it possible to connect service providers and customers together almost instantly, we decided to do our old selves a favor and begin GreenPal. Now, GreenPal has come to Sacramento, and every week a new option for the best landscaping in Lodi, Ca is added to the list!

GreenPal also wants to give you results for local yard maintenance in Lodi that are actually near you. If you live up north in Woodlake and Woodbridge, there would be no reason to give you results for Stockton. Instead, each result is hyper-localized, showing up in suburb-specific searches. See how much better GreenPal can make this? There is no reason to be searching the web for the same results we have. What is even better is that our review system is unlike any other. Each review is tied to a transaction, and no one can review a company unless they have just contracted them.

The concept of GreenPal is easy: if you need a lawn mowing, find your next lawn care service in Lodi, Ca on GreenPal. When you sign up, we won’t ask for anything more than some basic info, including your physical address. Once we have that, we will calculate the average price for mowing your lawn using Google Map technology. Then we alert all of the landscaping maintenances, lawn mowing services, and grass cutting in Lodi that you are in the market for a lawn mowing. After that, companies will reach out to you for your business and with their quote for cheap lawn mowing. All you need to do is decide which one to go for!

About Lodi California

Lodi is a city in California, United States.

Lodi, California is one of the many cities that make up the large San Joaquin County. It is located in the northern portion of California’s Central Valley. As of the last census, combined with statistical data going back to the late 1800s, the population has fluctuated up until now between 62 and 64 thousand people. Lodi is known nationally for its wine production. According to wine magazines and wine connoisseurs, Lodi’s winegrape production has been catching popularity and prestige, closing the gap in prestige as the Sonoma and Napa counties. Zinfandel and other wine varieties are gaining popularity, but there is another reason why Lodi is making a name for itself outside of the state.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Lodi as the 2015 Wine Region of the Year, which cause a hotbed of tourism from other parts of California. Lodi also boasts a strong program to keep wineries sustainable as the ecology of the earth changes. The nearby city of Woodbridge is also known by the Robert Mondavi winery, an influential power behind wine drinking in America. Because the owner, Robert Mondavi, grew up in Lodi, the city is given credit for teaching the most influential winery in America the ropes. Lodi also received a lot of attention after sentencing Hamid and Umer Hayat in the first terrorism trial in the state of California.

The history of Lodi is rather different from those of the surrounding communities. While many of the towns and suburbs of California were populated by the railroad stations around them, Lodi came into being when a group of families from nearby farms and ranches established a school in 1859. When Central Pacific Railroad saw the small school centered between all these families, they settled on building a station there. Settlers decided on a townsite of 160 acres for the railroad to build a station, and they took it. This sparked massive economic activity, and jobs for construction, ranch hands, employees (both private and governmental) filled the area. Once enough people populate the area, Lodi was able to become an official California town. By the end of the century, Lodi was six years away from being an incorporated town. The city’s top employers remain to this day as Lodi Memorial Hospital, Lodi Unified School District, and Blue Shield of California.

Source: Wikipedia

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    I only have patch of grass in the front. We have a small Bush and seasonal flowers. The backyard is cement with a small trees. Very simple.

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    I just need the front lawn mowed and possibly edged, lawn size is not to big i say its a medium size. There is no fencing around the front of the property.

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