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  • Great job! He came to mow my lawn as scheduled and cleaned up nicely.

    Alicia Phillips on Aug 27, 2015
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    Michael Campbell on Jul 07, 2015
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I got my start start in landscaping business by learning from my father. When I was younger my family and I worked together in the landscaping industry.

Growing up in Florida, my father taught my three brothers and I to take real pride in the appearance of our personal lawn. We always had the best looking lawn on the block and that is how the family business got started. Over time we began doing the lawn maintenance for neighbors and friends and our family landscaping business grew from there.

I settled in the Atlanta area after serving five years in the United States Navy. After tours in Desert Storm and Desert Shield, I felt I had what it took start my own business after graduating college with a degree in industrial maintenance. So in 2000, I took the plunge , got my Atlanta small business licence and formed my lawn maintenance company serving north Atlanta, Bossland Grinders..

I love the lawn care business here in Atlanta Georgia. Of course the summertime is busy for lawn mowing, but the seasonality of the business is also nice because in the winters I could use a break. Overall the healthy local economy in Atlanta and growing property values of peoples homes makes for a nice business environment to run a landscaping company.

I know the Atlanta area like the back of my hand. I learned the ins and outs of Atlanta while performing commercial apartment maintenance. I have done work in Buckhead, College Park , Lithia Springs and all in between. I have found that this intimate knowledge of the Atlanta area has given me an advantage in my landscaping business. As I learned the traffic patterns in Atlanta, I began to use that knowledge to better serve my customers. Even though a homeowner's property may 15 miles away it may still take an hour to get there. You really need to know that to manage a customer’s expectations so they are not sitting around waiting on you to mow their lawn.

My service area for weekly lawn mowing is concentrated in the northern part of Atlanta above I-20. I really enjoy working in the neighborhoods of Roswell, Alpharetta Sandy Springs and Dunwoody Georgia . There is a real pride of ownership in those areas reminiscent of how my family took pride in the appearance of our home growing up. We also offer lawn mowing in Decatur and Dekalb county, as there are many pockets that are up and coming..

To date I have been able to grow my business to 50 customers per week It makes me proud to to able to provide work to my family members who need to pick up some hours to make extra money to support their families.. My team and I work together based on our workload what customers we have to service that day. We will work 7 days a week. When the grass is growing in the summer in Atlanta we need to be out there. Alot of our clients actually want us to come on the weekend. They like to see us , they like to talk about what we are doing. , some folks really like the interaction, and that's what sets us apart from our competition.

Out side of basic lawn mowing, we will do small tree removals, debris removal, we will haul off trash and junk to the dump for a customer if they need us to. We will also do pine straw installation as thats the more popular option here in Atlanta.

I find this business is all about people. For instance, recently I had a customer compliment me on my customer service. She was appreciative that we did what we said we would do. Its amazing to me this one simple thing can earn a customer for life. If you just show up on time and do a good job , then everything else takes care of itself.

Outside of lawn mowing I coach youth football in the city of College Park. I find it's really fulfilling to be a mentor to the youth in Atlanta. Its amazing to see their development and have a positive impact in their life. They make me proud so much. I like to not only help them not only with football, but with school, family life etc. I coach them as Welcome All Park, and we are called the “Welcome All Park Partners.” Its funny how the coaching and business go hand and hand because I find it's important to set a good example of how to be a good businessman with how I run my landscaping company 

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