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Erin Mc Donald, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
July 18, 2017
Lawn Care Service near Beacon Groves

Erin Mc Donald, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
June 27, 2017
Lawn Care near Beacon Groves

David Patrick , Palm Harbor, FL 34684
November 10, 2016
Lawn Mowing near Cloverplace

Erin Mc Donald, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
October 22, 2016
Lawn Cutting near Beacon Groves

David Patrick , Palm Harbor, FL 34684
October 14, 2016
Lawn Mowing Service near Cloverplace

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I started mowing yards 22 years ago in the Clearwater area. My inspiration to get started in the lawn care business part time came as a means to put my son through private Christian school in Largo, Florida. Over the course of a few years I gained the confidence to pursue the landscaping industry full time, and my clientele grew little by little to now over 75 weekly customers. I personally mow all 75 of my customers by myself so I can keep on eye on my customers’ lawns and deliver an exceptional level of service.

That has been to the secrete to my lawn business's growth. I think people really like the personal level of service I deliver to their lawn each week. I currently serve Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, and Clearwater. The majority of my business is Palm Harbor, however, I will go as far south as Gulf to Bay Blvd for customers needing my lawn service.

I live and service lawns in Palm Harbor, FL in the Baywood Village neighborhood , and in this one neighborhood alone I have 15 weekly lawn clients. Almost all of my lawn care customers have found me through word of mouth. I just do things a little different than the other guys in Palm Harbor cutting lawns. I return phone calls, and I show up when I say I will. For instance, sprinkler heads, if I break one I will fix it, most lawn care companies will not bother with that.

Other services I provide are shrub pruning as well as light tree and palm pruning. Any tree that I can get to with a ladder I will prune for my customers. I treat my customers like gold, and I believe that communication with them is key. I believe that 99% of problems in the lawn can be best handled if I stay in front of my customers with solid communication over the phone, text, and email.

For example, I service the lawns for the vacation homes on the beaches of a few of my customers. While they are away, I am their eyes and ears, and I will report back to them small issues on their property before they get be big problems. I will send them pictures to let them know what's going on. For example , one of my customers in Clearwater had an insect infestation in their lawn, and I was able to identify and recommend the proper treatment to them before it was too late. I really like to be proactive like that to keep my customers lawns in top shape. They trust me with their investment, and that feels good.

My son is 27 now and graduated from Florida State University, he is thankful I started mowing lawns, and looking back It has worth every bit of the hard work . I enjoy this business and the livelihood it has afforded me and my family. I look forward to servicing your lawn as well. 

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