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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Spokane, WA as of Jul, 2019


Dd & Son's Services Lawn Services in Spokane, WA

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Have you considered the many threats that can pop up around your yard in Spokane, WA? You might deal with problems like frost in the winter or a drought in the summer. Don’t forget about the weeds that can pop up around your yard.

The pests that can show up around your yard can be just as much of a threat. Crane flies, grubs, cutworms, billbugs, and even the black turfgrass ataenius can be a threat to your grass. These pests can destroy the grass roots around your lawn bed, thus weakening the grass and making it harder to grow.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your yard will be at risk of harm when you reach us at DD & Son’s Services. We’ll find a solution for your yard care concerns on the double.

We recognize that your yard in Spokane has many unique features and qualities that need to be cared for. Every yard in Spokane is unique, even when the properties themselves don’t look different from one another. While the homes in West Central or Kendall Yards might not be too distinct from one another, every yard in those neighborhoods has unique needs. Our goal at DD & Son’s is to figure out what demands your yard has in particular.

Naturally, you might not understand what is happening with your yard, what with you not being fully aware of the threats. But we at DD & Son’s Services recognize all the warning signs that can come along your yard. From a segment that floods easy to a patch of grass that is dying off, we can review every problematic space. Our goal is to figure out what the concern is. We’ll check on everything surrounding your yard and resolve whatever problems might be present at your property.

The lawn mowing service we offer at DD & Son’s covers every part of your yard. We’ll mow your grass to the best height possible. We’ll also produce a beautiful mowing pattern. We can also trim the grass around your patio, garage, mailbox, and other places that aren’t easy to reach. All grass is cut to the same height to prevent scalping and damage to the grass bed.

You won’t have to worry about us taking a while for you to get to your yard either. We are in the East Spokane part of the city near I-90 and the big reservoir near Heacox Avenue. We have access to all the popular places around Spokane, not to mention some of the more far off spaces. We can even go to an area near or past the Idaho state border if necessary.

You can ask us at DD & Son’s Services for help with all the unique lawn care needs you might have. Contact us at DD & Son’s today to learn more about what we can do for your yard. We’ll provide you with the best lawn care services in Spokane the first time around.

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Boullard Enterprise Lawn Services in Spokane, WA

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Which part of Spokane are you located? Are you near I-90, or you are closer to Business I-90? Maybe you are closer to Spokane Valley or possibly in Liberty Lake or another place near the Idaho border. Whatever the case is, you can reach us at Boullard Enterprise to come to your property and help you with your yard care efforts. We want to give you a yard maintenance service that you can trust regardless of the yard you have.

We’ve seen plenty of new neighborhoods show up around the Spokane area. Places like Woodridge to the north or Downriver to the south are appealing places, but it is often difficult to figure out what the lawns in these places require. The good news is that you can ask us at Boullard Enterprise to help you with any problems you might come across surrounding your yard.

We at Boullard have an office on the shores of the Spokane River in the Chief Garry Park neighborhood. We can travel to any part of the city that needs lawn maintenance help. We are also available to serve homeowners on both sides of the river. You can also reach us if you have a commercial or industrial site in the Yardley area or something else off of the Business I-90 path.

You might have a yard that floods on occasion after it rains. We can help with loosening the soil around your yard. We’ll also check on any drains around your yard and fix those places up as necessary.

Maybe you have been bearing with dead grass spaces around your yard. You might be dealing with things like a grub infestation or a pH imbalance in your soil. Our full analysis of your yard will figure out what problems are showing up.

Our work at Boullard covers everything for your yard from lawn mowing to weed removal to hedge trimming. You can also reach us for any unique soil treatments that you may require. We’re available in the winter to help you with removing snow and ice from your property. You can schedule us to come over at any time in the morning or afternoon, including at points when you’re out at work or school.

We will let you know what your yard requires before we start working. You will also know beforehand what it would cost for services. We’ll give you the final say over what you want to utilize when you reach us. You will only have to spend money on the stuff that you ask us to do for your yard. We’re not going to pressure you into any premium services. We’ll let you ask us about them if you’re that interested.

You can ask us at Boullard Enterprise for help with all the unique yard maintenance services you hold at your Spokane WA home. We are available throughout the year, so contact us when you notice you need extra help with your yard.

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D&S Lawncare Lawn Services in Spokane, WA

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The weather in Spokane, WA, can be frustrated no matter what time of the year it is. You’ve got to deal with plenty of unwelcome heat during the summer season. The lack of rainfall during the summer months can wear your lawn out after a while.

There’s also the concern of snow falling on your yard and landscape in the winter. You could experience 20 to 30 inches of snow in a single season. That can take a toll on your grass, your trees and bushes, and anything else outside your property.

You don’t have to keep your yard protected from the elements on your own. You can ask us at D&S Lawncare for assistance with maintaining your lawn no matter what the time of the year might be. We at D&S will help you with checking on how well your yard is growing and what features might require help where you are.

You can reach us in the summer for help with your lawn mowing needs. We can trim any grass around the Spokane area, including grass spaces near a foundation or other hard to reach area.

Our mowing efforts focus on the best possible care for your yard. We’ll cut your grass to the necessary height. We’ll also ensure our mowing tools are sharp, aligned, and cleaned off before we start working on your yard. We also work with various directional patterns, thus ensuring your yard has a professional appearance. A well-made mowing pattern also provides the grass around your yard won’t be flat to where it cannot be cut as evenly as everything else.

We can also review the irrigation system around your yard. You can ask us to check on your irrigation sprinkler heads. We will clean and fix anything around your property.

Our services are also available in the winter. You can ask us for help with the unique snow removal demands you have. We can blow snow off of your sidewalk, driveway, or any other hard walkway around your property. We can also brush the snow and ice off of your trees and bushes before the added weight hurts them. We can also add a de-icing material and even walking salt that will keep your driveway and sidewalk from being slippery. We also offer a liquid de-icing material for commercial properties in Spokane.

We serve homes and businesses throughout all parts of Spokane. We can work on yards from the open places in Lidgerwood to the packed spaces in Whitman. You can also reach us if you have a commercial property near Business I-90. We can work on all spaces both big and small throughout the Spokane WA area.

We at D&S Lawncare will support all the distinct lawn and landscape maintenance services you hold in Spokane, WA. You can reach us at D&S today to learn about the many things we have to offer for your yard care needs. We would love to provide you with the help you need today.

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Donald J Miller Lawn Services in Spokane, WA

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My name is Donald J. Miller, and I provide thorough and helpful lawn care services for homeowners around the Spokane WA area. I’ve been helping people with their lawn mowing efforts for as long as I can remember.

I started working on grass cutting tasks around Spokane when I was younger as a means of getting some extra money. But while many kids stop mowing grass after a while, I began to develop a newfound sense of appreciation for how well lawns can grow. I wanted to make a living out of cutting lawns and making these places look beautiful.

I’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see out of yards in the Spokane area. I have gone south to Moran Prairie to care for the small lawns in the neighborhood. I’ve also traveled to gated communities like Latah Valley, where the standards for yard maintenance are a little higher. One thing I have noticed over the years is that people want one thing out of their lawns. They want their yards to be as green as possible.

But a green lawn entails more than being well-cut. A green lawn needs to be hydrated well. The turf bed cannot have any weeds growing around. More importantly, the grass needs to be cut to the best height without scalping the grass bed.

My work focuses on keeping every part of a lawn looking beautiful, no matter how large or small the yard might be. I can review the type of grass you have and figure out how high or low it should be cut. The work includes ensuring the cutting height changes based on the season. Longer grass is best in the winter, for instance. But the grass can afford to be trimmed in the summer season too.

Meanwhile, dandelions and other weeds need to be cleaned up as needed. I can review the quality of your lawn based on whatever might be growing around the place. My work removing weeds focuses on spot treatments to ensure only the weed is removed and not anything healthy around your yard.

You can also ask me about other services, including help for aerating your yard. I am also available to add new grass seed to your yard if necessary.

Don’t forget about my winter services. I can come to your property and remove the snow from your driveway or other sensitive pathways.

You can talk to me about how what you can afford to spend on services. I will let you know all the charges involved with the yard care task before I start working. You’ll know firsthand what you need for your yard without being pressured into buying anything you might not want.

There’s no limit as to how big of a lawn I can care for either. You can ask for help if you’ve got a yard in the Five Mile Prairie or Cedar Creek area.

Contact me for help with your lawn care needs in Spokane WA today. I would love to help you with all the special lawn mowing needs you have for your property in Spokane.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Donald Powell Lawn Mowing Service in Spokane WA

The people at DD & Son’s knew about what my yard required after they came over. They checked on how well my yard was growing and found some great opportunities for improving upon my grass bed. My yard in Emerson Garfield had a few dead spots here and there. The team discovered that I had a few grub infestations around those areas. They provided a thorough treatment that entailed removing a few old patches of grass and in cleaning out the soil. They added new grass seed afterward. The grass bed looks uniform and green thanks to their effort.

Dorothy Lancaster Lawn Cut in Spokane WA

I love how Boullard Enterprise can come to my home near Mission Park while I’m out at school. I have a lot of work to do at Gonzaga, so having someone who can care for my yard maintenance needs for me is a big plus. Boullard does well with mowing grass and with trimming my bushes. Their landscape maintenance team also does well with cleaning up the leaves from my garden bed and with removing the weeds. My favorite part is that they always clean up after they finish. I don’t have to worry about coming home to a bunch of grass clippings being spread out along my driveway.

David Read Grass Cut in Spokane WA

The friendly folks at D&S Lawncare know what it takes to make a yard look beautiful. I had a lawn in the Bemiss neighborhood that had lots of thistle plants growing all around. There were also some discolored spots left around my yard from neighboring dogs using my yard to take care of their stuff. Those problems were no match for D&S. They fixed all the old spaces around my yard and restored the soil all over. They also added new seed to restore some of the dead places. I haven’t had any new thistle plants grow around my yard for nearly a year now.

Jamie Vasquez Yard Cutting in Spokane WA

Donald knows what it takes to mow my lawn in Morgan Acres. He always checks on my yard during his monthly visit to my home. He reviews how hard or soft the yard is and lets me know when my yard needs to be aerated. He has also done well with trimming the edges of my lawn. Every part of my yard is evenly cut thanks to him. I have never dealt with any scalping around my yard, which is a whole lot different from what I’ve come across when I try caring for my lawn on my own. I would recommend Donald to anyone who needs help with their lawn care needs.

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Not all people in Spokane WA have the knowledge and effort necessary to care for their yards. It may also be difficult for people to afford all the landscape maintenance materials they require for keeping their yards looking their best. Fortunately, people in Spokane can hire one of many lawn care providers in the area without breaking the bank. You can find any of these teams through us at GreenPal. We are here to help you see who’s available for your Spokane yard.

GreenPal is not a lawn mowing provider, but rather an app that helps you find lawn care providers in Spokane, WA. You can use GreenPal to figure out who will help you care for your yard to the best possible potential.

Any homeowner in Spokane can find a quality landscape maintenance team through GreenPal. You only need to spend a few moments finding a team that you can trust.

You can list your address in the GreenPal app to find details on who can come to your property. We’ll list details on who is near your property. You can state where you are in the Glenrose area and then get details on which teams are available to come to your property.

The app is useful for all people around Spokane regardless of what side of the river they’re on. You can find a team through GreenPal whether you’re in the Emerson Garfield neighborhood near Gonzaga University, or you’ve got a high-end home with a large lawn in the Indian Canyon area.

You can read through all the descriptions of every lawn care provider listed on the app. You can also check on the reviews that real GreenPal users have left. You also have the option to use our estimate tool that will help you figure out the cost for services based on your location, the size of your yard, and how often you need to get people to come to your yard.

We at GreenPal understand that you have many needs surrounding how your yard is to be cared for. Our app will ensure that you only get the services you ask for and that you can find a talented team you can trust. More importantly, you’re never going to run into questionable or suspicious entities when using the app. You’ll only come across teams that are certified by the Spokane Valley Chamber among other top-quality organizations.

The best part about using the GreenPal app is that you’ll know what yard care teams are available for you to hire. You can get all the help you need for your yard whether you’re in Camelot or Wandermere or any other place in between.

Download the GreenPal app today, and start looking for lawn maintenance teams that you will appreciate having at your home. We will help you find a helpful solution for your lawn that you will love hiring. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the quality of those lawn care teams.

About Spokane Washington

Spokane is a city in Washington, United States.

Spokane WA is a city on the far western end of the state of Washington. The town is in the central part of Spokane County.

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is in the city of Spokane. The Smithsonian-affiliated museum includes a large variety of Native American artifacts from the area.

The Spokane Chiefs junior ice hockey team plays during the fall and winter seasons at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena. The Spokane Indians minor league baseball team competes from June to September at Avista Stadium. The Indians have competed in various forms in the Spokane area since 1890.

There are six hospitals in Spokane with four of them operating as full-service entities. The Deaconess Hospital and Sacred Heart Medical Center are the two largest hospitals in the area.

The Spokane International Airport provides aviation travel in the area. Nearly four million passengers go through the airport every year. The airport brings people to destinations such as Seattle, Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix.

Spokane, WA is named after the Spokane tribe. The tribe is believed to have descended from the first settlers in the area. The United States Army built Fort Spokane in 1880 as a means of supporting railway development. The work was also to secure American settlement. The city was incorporated a year later. The area grew as a mining city. The Expo ’74 World’s Fair was held in Spokane as an environmental-themed event.

Spokane is about 280 miles east of Seattle. Spokane links to the city through I-90. The city is also 18 miles west of the border with Idaho and 30 miles west of Coeur d’Alene.

The city has a population of 220,000, thus making it the second-largest city in the state of Washington.

The Spokane River goes through the middle part of the city. The river goes east to the Harrison Slough near Coeur d’Alene. The river also travels northwest to the Columbia River.

Gonzaga University is in the city of Spokane. The private university has been in operation since 1887 and is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. About 7,500 students attend classes at Gonzaga every year. Eastern Washington University is also about fifteen miles southwest of Spokane in the town of Cheney.

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