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Aric Clayton never thought he would be running a landscaping empire when he served in the United States Air Force as a security specialist. Having to guard top secret products, Aric decided to pursue real estate after serving his country. Once in real estate, he noticed the number of REO properties that were being left unattended. After a few inquiries, banks and asset manager would ask Aric if he knew of anyone that could mow those properties and so JWI Lawn Services was born.

Coming from Fayetteville, NC, Aric has lived in Orlando since 2000. "I love the weather and the people here in Orlando so I will be sticking around for a long time," Clayton says.

Aric and his crew mows lawns in Winter Park, Florida, Apopka, Winter Garden, Mt. Dora, Longwood, Orlando, Ocoee, Sanford, and even cut grass in Altamonte Springs, Florida. JWI is also the recommended lawn care provider in Errol Estates Country Club, Vicks Landing, and Dune Cove neighborhoods.

Along with serving numerous homeowners, Aric also services several commercial properties including Prestige Realty in St. Cloud and Errol Plaza in Apopka.

JWI Lawn Services not only handles your basic lawn care needs but will also handle your shrub and bush trimming, low level tree trimming, mulching, sodding, raking, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing.

What sets Aric apart from other landscaping companies is his attention to detail and his want to please the customer. "If given the opportunity, I try to walk the property with the customer before and after I service them. What that does is allows me to see exactly what the customer wants and then I get instant feedback on things that they want done differently," Aric explains. "This is the best way to make sure that the customer gets what they want every time. We take our time and make sure that everything is perfect."

What drew him and kept him in this industry is his love for hard work and being outside. "I love being out in nature and being active," Clayton explains. "I was always out in the garden with my mom helping her so this just translated perfectly. Sometimes mowing is an escape for me and it acts as my stress outlet. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do."

When he is not out serving the Orlando area, Aric loves to spend time with his daughter and his fiancée. He absolutely loves his fiancée's cooking so in their kitchen is where he loves to be. He is also a gym rat and loves going to watch movies.

So the next time your lawn is needing some military help, let the troops at JWI Lawn Services handle any and all of your landscaping desires.

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