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This Pro Story

I basically start mowing my parents lawn in highschool , I started very small mowing lawns for family and friends all over Mt.Juliet. I suppose Ive been serious in the business seriously now for two .

I was born and raised in Mt Juliet Tennessee , I went to Mt Juliet high graduated in 2004. I also have been serving in the Army reserves for 7 years. I report to a support facility in Smyrna, and after work on and on the weekends is when service my lawn mowing clients throughout middle Tennessee.

Right now I am mowing 25 lawns a week all over middle Tennessee, but I would like grow it to 40 or 50. My full time job with the US military keeps me busy doing the week. , I am fabricator, so lets say if a tank comes in for repairs, we can restore it to back new again, kind of like restoring an antique car.. I can weld anything and enjoy my work. At the military we service all of our fleet of equipment which has really helped me keep my own lawn maintenance equipment top notch shape. . You have to be trusted with a level of security to be working on this stuff.

I love to be able to grow my little lawn mowing fleet, my plans are to buy a separate truck for just lawn care. I am a mechanic by heart, so I like to tinker with cars. I buy cars and I fix them and sell them . So to some extend what I earn mowing lawns has fueled my mechanic and car restorations hobby.

When I asked Sean which was harder, his landscaping job or his military mechanic job. “The landscaping is harder but I enjoy it better, sometimes I work harder cutting lawns all over Davidson county than I do welding but I enjoy the landscaping work better."

I enjoy it better because every yard is different and I have an opportunity to make something beautiful. The lawn care business is pretty straight forward, I believe if someone pays for something , they want it done right. I try to treat each lawn as if it was my own.

I mowed a lawn last night in Madison, the customer's lawn had a hill that was a 35% grade. It was tough and challenging, but the customer loved how I was able to make the sloped lawn look nice. Ill never put myself in a position where I'll hurt myself; I will back off, however, I will do whatever it takes within reason to make someone happy.

To keep a customer and keep them happy, I find that scheduling and setting expectations is best way to earn a customer's appreciation and loyalty. I like to try to fit their needs into my existing route.  For example: On Mondays’ I'll mow lawns all over Old Hickory, Tuesdays, I'm in Hunters Crossing and surrounding neighborhoods in Old Hickory, on Wednesdays I spend all day on Madison, and the Neelys Bend area, and then Thursday all over East Nashville. I try not to mow on Friday, but sometimes I will, and then Saturdays is when I bat cleanup. I will go all over Nashville on Saturday to take care of those last minute customer needs and requests. After the initial cut, Ill try to talk the customer and ask them for more appointments so I can fit them into my route so then I can make them happy mowing forward.

Overall, I like to service Old Hickory, Madison, Donelson, East Nashville, I prefer to stay on the east side of Briley Pkwy , however for a weekly customer I will go out to east Nashville and Madison and occasionally I will go to Brentwood and Franklin.

I have several pieces of equipment I have a leaf blower a weed eater a zero turn mower a push mower . I always clean up after I finish mowing and trimming.

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How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

I have been doing lawn care since I was a teenager. I do it now because I enjoy the look of a fresh cut yard. When I was younger I use to cut several property for family members, they would always get compliments on how good the yard looked

How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

I have a very strong work ethnic . I pay close attention to details .

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Take a chance on someone cheaper then the professionals and see how it looks . I do the same quality work as the professionals but half the cost.

What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

Well every yard is different . I enjoy a changing environment

What areas do you mainly service?

Nashville ,East Nashville, West Nashville, Cane Ridge area , Belmont , Brentwood and Franklin

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