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The Bonus Round

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I know, I know – I said you were done. No, I’m not a big fat liar… this isn’t really a chapter to teach you techniques or give advice. It’s more about giving you a couple of little extras that will hopefully make your life easier.


This chapter contains some helpful resources that you can draw upon to market your business and increase the number of customers you add to your roster. To begin with, as promised, I’ve included a few examples of copywriting that you can borrow and/or adapt for your own marketing pieces. It’s all in how you talk to people, even in print or online.

You’ve heard the term copywriting before. As you can see from the spelling, it’s not about protecting a book, copywriting is the art and science of writing persuasive words that influence people to do what you want them to. It’s very powerful and I’m going to share a bit with you now.

While I can’t teach you to become a great copywriter overnight, I can give you a couple of hints and examples that’ll help make your messages a bit more appealing to folks who read them. The first and best tips is this:

Always make it about them.

Remember, nobody is sitting out there wondering when some worthy landscaper is going to come along and give them an opportunity to hand over their money. People buy things – from cars to beer to food to lawn care – because of what they get out of it. They don’t care about you, it’s about them.

That’s how we all are, so when you communicate with them, make it about them and they will respond much better. Let me show you an example:

“We use top quality lawn mowing equipment. We’re prompt and do professional work.”

Yeah, okay… sounds fine. But compare that to…

The second one is longer, but can you see the difference? The first message was all about the company. The second message was not only all about the customer, but about the benefits they get from hiring that service.

So that’s copywriting tip #2

Always highlight the benefits.

It’s all about the customer and what they get.

Keep those two things in mind and you’ll find that a lot more people contact and hire you. That’s true whether they’re reading a flyer, an online profile page or talking to you in person.

So here are some copy examples you can use directly or alter to fit your own style… oh yeah, and I’m using our example name, so remember to change that in real life!

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Sample headlines

Green and clean – a yard you can be proud of without all the sweat and toil

Tired of the hot and sweaty hours mowing and trimming? We’ll shoulder that burden for you! Competitive rates and beautiful results

A lush green lawn to make them all green with envy

Enjoy a fully manicured lawn – We do the hard work so you can have the fun

Your days of sweat and dirt are over – Professional, affordable and caring – We call it lawn

You can use these headlines in any of your online profiles, on your door hangers or even on your business cards. Use any of them as your company slogan if you like. Change them around or use them exactly as written.

Do you see, though, how all of these headlines are about benefits and the customer and never really talk about you, other than what you do that benefits them?

Body copy – more descriptive messages

These samples are good for inserting into a profile or as the descriptive text on your door hangers. These are relatively short, because they’re more about persuasion. You’ll probably want to add some bullet points that describe your services. Don’t worry, I’ll give you some examples of those, too.

It’s been a long week and it’s a beautiful Saturday morning… and there you stand, looking down at the old mower and wishing you could be doing anything else…

Now you can! Everyone wants a good looking yard, and taking pride in yours is perfectly natural. Yet you don’t have to spend an hour or two every week slogging behind that roaring mower, getting nipped at by flying debris from the weed whacker and going deaf from the leaf blower…

That's our job! At Mean Green Landscaping, we know how important a gorgeous lawn is to you and we also understand that you work hard and deserve to spend your off time the way you want, not as a slave to a lawn that stubbornly refuses to stop growing!

Put your lawn care in our hands and enjoy the freedom of extra time and the pride of knowing that with our professional equipment, detail-oriented approach and caring attitude, your neighbors will wish they had a lawn as perfect as yours!

Call us today for an absolutely free, no obligation estimate and spend the next Saturday morning on the golf course, on the boat or just relaxing in the pool!

See how I painted a picture with words, there? Cutting the lawn is sweaty and dirty and even painful. And by hiring you, he or she gets to do things they really enjoy. How about this one:

The smell of freshly cut grass… the sight of perfect edges on the driveway and sidewalks… and the sound of birds chirping…

Imagine all of that without the need to put on your old shoes and worn out clothing and spend the next hour or two sweating away for it? Rather than giving up your precious time to the green master, get in touch with Mean Green and let us do the dirty work so you don’t have to!

We call it lawn care for a reason – because we take care of your lawn as if it were our very own. Prompt and professional service, an eye for the little details that make all the difference and an understanding of how much pride you take in your home is what we bring every time we take care of your lawn.

You enjoy competitive rates and the best quality in the business! Get in touch today and get a totally free estimate at your convenience.

Another example of using word pictures. The idea I’m trying to convey with both of these samples is convenience, freedom and yet they get the best possible looking lawn at an affordable price.

Your Service bullet points

Here’s just a few bullets that show you how to use the “you” and “benefit” approach.
You could simply have bullets that say mowing, edging, trimming, etc.… but why not boost them up a bit?

  • Quality cuts with professional gear.

  • Razor sharp edges on all drives, walks and patios.

  • Green and clean.

  • No more pesky leaves piling up everywhere.

  • Driveways and sidewalks clear of slippery snow.

  • Beautiful and weedless planters, beds and bushes.

  • No more ugly brown patches – expert seeding and fertilizing brings your lawn back to lustrous life.

  • Pressure washing - Your roof, driveways, walks, patio and home will shine like new.

  • Sick of looking at that junk? Fast and thorough rubbish removal.

You get the point. Feel free to use any of this stuff.

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