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Powerwashing your Home- What can be pressurewashed? (Illustrated)

Power washing your house is an often-overlooked duty. Most homeowners forget that it is even a task that needs to be completed. But often times a good pressure washing can be as rejuvenating for a home as a fresh coat of paint. Better yet, home maintenance activities like power washing are great exercise. Here are some dos and don’ts of pressure washing in this infographic below. 

Power washing or pressure washing?

It’s true there are many words in this nation that are interchangeable, and most reflect where an individual is from. Power washing is more common in the northeastern US, and Pressure washing is the dominant phraseology throughout most of the US. 

What can be power washed/pressure washed?

While you always want to be mindful that pressure washers can peel paint, you can power wash just about anything around the home Including the deck, coolers and trash bins, playsets, driveways, sidewalks, pavers, area rugs, patio furniture, and cushions and much much more. Pressure washing is also a great way to prep surfaces like fences and porches for a new coat of stain or paint.  

How do you use a pressure washer effectively?

The first step to effectively power washing any surface is to select the right nozzle. Once you have selected the right head for your washer, you want to pressure wash at the appropriate distance from the item you are washing so as to not ruin the surface of the object. Now you want to clean in a continuous smooth pattern evenly hitting each area. Remember that not only can a pressure washer damage paint, it can also damage the wood.

Power Wash Your Home for a Fresh Start (Without Repainting!)

  1. Skip the paintbrush, grab the pressure washer! Revitalize your home like new with powerful cleaning (bonus: it's a workout!).
  2. No matter where you're from, call it "power washing" or "pressure washing," your deck, driveway, & more will thank you.
  3. Pro tips: choose the right nozzle, distance matters, and avoid blasting wood or paint.

Bonus: Enjoy your fresh-cut lawn while the pros handle the cleaning. Visit our lawn care blog for more home maintenance tips!

Pressure washing is a great way to clean a lot of your home, and when you are not you can sit back and enjoy your fresh-cut grass by a GreenPal lawn care pro. This infographic on power washing was brought to you by Simpson Cleaning. 

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