GreenPal's Lawn Care Case Studies

Case Study #1

See how Tony Stanley grew his landscape co from 1 part time worker to 7 full time employees with GreenPal.

Tony Stanley

GreenPal Since April 2017

Nashville, Tn

Tony Stanley billed over $100,000 on GreenPal in one season. And if you want to know how he did it, then keep reading...

Tony Stanley came to the landscaping industry after working in healthcare for over 25 years. After starting Williams Lawn Care, Tony was looking to grow his business and wanted to stop passing out fliers and relying too heavily on word of mouth.

While both of those traditional methods helped Tony grow, they were not efficient and he was not able to grow as fast as he wanted. After joining GreenPal in the Spring of 2017, here is how Tony has quickly almost tripled his business within 2 years.

Want concrete numbers on how quickly you can grow your business on GreenPal?

Increased revenue of $40k in year of 2017

Total GreenPal Revenue in 2018—$90k

Total number of recurring GreenPal customers 163 and counting

Started with 1 employee and after GreenPal now has 7 full time workers

So let’s dive right in

Tony’s Favorite GreenPal Feature

“Till this day, my favorite feature is being able to bid all the properties from my phone for free,” Stanley says. “I save so much time by not having to go visit the properties that I am able to bid on more and grow my business where and how I want.” Tony goes on to add, “I want to bring all of my non-GreenPal customers on GreenPal so I don’t have to chase money anymore and get paid after every mow. I upload a pic and I get paid. It’s very simple.”

Tony’s Future Plans

Tony wants to continue his growth in the Davidson County area and possibly add another crew next year. With GreenPal’s help, he has been able to eliminate his marketing efforts and remove his payment processing woes. “GreenPal has certainly been able to help grow my business and eliminate the things I did not enjoy doing which was passing out fliers and chasing money,” Stanley says. “I’m fully in charge of my growth and can't wait to see what next season will bring.”

Case Study #2

How Diversified lawn increased revenue by 25k per year WHILE saving 20 hours per week in paperwork

Dean Sinibaldi

GreenPal Since November 2017

Cape Coral, Fl

Here’s the deal… If you are like most every lawn mowing business owner you struggle with keeping all of your company's scheduling and routes and customer info in one place..

I mean .. even in now a days... 9 out of 10 lawn mowing businesses face this same issue..

Dean Sinibaldi was no different having always been around the landscaping industry. His dad had him on a mower at a very early age. After working in the oil fields and having to quit because of his cancer diagnosis, he knew that he wanted to start his own landscaping business. Now cancer free, Dean wanted to smartly grow his landscaping business without spending any money and effort into marketing. After doing a little research on GreenPal for a few weeks, he decided to give it a shot and got signed up.

So how successful was Dean
in his first year?

Increased revenue $25k in year of 2018

Eliminated 20 hours per week of busy work

Total number of recurring customers 60

Hired 1 full time employee to help with growth

You are probably thinking,
“Can it really be this easy?”

Dean’s Favorite GreenPal Feature

”What I truly love about GreenPal is that there is 0 paperwork and it’s super easy to bid on the properties that I want,” Dean says. Sinibaldi goes on to add, “GreenPal truly simplifies the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of my business. Invoicing, scheduling, and all of my marketing are done for me so all I worry about is what I am good at and that is mowing and keeping customers happy. It’s like GreenPal was designed specifically for my business”

Dean’s Future Plans

Next summer Dean wants to hire an additional crew to handle his growth due to GreenPal and also wants to get into irrigation and into commercial properties. He also wants to expand his service area to the Fort Myers area after dominating the Cape Coral market. Not only will GreenPal help fuel his growth but it will also allow him to spend more time with his family while doing so. “Since joining GreenPal my company has grown but the paperwork and all the other things I hated doing have not.”

Case Study #3

See how the owner of MJ Lawn Care eliminated $500 a month on advertising and grew to 7 full time employees with GreenPal.

Mike Cebulski

GreenPal Since May 2017

St. Louis, Mo

In this case study you’re going to learn how MJ Lawn grew his lawn mowing business by over 25% in one season. If you want to learn how he did it with GreenPal and how you can so the same, then keep reading..

Mike Cebulski was a college student who needed to make a little extra money. He knew that a quick way was to accomplish this was to start mowing lawns and also keep his active lifestyle. Little did Mike know that it would end up being his full time gig.

After establishing his business, Mike was looking for a way to grow his thriving business into more specific areas, looking for ways to streamline his day-to-day operations, and eliminate or reduce his advertising budget. Mike was using Google Adwords, Craigslist, and manually hanging door hangers but was not getting the ROI he wanted. Since joining GreenPal in the early spring of 2015, Mike has been able to execute on all of his business goals and completely terminate his advertising budget.

Here is how Mike has done since
joining GreenPal

Increased revenue in first year with GP by$25k

$60k GP Revenue in his first year and $75k in his 2nd year

Completely eliminated monthly $500k advertising budget

Now has 6 full time employees

And you think to yourself…
How can I do that?

Mike’s Favorite GreenPal Feature

”My favorite GreenPal feature is being able to invoice all of my customers with a touch of a button,” Cebulski explains. “I take one picture of the completed lawn and that goes directly to the homeowner for payment. I no longer have to send an invoice to anyone and wait on payment. GreenPal makes is super easy and convenient for both parties.” He adds, “It would normally take me a few hours a night to invoice everyone and GreenPal totally eliminate that pain point for my business.”

Mike’s Future Plans

In the next 2-3 years, Mike wants to expand his operations into a few more defined areas and tighten up his routes. He is looking forward to hiring a few more employees and running 4 total crews and dominate his territory. Mike also wants to be 100% GreenPal and no longer wants any customers offline. “There is no need to have customers off of GreenPal because GreenPal makes growing and running my business so much easier,” Mike exclaims.