Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Brockton, MA as of May, 2024


Grow'N Mow Landscaping Lawn Services in Brockton, MA

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Grow’N Mow Landscaping provides lawn care services to customers in Brockton, MA. We have been serving people in the Brockton area for years. Whatever you need, our staff can help. From mowing to weed control, we do it all. 

Serving All Customers In Brockton

Grow’N Mow Landscaping is based right here in Brockton, specifically on Oak Lane near the D.W. Field Golf Course. 

You can contact us about aerating your yard. Aeration helps during the spring and fall seasons to help your grass bed take in more air. The aeration process also makes it easier for nutrients from fertilizer to be absorbed. The thorough work we provide can work before we start mowing your lawn.

The Complete Lawn Mowing Process

The lawn mowing process will help keep your yard looking its healthiest. We can plan a mowing effort based on how high the grass should be. We can check on the type of grass you have to figure out how high or low the grass needs to be. Our team uses powerful electric mowers that we maintain in between cuts. 

Our lawn mowing service works for yards of all sizes. You can reach us if you have a big yard off of Centre Street or something smaller in the downtown section of Brockton. We can come up with a suitable plan for mowing depending on the quality of your yard and how well the grass is growing among other factors of note.

Testing Your Soil's Health

We can also help you balance the pH in your soil. An imbalanced pH level will make it harder for your grass to grow as well as it should. We can complete a lime treatment in your yard to keep the pH level under control.

Affordable Services For All Customers

All of our services will work for your yard, but they won’t cost more money to hire than you might expect. You’ll find that we have some of the best rates in the Brockton area. Our plans are also flexible in that we’ll only take care of whatever you ask us to complete.

Contact Grow’N Mow Landscaping for a free site visit and a full no-obligation estimate.


Cutting Edge Lawn Care Lawn Services in Brockton, MA

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Cutting Edge Lawn Care provides a range of affordable lawn care services without the hefty prices. Whether you're near the Fall River Expressway or Torrey Street, we make it our goal to serve your property. With our help, we'll turn your yard into the greenest one on the block. 

Lawn Care & Tree Services

Our trimming work involves pruning branches and removing dead branches from your yard. We can also prune newer trees to keep them from bending in one direction as they grow.

Need to remove a tree? We follow local safety codes and ordinances to remove trees safely. Homes near Ashland Street, Elm Street, or neighborhood can get these premium services for a great rate. 

We’ll trim branches that might keep scraping your home’s siding or roof. We can also trim any branches that might get in the way of any solar panels or satellite dishes you might have on your roof.

Pruning Services Included 

Our shrub service can also be for your home’s benefit. A shrub might not grow as high as a tree, but it can add a distinct accent to your property when maintained well enough. Our experts at Cutting Edge will trim any shrub in your yard. Let us know what shape you need your shrubs trimmed to and how large they are supposed to be. We’ll ensure we work to the exact specifications you request.

There are often cases when your trees and shrubs might produce lots of shade in your yard. As comfortable and cooling as the shade can be, it could also make your grass grow a little faster. Sometimes your turf might be at risk of developing weeds due to all that shade. 

With Cutting Edge Lawn Care, we'll ensure that your lawn, your shrubs, and trees will all look their best. 


Quality Landscaping Lawn Services in Brockton, MA

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Want your lawn to look as nice as the baseball or football fields at Brockton High School? We can make it happen. We provide the same golf course or baseball stadium-like lawn services for budget-friendly prices. Getting services for your yard doesn't have to be expensive, especially when you hire Quality Landscaping. 

Keeping Your Yard Clean & Healthy

Quality Landscaping can provide you with a thorough lawn mowing service. Our mowing experts serve yards in all corners of Brockton. We’ve even covered some lawns that hadn’t been cut in months before we came over. Our effort will see that your grass is cut evenly and to the appropriate length.

Regular grass cutting ensures that your yard will stay healthy. Your grass needs to be trimmed regularly to prevent weeds from growing.

Aeration Services Included 

We will also support the deepest parts of your grass bed with regular aeration services. Aeration loosens the soil and improves upon how the lawn can take in water, nutrients, and much more. We recommend that you reach us for aeration help in the spring or fall, as these are the best times for us to aerate your yard.

We can also balance the pH levels in your yard. You’ll need to keep the soil in your yard as neutral as possible. That means the ground cannot be overly acidic or alkaline. We can apply lime or other materials around your yard to control the pH levels. Keeping the pH under control prevents weeds, thatch, and other unhealthy growths from showing up around your yard.

Who We Serve

Quality Landscaping can help you if you have a small apartment yard or commercial lawn near Court Street. We can also cover larger residential yards in Ashland. We’re also open to helping people who are a little closer to the high school campus.

We offer affordable prices and discounted packages for all your needs. Whether you need us for long-term lawn maintenance or a one-time grass cutting job, we can do it all for a great rate and no contracts. 

Hire Quality Landscaping for affordable lawn care in Brockton, MA. 


Fine Cut Lawn Care Lawn Services in Brockton, MA

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At Fine Cut Lawn Care, we know every property has a diverse array of grass types, sizes, and special needs. From the small grass islands at the Westgate Mall to the larger front lawns on Montello Street, or even the large yards in the Groveland area. They all need a plan that produces the best results. That's what we can do for you.

Customized Lawn Service For Your Brockton Property

Treating each lawn in Brockton the same standards is not ideal. That’s why Fine Cut Lawn Care always provides a customized treatment to produce the best looking lawn on the block.

Our lawn mowing work will vary based on a yard’s sloping pattern, how well it can drain, and the type of grass in question. Our grass cutting experts at Fine Cut Lawn Care can care for all grass types in Brockton from Kentucky bluegrass to tall or fine leaf fescues. 

No More Tree Troubles

We’ll trim your trees and clean up after them. Our team members can care for every tree you might find in the Brockton area from the bur or black oak to the sycamore. We can also prune newer trees to ensure they will not bend or tilt when they grow. Our tree service is helpful for homeowners in the Strawberry Valley or Mill Street sections of Brockton among other eastern places where the trees are plentiful.

Irrigation and Aeration Services Included

We can clean up the features around your irrigation system as necessary. The aeration process is useful for how it ensures your grass can take in the water, seeds, and oxygen that it requires for its health.

We also know that pests can threaten the quality of any yard in Brockton. Our team will remove all the pests that might come along your yard from chinch bugs to fire ants to grubs. These pests often get into your soil and create nests or hills that can damage your lawn. Sometimes grubs can harm the roots in your grass bed. We’ll see that these pests aren’t going to be a threat to your yard when we help you out.

Contact Fine Cut Lawn Care to save big on your next landscaping project. 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Leona Wren lawn service in Brockton MA
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The team at Grow’N Mow Landscaping does a great job every time they show up. I have the people here come to my home on Ashland Street every two weeks. They use a different mowing pattern every time, and it looks beautiful no matter what the style is. More importantly, the grass isn’t pressed down on the ground when they go over it. They also trim the areas around my landscape and mailbox to keep every bit of grass even in height. More importantly, they don’t scratch the brickwork in my landscape when they trim around that spot. They don’t leave any green stains either.

Anita Troutt lawn cut in Brockton MA
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA lawn-maintenance-in-Brockton-MA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA lawn-maintenance-in-Brockton-MA affordable-lawn-services-in-Brockton-MA

The friendly folks at Cutting Edge Lawn Care know what it takes to care for my yard. The people here do well with mowing my grass in Hovendon. They also trim my bushes and clean up after they finish. They have helped me with removing weeds from my landscape as well, which has helped my bushes grow even better. I’ve been surprised over how the team’s weed removal efforts never kill off anything else around my yard. They’re very cautious and careful with everything they do here.

Pggy Juhasz lawn care in Brockton MA
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Brockton-MA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Brockton-MA affordable-lawn-services-in-Brockton-MA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA

The people at Quality Landscaping have been coming to my apartment complex in the Chatham West part of Brockton every month for a few years. They have been very reliable in that they always get the lawn cut and the bushes trimmed. They clean up after they take care of their work as well. One thing l like about them is that they always preview their charges with us before they start. I appreciate how they want us to know about what it costs for services and that we will agree to continue using them. They respect the budgetary needs we have here.

Michael Rivera lawn mowing service in Brockton MA
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Brockton-MA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Brockton-MA

There’s no one else in the Brockton area that I can think of that works as well for my lawn as Fine Cut Lawn Care. The experts at Fine Cut always work their hardest to remove weeds from my yard. They also trim the grass evenly without missing a blade. I appreciate how the team at Fine Cut also removes the grass clippings from my yard when they’re finished. Even better, they rake the leaves off of my Washburn Meadow yard before they start mowing. It’s tough for me to rake the lawn here, what with the Washburn Meadow area having so many trees. But the people at Fine Cut are more than helpful in giving me the support I need for my yard.