The Origin of Gary

Gary serves as a symbol for all the hardworking lawn care professionals that serve the thousands of homeowners that use GreenPal to find their perfect lawn pro... their Pal.

Gene Caballero, Founder

Lawn Care Professionals

How did Gary come to life?

Back in 2012, The GreenPal founding team sought out to create a recognizable visual champion that stood for the hardworking lawn service professionals that participate in the GreenPal community.

Because the small business owners that use GreenPal are friendly and reliable, our goal was to create a character that embodied those qualities and, Gary was born.

Why the name Gary?

The name we gave Gary was inspired by one our GreenPal’s earliest vendors. The real life Gary was laid off in 2011 in the trucking industry and so he started his landscaping business, and eventually joined GreenPal. To date he has grown his company to over 100 customers on the GreenPal network.

His story serves as the inspiration for why our team started GreenPal helping hard working small business owners easily connect with homeowners that need a reliable lawn care provider. Plus.. Gary the GreenPal has a nice ring to it

GreenPal Gary Lawn Mowers

The Future of Gary…

As the GreenPal community grows, Gary will continue to serve as the mascot of the hundreds on hard working reliable lawn care professionals that serve their customers lawns on GreenPal .