Introducing the GreenPal Founders: Four Friends Changing Lawn Care

Landscapers are some of the hardest working small business professionals in the home services industry. Many of them just need an opportunity and a platform to grow their business and improve their lives. GreenPal’s mission is to build that platform for Lawn Care professionals while offering a delightful experience for homeowners needing a lawn care pro.

Bryan Clayton CEO of GreenPal
Bryan Clayton, CEO
Bryan Clayton GreenPal CEO

Bryan Clayton - CEO

Bryan has been in the lawn care industry his entire working life starting with mowing neighbor’s lawns in high school to ultimately founding Peach Tree Inc, a market leading landscape company in the southeast and growing the firm to over 125 employees. In 2013 he navigated the successful acquisition of Peach Tree to Landscapes USA a national provider of commercial landscape services. The inspiration for GreenPal is born out of the frustration Bryan observed while operating the landscape business, and how difficult it is for homeowner’s to find, schedule, and pay a reliable small lawn care professional. Bryan is charge of GreenPal’s strategic direction and growth to become the platform that powers the lawn care industry.

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Gene Caballero GreenPal CoFounder

Gene Caballero - Product

Gene Caballero grew up living in South America and Middle Tennessee. He has a MBA in Finance and worked as a corporate sales coach for a Fortune 50 company. He enjoys playing piano and is an avid marathoner. Gene’s role on the GreenPal team is to ensure every GreenPal customer is satisfied with their experience. He has real empathy for GreenPal's customers, once in the GreenPal early days he even mowed a homeowner’s lawn himself when their vendor had a truck breakdown. He has won awards and has been featured on several publications and media outlets for excellence and innovation in customer service techniques.

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Zach Hendrix - CTO

Back in 2013 Zach was faced with a challenge… Build the first version of GreenPal and get it ready by the summer. Rising to the occasion Zach quickly mastered the skills necessary and went to work. Local media covered his journey of learning software development while building the first version of GreenPal; a truly challenging feat. The platform has come a long way since then thanks to his leadership in the CTO role, as he manages the long term buildout of both vendor facing tools to help grow their business while making lawn care as easy as push of a button for homeowners. Outside of software development Zach’s interests are his shoe collection and grooming his luxurious beard.

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