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    650 reviews

Benjamin Jelsma, Nashville, TN 37206
February 07, 2021
Lawn Mow near Greenwood


Shawn Lacy, Nashville, TN 37207
January 02, 2021
Lawn Service near Cleveland Park

Consistently fantastic all year. Thank you!

Greg Burns, Nashville, TN 37216
December 06, 2020
Yard Cutting near Gra - Mar Acres

Happy holidays!

Morgan Dickie, Nashville, TN 37208
December 03, 2020
Lawn Mow near Buena Vista Heights

Happy holidays!

Morgan Dickie, Nashville, TN 37208
December 03, 2020
Lawn Care near Buena Vista Heights

This Pro Story

Hello! My name is Nathan Fink. I am 21 years old and I have been mowing lawns commercially for 9 years. It started simply enough. Shortly after graduating to being able to cut our yard with the real lawn mower after years of “helping” (getting in the way of) Dad mow with my toy mower I started also mowing for a few neighbors. The year after, I bought an old John Deere lawn tractor, put a slow moving vehicle sign on the back and preceded to spend the next several years until I was old enough for my license slowly driving down the side of the street from my house to my ever expanding list of clients. By the time I was old enough to get a “real” job I was making more than my the rest of my friends, I didn’t have to put up with mean bosses or annoying coworkers, I liked being able to work outside and I loved being able to set my own schedule so I didn’t have to choose between getting fired or making it to musical practice or a show choir competition. I figured I had a pretty good thing going and so I kept doing it. During high school I was either in class, at some sort of choir event, or I was mowing lawn. I regret nothing! After graduating high school, I “sold” that lawn business to my little brother and moved down here to study Economics and Music Business at Belmont University. I thought my mowing days were behind me. Then I remembered... college is expensive and all the reasons I preferred mowing over a “real” job are even truer now than they were then. I decided I was going to start a new lawn mowing business and pick up where I left off. That proved to be mostly true... I am still a solo operation. I still mow during basically all of my free time. Mowing in the Nashville area is unlike anything I could have imagined though. I moved from a town of less than 5k where almost everyone cuts their own lawn to this wonderful place where I have been able to meet and befriend other lawn services that operate on a level I hadn’t even known existed. My first few months here were a bit of a learning curve but since then I have gotten so much better at mowing little Nathan would think I am the coolest person on the planet. I now feel like an actual honest to goodness professional at this and, though I wonder if I will look back on myself now the way I look back at myself back then now, so far the reviews I’ve been getting seem to agree with me. I have no idea what my future holds but I know that, at least for a few years yet, I still like mowing lawns and I seem to be good at it. I figure I’ve got a good thing going so I’m going to keep doing it. Thank you!! Nathan

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How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

I absolutely cannot stand not getting a yard mowed on the day I am scheduled to mow it. I don’t understand how other services are able to just casually reschedule appointments whenever they don’t feel like mowing. I am a ball of stress until all the lawns I am supposed to cut are. I don’t know if that’s healthy but my clients seem to appreciate it.

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Be really honest about the level of service you expect. If you really don’t care what the lawn looks like so long as it’s shorter than it was before, let me know that explicitly. It saves me time and it can save you a few bucks. If you really do care how your lawn looks and you want me to spend as much time as needed to make it look the best it possibly can, it might cost a little more but I can definitely do that. It is better than me trying to guess exactly what you want.

What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

I love being able to work for myself. I love being able to work outside.

What areas do you mainly service?

Mt Juliet, East Nashville, Belmont, and the Nations

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