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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Media, PA as of Oct, 2019


Yardscape Property Services Lawn Services in Media, PA

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(overall rating 5/5.83 Reviews)

With so many homes around Media PA being as old as they are, it is often a challenge to keep these homes looking and feeling like new. The point can undoubtedly be said surrounding lawns around Media, PA. Whether it’s around the Barrall Community Park or a little closer to Providence Road, it is often difficult for fields of grass to look beautiful.

An extensive amount of effort is required for ensuring a yard in Media can look beautiful all year long. Our team at Yardscape Property Services is available to help people around all corners of Media. We are open to help people with all the unique needs they have surrounding their yards and how these surfaces are to be maintained. We will see that whatever you need assistance with is handled well and to the best intention possible. After all, we know that even the oldest lawns can look like new when they are cared for well enough.

You will find that our services at Yardscape will cover all the unique requirements and needs that you have for caring for your yard. We at Yardscape cover all the proverbial bases when it comes to what we can do. You can ask us to help with traditional grass cutting services, which helps as a well-cut lawn will always look greener. You can also request aeration solutions in the spring or fall to help loosen your soil and even improve upon how new grass seeds are absorbed.

We will also maintain your landscape as you need it. Our landscape maintenance team can help you with removing weeds, trimming bushes, cleaning concrete surfaces, and much more. Our work is to prepare a beautiful scene without damaging anything around the region.

You can also ask for help with cleaning off the leaves around your trees. Homes on 3rd Street or 4th Street among other places have lots of trees all around, and those trees can cause parts of a yard to grow too fast or even cover up the yard a little too much. But our team is available to clean up your leaves as necessary. You can also trust us with managing special mowing instructions for your yard depending on the ways how your lawn may grow.

You will never have to worry about what you’re going to get out of our work. Our talented yard care professionals understand the ins and outs that come with what you might require. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you know that you will be working with a team that recognizes what you need for keeping your yard looking beautiful.

The work we offer at Yardscape Property Services focus on everything you might require. Our team is open to assist you with everything you need supporting what you need for your yard in Media, PA. The work that we will provide will ensure that your yard is managed well without any problems. We love helping people around Media with making their yards look more outstanding.

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Ba Landscaping Lawn Services in Media, PA

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The work that goes into managing your yard should be noted well. You’ve got to ensure that your yard receives the help it deserves throughout the year. Our team at BA Landscaping is available for everything your yard needs throughout the year.

We’ll start by helping you with your spring cleaning needs. We’ll remove any bits of debris around your yard at the start and then re-establish the proper edges of your yard. Our effort will focus on ensuring the lines for your yard are arranged well enough and that your surface looks beautiful.

Our work at BA Landscaping continues into the summer months. Our team can help homes in Media PA with their general lawn mowing needs. We can also work on landscape maintenance services like trimming off old branches and clearing out weeds. We can produce new drainage solutions around your yard, including clearances for preparing gutters, driveways, and other things of note. We can establish unique tree structures as required too.

Our services help with everything you need surrounding how your Media lawn looks in the summer. We offer edging, weeding, fertilizing, and hedging services for your needs. We offer these services for all homes in Murray Lane, Valley Road, and other places around the city.

You can also reach us at BA Landscaping during the fall season to help with leaf removal and aeration services. You can also ask us for help with your mosquito and tick protection needs. The general work that we provide here at BA Landscaping will see that your yard is kept healthy and will not be at risk of harm.

Our services spread into the winter season as well. You can ask us at BA Landscaping to assist you with your lawn care requirements during this time of the year. We can remove snow from your yard and help with pruning any delicate surfaces around your tree. We can also de-ice many surfaces around your yard.

We provide all of these services and many more for homeowners around all parts of the Media PA area. You can ask us for help if you have an older home in the Monroe Street area among other places of note. You can also ask us for assistance if you have a commercial property down south near the rail line. Whatever it is you require, you can talk with us about getting the help you deserve for your yard.

Older homes around Jefferson Street can also benefit from what we have to offer. Our services will ensure your yard isn’t going to be at risk of harm from anything we offer. We only use safe and suitable solutions for your landscaping needs that you can trust.

We at BA Landscaping are here to provide you with assistance with all the unique yard care needs you have. Contact us at BA Landscaping for more information on what we have to offer today. You will discover that we have plenty of practical solutions that you are bound to appreciate when it comes to your home and how well everything may look.

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Small Yards R Us Lawn Services in Media, PA

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We know that not all yards in Media PA are all that large. After all, Media was established several centuries ago, just like almost every other town in the Philadelphia area. As a result, most people don’t have much room to work with when getting their yards cared for well enough. Fortunately, you can talk with us at SmallYardsRUs to help you with the yard maintenance needs you might have for your yard.

Our team at SmallYardsRUs will identify what your yard needs and provide you with a sensible solution for what your yard may require. You can ask us for help no matter how many trees are around your yard. Homes around 3rd and 4th Streets or Centennial Avenue are known for having plenty of trees around their spaces. Fortunately, we can help with clearing off old leaves or branches from a surface. You can also ask us to remove any damaged or worn roots that might need extra care. We provide a careful and convenient approach for managing any trees you have around your yard.

We also help with traditional lawn mowing services. Our team will help you with mowing your lawn based on how high up the grass needs to be trimmed and how certain surfaces will have to be edged as necessary. The comprehensive effort we will provide for your yard ensures the best possible care that you can ask for.

We know that homeowners around Media often bring in landscapes to cover many spaces around their yards. We at SmallYardsRUs will help you with maintaining anything in your landscape, from the small bushes all around to plant beds that need regular aeration and weed treatment. The thorough work we offer ensures you’ll have enough space for things to grow well without any annoyances getting in the way.

The rates that we charge at SmallYardsRUs are smaller than you might expect. We provide yard maintenance solutions for all people in Media PA to utilize regardless of their budgets. We offer great deals on all the services we have to offer while also providing good deals all around. The careful work that we will put in at SmallYardsRUs will also be done right the first time around, thus confirming that you won’t have anything to worry about surrounding your needs.

You can contact us to come to your home at any time as well. We can reach your home while you are traveling to work or school, for instance. Seeing how long it takes to get from Media to other places around the Philadelphia area, you need to do what you can to save your time. Fortunately, our team will help you with lawn mowing and everything else your yard needs while you are out.

We at SmallYardsRUs want to see that your yard is cared for to the best extent possible. Contact us to learn more about how our services stand out from all the other lawn mowing providers you can find in the Media PA area.

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Mikes Lawn Care Lawn Services in Media, PA

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(overall rating 5/5.118 Reviews)

The challenge of caring for your yard on your own in Media PA can be tough to work with. Seeing how busy your life is, you probably have far too many things to work on. Fortunately, you don’t have to fear when you reach us at Mikes Lawn Care for help.

We can come to your property while you are out somewhere in the Philadelphia area. We will arrive at your home at a time of your choosing and then care for everything you request. We will complete the work before you come home and even clean up the grass clippings as we finish mowing the grass. You can also get messages from us when we start and complete the tasks at hand. You’ll know what we are doing when you’re getting the help you request.

The specific services we offer in particular, make us one of the top lawn care providers in the state. You can ask us to help you with essential lawn mowing services in Penn Valley or other neighborhoods around Media, for instance. We will start by checking on the quality of your yard and with figuring out the appropriate height for your grass as necessary. We’ll also work around any changes in the slope of your yard and any shady spaces where the grass may grow a little differently.

We provide full landscape maintenance services at Mikes Lawn Care as well. Our landscaping help is especially welcome around Front Street and other places in the center of Media, where beautiful lawns align the many businesses in the area. Our team at Mikes Lawn Care will trim your trees and bushes, clean out garden beds, and much more.

You also can reach us at Mikes Lawn Care if you need to get one of the many weeds that could negatively influence your yard in Media, PA. We can help you with removing pigweed, chickweed, quackgrass, crabgrass, and dandelion growths, among others. Our team uses a thorough approach to removing weeds that ensures your yard will stay protected and safe. More importantly, we will ensure that your grass will not be damaged as we remove the weeds. Best of all, our service will ensure your weeds are not going to come back again after a while. Our thorough effort is all about cleaning up your yard and giving the surface the best look possible.

Whatever it is you need, we will help you even if you’ve got a surface that has required a bit of extra help to look beautiful. The careful approach that we will provide for your yard ensures what you have will be maintained to the best quality possible.

Talk to us at Mikes Lawn Care the next time you need help with your yard in Media, PA. We are the tops among lawn care providers in Media PA, thanks to the thorough effort that we put into caring for yards every time we take care of them. You will appreciate everything we have to offer for your yard.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Pamela Smith Lawn Mowing in Media PA

I had some problems with my yard in Valley Road recently. The yard had been growing loads of dandelions, and I was curious as to what they deal with. The people at Yardscape let me know why my yard wasn’t growing, and they were very thorough in giving me a unique solution for my yard care needs. The team was positive in helping and ensured me the dandelions would be cleaned out without killing my grass. I was surprised to find out from them that pulling out the dandelions would only hurt my yard further, so their effort was much appreciated.

Mary Jackson Lawn Service in Media PA

The hard work that the people at BA Landscaping put in for my yard on Orange Street was impeccable. I love that the team at BA was so thorough in checking on the quality of my yard and in seeing that everything would grow well. My favorite part of what BA does is that they can help me with removing ice from my landscape during the winter. I used to have problems when my landscape was being iced over, but the issues have gone away ever since I first contacted BA for help with handling my surface.

Shyla Andrade Grass Cutting in Media PA

The best part of having SmallYardsRUs come to my home in Penn Valley is that they know that my yard is different from everyone else’s. The team here always reviews the quality of my yard to figure out what the surface requires. They know how long my grass needs to be, and they always check on how well the water is draining around my yard. Their preventative services have saved me so much trouble over the years. I would recommend the services of SmallYardsRUs to anyone in Media who is frustrated with yard care providers who assume that every yard is the same.

Elizabeth Muniz Grass Cutting in Media PA

The people at Mikes Lawn Care recognize what my yard requires every time. The people here do well with reaching my home in the Glen Providence Park area and with cleaning off the leaves and tree branches from my yard before they start. After that, they will adjust the mower to the proper height and ensure the mower is clean and aligned. They will then mow my lawn after they confirm everything is working. They know that it takes a bit of extra time to take care of mowing the grass the right way, but they are more than happy to put in the extra effort to help.

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Media PA likes to promote itself as everyone’s hometown. That’s because Media is a beautiful town that has a real small-town style while also being connected to the future. But for every place in Media from Glen Providence Park to Cherry Street Park, there exists a need to figure out how well the grass at a yard is to be cared for. The yards around Media are a part of what makes Media such a special place to live and work in.

The great news is that many lawn care providers in Media PA are available to help with everything from lawn mowing to weed removal. You can use the GreenPal app to find details on all the great teams who are available to assist you with the unique yard care needs you have.

GreenPal is a helpful app that lets you find details on yard maintenance teams around Media PA that can help you with all the individual tasks you might need assistance with. You can download the GreenPal app and use it to find lawn care providers that serve homes of all sorts. You can use the app if you’ve got a house on New Middleton with lots of trees all around. People in Toft Woods where the yards are larger can also benefit from what the app offers.

You can even use the GreenPal app if you have a commercial property on Baltimore Avenue. The teams listed through GreenPal provide services for homes and businesses alike, including groups that work on landscape maintenance services like removing weeds and trimming bushes to make them all even.

The teams featured on the GreenPal app include many significant entities that are open for all the unique needs you have. These include teams that are supported by the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce among other major groups.

You will appreciate how GreenPal offers details on all the teams that you can hire. Each unit has a thorough description in its profile, letting you know about what it has to offer. You will also get reviews from real people who have hired these lawn care providers through GreenPal.

The best part of what GreenPal offers is that the app will ensure the most accurate and detailed results for your yard care search. You can even use the app to find details on the approximate cost for services where you are. You’ll know firsthand what you can expect to spend on services when you download the app and use it to your advantage. You have the option to directly talk with groups on the app to learn more about what you can expect out of services as well.

You will never have to worry about where you are going with your yard care work when you hire someone listed on the GreenPal app. Download GreenPal today, and start looking for helpful teams that will assist you with the many unique things you might need help with when it comes to the quality of your yard.

About Media Pennsylvania

Media is a city in Pennsylvania, United States.

Media Pennsylvania is a borough in the central part of Delaware County. Media is a western suburb of Philadelphia. The town is about twenty miles to the west of Philadelphia.

The SEPTA Route 101 light rail train runs directly through Media. The route goes through State Street and eventually reaches the Millbourne area of western Philadelphia.

Media PA promotes itself as the country’s first fair trade town. The fair trade efforts supported by businesses and entities in Media focus on supporting direct relationships with suppliers and marketers. The work goes alongside high-level social and environmental standards.

The Rose Tree Media School District operates the public schools in Media. Students in Media are served by the Penncrest High School in Middletown Township. The Media-Upper Providence Friends School is the only private school located within Media. The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, a two-year junior college, is in also in Media.

Media PA was formed in 1681 off of land that was once owned by William Penn. Thomas Minshall, a Quaker settler, bought much of the land and established the area mainly as a haven for other Quakers. The John Tyler Arboretum was established in the area in the nineteenth century. The area grew in the early twentieth century thanks to the introduction of electrified rail service.

Media PA is accessible off of the Eastern Baltimore Pike. Media is directly north of Rose Valley and is also to the west of Springfield. The city is also about eleven miles from the Philadelphia International Airport, one of the world’s busiest and largest airports, to the southeast.

Media has a population of about 5,000. The population of Media has remained steady since the 1930s.

Many of the houses around Media are ones that date back to before the twentieth century. The Minshall House on Route 252 is one of the oldest buildings in the state, dating back to around 1750. The Cooper House and Dr. Samuel D. Risley House were built in the 1870s and are still standing in the area. The Media Theatre, an old performance house and film theater, has been serving people in the Media area since 1927.

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