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Now you can find, schedule, and pay for lawn care mowing online


List when and where

Listing your lawn is free and easy. Next, rated lawn services in Tampa submit quotes for your lawn cutting.


Quotes come to you

You’ll get multiple quotes for lawn mowing sent for free right to your email inbox.


Hire with no contract

No more leaving a check under the mat. You pay after you’re satisfied with the lawn cutting.


Easy Online Payment

GreenPal is the only place you can securely pay online or from your Smarthphone

Last week over 200 people ordered lawn care with GreenPal.

  • I just moved to South Tampa. GreenPal has been wonderful! Signup was easy, and in no time I had multiple bids to choose from. GreenPal made everything simple.

    • greenpal-lawn-client-1
    • Kevin Hampel
      Tampa, FL

    • Five star review

  • I'm a single mom, so I was nervous when I was searching for a lawn guy in Tampa Bay. GreenPal vets the lawn services, so I was sold.

    • greenpal-lawn-client-2
    • Crystal Robinson
      Brandon, FL

    • Four star review

  • All of the lawn companies in Tampa Bay wanted me to sign a monthly contract. I didn’t want that. With GreenPal I am able to schedule and pay by the lawn cut which I like better.

    • greenpal-lawn-client-3
    • Pam Shelton
      Town N'Cntry, FL

    • Five star review

  • I was impressed with GreenPal when it launched in Tampa last fall. I live in Brandon, FL. I was looking for a great price on lawn care in the Tampa area and I found it using GreenPal

    • micheal-reynalds-greenpal-lawn-care-customer-in-tampa-bay-florida
    • Michael Reynolds
      Tampa, FL

    • Four star review

  • I get so annoyed with lawn services in north Tampa. They all want you to sign an annual contract. With GreenPal I was able to pay each time they came out

    • becky-miller-greenpal-lawn-care-customer-in-north-tampa-florida
    • Becky Miller
      North Tampa, FL

    • Five star review

  • I usually go through 3 or 4 lawn care co.'s around Brandon & Tampa every year. Luckily, I found GreenPal, so now I am in control and can hire a reliable lawn co. without calling dozens.

    • susan-thetford-greenpal-lawn-care-customer-in-tampa-florida
    • Susan Thetford
      Brandon, FL

    • Five star review

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