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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, NC as of Jul, 2024


Knapps Lawn Care in Charlotte, NC

Hired 77 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.99 Reviews)

I specialize in basic grass cutting for clients all over the Charlotte area, I service the neighborhoods of Cameron Wood, Candlewyck, Carsons Pond, Chapel Cove, Chateau, Creekshire Estates, Creekshire Village, Darby Hall, Davis Lake, Fairmeadows, Fountaingrove in Charlotte. I am a solid affordable basic grass cutting company. If you were looking for a landscape designer or somebody that does full landscape maintenance and fertilization I probably won't be the best fit for your yard maintenance needs, however if you were looking for somebody that can take tall grass and make it short well then hire me because you I will not let you down. Reliability is one of the ways that I separate my grass cutting business from other lawn maintenance companies that mow yards in the Charlotte area. Every day I pick up a new lawn care service customer that hires me because their last lawnmowing business that was cutting their grass in Charlotte simply just didn't show up or would show up at random times during the week. If you and I agree that I am going to mow your yard every Wednesday on GreenPal then you can guarantee I will be there every Wednesday unless it rains.

Let's say you want every two week grass cutting and you pick Tuesday as your service day well then I'm going to do my very best to be there every other Tuesday to get your yard mowed for you because that's what you want. Now I like to manage expectations upfront and if my lawn maintenance route is already full for the day you request then I will kindly let you know that upfront. The cool thing about GreenPal is is that I can set you up for whatever lawnmowing service schedule that you want, you just tell me what you want done in your yard and I will set it up for you. My lawnmowing prices for yards in the Charlotte area start out at $29 per grass cutting for the smaller lines that you see in some of the newer parts of town and around $45 per lawnmowing for some of the bigger lots done around a half an acre in size so you can usually ballpark that as your grass cutting will be somewhere between those two lawnmowing price points. Included in your lawnmowing cost that you will get from me will be your basic grass mowing, bagging of clippings is not included and I do not have a grass catcher, edging your sidewalks and street curbs, and on top of all that I will blow off all the grass clippings from your driveway and any other concrete or pavers services that you have throughout your yard and property. If your grass is super tall please be advised that the first lawnmowing is not going to look good. I can't take a yard that has super tall grass say over 10 inches tall and make it look perfect, however over the course of three or four lawnmowing visits that I do for you you can rest assured that I will have your yard and nice and neat shape no matter how tall your grass is the first time I mow your yard. Thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance I look forward to becoming your Charlotte lawn maintenance company for life.

Also , if you need cheap lawn care services in Matthews NC we mow yards all over the Charlotte NC area and do affordable yard maintenance service in Concord, NC.


Jays Lawn Care in Charlotte, NC

Hired 47 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.49 Reviews)

Thank you so much for considering my Charlotte lawnmowing service. I have been cutting grass throughout the entire Mecklenburg County area for nine years now and it would be my pleasure to take on your yard mowing this season as well. I have earned each of my lawn maintenance customers’ trust each grass cut at a time and let me tell you a little bit about how my lawnmowing business operates differently than other yard maintenance services that you can hire to cut your grass in Charlotte. The first thing is before we come out to cut your grass on each lawn maintenance visit that you request from us on GreenPal I will send you a quick text message or an email letting you know that we are on our way to mow. This is kind of nice because it gives you a heads up that we are coming and if you have any special requests or any additional yard work that you want done with that lawnmowing visit I can go ahead and accommodate that for you.

The other thing that it does is eliminate any surprises in your yard maintenance, and if in the off chance that we are having a drought which as we all know happens from time to time in Charlotte as the summers in the Charlotte area or just brutal sometimes, and in the event of a drought if you don't need your grass cut on a given week sending you a text message or email before I come out to mow your yard kind of gives you the opportunity to skip a lawnmowing if you want. I can skip the lawnmowing if you were set up for every seven day grass cuttings with me on GreenPal which I would say around 50% of my yard maintenance customers do. However if you were set up on every two week lawnmowing then unfortunately I don't offer that option as 21 days is just too long to have your grass cut no matter what time of year it is. I do a little bit more than just your basic yard maintenance, you've probably seen some cheap grass cutting companies advertise on the Charlotte craigslist page offering $20 lawn cuts and what not. Well the good news is with me you know you get the best of both worlds. No I won't be the cheapest lawn care service you can hire in the Charlotte area however I will be one of the most reasonably priced lawn maintenance businesses that you could have cut your grass and a low-cost wall not having to sacrifice huge amounts of quality and reliability with respect to your yard maintenance. So if you live in NoDa, Charlotte center city, or Plaza-Midwood in Charlotte I'm always in those parts of town mowing yards and I would be happy to pick up your yard maintenance, and grass cutting for you this year. After you hire me on GreenPal I will send you a text message to reach out so we can discuss any particular details with your yardwork and start building a relationship for your yard maintenance needs thank you so much for your consideration hiring my grass cutting business in Charlotte.

Also , if you are looking for affordable yard maintenance services in Gastonia NC I know that GreenPal can also connect you with a local yard maintenance service like there and can even help you with local grass cutting services in Kannapolis NC..


Aeriation Station Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, NC

Hired 298 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.233 Reviews)

Thank you so much for considering my lawn maintenance company in the Charlotte North Carolina area I strive to please my customers and exceed their expectations when I'm doing their yard maintenance. One thing I do a little differently than other lawnmowing businesses in the Charlotte area is I like to leave those nice beautiful stripes that you see throughout lawns in Mecklenburg County and in the Charlotte area and some of the finer neighborhoods. I just call that my signature and my calling card, so when you hire me to cut your grass and you have a beautiful thick fescue lawn I will do my absolute best to mow your yard and alternating patterns to create those beautiful checkerboard stripes in the grass that you see in some of the more established and beautiful lawns in Charlotte. One of the thing that I will do differently than other grass cutters in Charlotte is I will double cut your yard. While I cannot bag your clippings as I do not have a grass catcher on my commercial grade lawnmowers, when I double cut the yard it is just as good because it mows up the grass clippings into little small pieces to where they virtually disappeared in your yard.

This leaves everything in a nice neat and manicured appearance. Now I will have to be upfront and say that this kind of level of perfection with your yard maintenance can only be achieved with an every seven day lawn maintenance schedule. A lot of my customers ask if they can do it every 14 day grass cutting rotation but yet also a cheap perfect lawn maintenance results and unfortunately the reality is that for me to mow your grass every 14 days it's just barely enough lawnmowing to keep the city of Charlotte, NC from sending you a nasty letter in the mail which we certainly don't want to happen. Moreover every three weeks or once a month lawn cuttings is just not feasible and not a particular yard service that I offer. So with all that being said if you were looking for top-notch results I would be happy to be your lawn maintenance company, my rates for lawnmowing are not the cheapest in Charlotte however we are very affordable and start out at $35 per grass cutting and if you want to add on additional yard maintenance services such as weed pulling or shrub pruning I can certainly do that for you on your GreenPal account. After that first grass cutting that I do for you that you hire before goes well I will quote other yard services for you such as mulch, shrubs, weed pulling etc. So if you live by Land of Oz, or Elevation Church or over by Fury 325, I am your go to lawn maintenance company and I would be happy to pick up your grass cutting for you this year, thank you so much I look forward to working with you.

Also , if you are not near Charlotte , NC we also do cheap grass cutting services in Huntersville NC and we alos service the core of Charlotte including mowing lawns in Matthews NC.


C W Reid Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, NC

Hired 128 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.123 Reviews)

A little something I do differently than all of the other grass cutters that you could hire in the Charlotte area with my lawn maintenance business is my follow up. I know it sounds like something simple however it's rare in the lawnmowing business and landscape maintenance in the street. What I mean by follow-up is each time I get done cutting your grass I like to send a little personal message through GreenPal asking you how I did on your yard maintenance for that particular mowing And if you have any additional requests for the next lawnmowing visit. I started doing this last grass cutting season and my customers really love it. I find that 90% of success in the lawnmowing business in Charlotte is simply through proactive communication with my yard cutting customers. I find when I stay out in front of issues such as scheduling for grass cutting, setting up pricing for additional yard work, or dealing with any areas that we have come up short on with the customer's lawn maintenance really help me prevent little problems from becoming big problems in my customer's yard.

Another thing that I do differently than other grass cutting businesses throughout the Charlotte area and Mecklenburg County area is proactive care in your lawn and landscaping. Just like follow up, being proactive in the lawn maintenance business can prevent problems from happening in your yard and can save you money in the long run. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about, if I see during the middle of the summer if we are going in through a drought in the Charlotte North Carolina area and if I see your yard has a little bit of stress I will recommend that we skip the grass cutting and not put a lawn more on our yard under more stress because of lack of rain, or the hundred degree temperatures that we sometimes get in the summers during July and August in Charlotte. Sure this might cost me a little bit of money because I won't get paid to cut your grass that particular time however in the long run I am able to earn your trust and it's my goal to keep your lawn maintenance business and to be cutting your grass for many many years to come not just one lawnmowing season, and of course not just one grass cutting. So after the first lawnmowing goes well like I said earlier I will reach out to you and see how everything went with that particular grass cut and if you would like for me to do anything different on the next yard mowing that I do for you, then I will set you up for your weekly or every two week yard maintenance visits on GreenPal and each is billed individually after I get done cutting your grass each individual time. So if you live over by Freedom Park, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, or Discovery Place Nature in Charlotte I'm in those parts of town cutting grass three days a week so I would be happy to pick up your yard maintenance and let's start something beautiful together with respect to your yard maintenance and landscaping maintenance for your home.

Also , if you are not near Charlotte , NC we also do local landscape maintenance services in Brentwood NC , don't live in that part of North Carolina? No problem we also go north and do affordable yard cutting in Huntersville NC.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Adam Murphy Yard Mowing in Charlotte NC
“GreenPal’s lawn mowing service website is so convenient! I got the best grass cutting service ever from this company’s site. The Charlotte lawn care service I hired was on time and charged a fair price for the grass cut. I’ll keep this crew from GreenPal’s App on my lawn maintenance for the rest of this season. Thanks, GreenPal! As a new Charlotte, North Carolina resident, I was overwhelmed by all the options for lawn care, but then I found GreenPal. I could compare yard maintenance quotes from lawn care services in the Charlotte area when it was convenient for me, not on their schedules. I don’t have to worry about lawn care because they make it easy to schedule recurring lawn maintenance right from the app. Just magic.”
Daniel Nguyen Lawn Maintenance in Charlotte NC
“I recently purchased a property in Charlotte, North Carolina and needed my yard cut. I heard about GreenPal’s lawn care company site through a Charlotte Facebook group and decided to try it out. Rather than risking finding a reliable lawn care service near me on Craigslist, I listed my yard work for bids on GreenPal. I got back several grass cutting quotes to choose from in an hour. I chose the lawn guys I wanted to mow my yard based on their quote and lawn mowing reviews from other GreenPal lawn care users. I jumped on GreenPal’s easy-to-use bidding site and got my lawn mowing service scheduled the same day. This was much better leaving a bunch voice mails and texts through Craigslist lawn mowing services in Charlotte, even though not one of them returned my calls for yard mowing. GreenPal solved that for me.”
Lorraine Kelley Yard Mowing in Charlotte NC
“Finding a reliable lawn maintenance company is a pain for me. A friend told me about GreenPal, and I thought I’d give it a try. I’m in the North Charlotte area and wondered if it would cost too much to get my grass cut or if the lawn mowing service I'd hire would even speak English. GreenPal helped me solve all those issues. I had four quotes for yard mowing in three hours and hired the cheapest one. It was so easy, I am so impressed by the lawn cutting service I received in Charlotte through GreenPal. The lawn quotes for mowing were budget-friendly, and the job was neatly done on the day I ordered the work, I must say I was suprised with how smooth the grass cutting went and the affordable price I got for the lawn mowing for my home in Charlotte, NC”
Sean Vasquez Lawn Care in Charlotte NC
“I have always enjoyed mowing my own yard, but I needed help with the grass cutting while I was on vacation. I decided to try GreenPal when my regular lawn guy wouldn’t cut it because I couldn’t be there to pay him for the grass cut. I found GreenPal while searching Google for lawn maintenance in the Charlotte, North Carolina area near me— all while I was relaxing in my beach chair. I scheduled a yard cutter to have my yard cut the day before I came back. I will rely on GreenPal to help me with my lawn mowing needs in the future. GreenPal’s registration process was a breeze and their user support was there for me when I had a question about one of the lawn mowing quotes and how to hire one of the Charlotte landscape maintenance companies, all from my smart phone, hiring a low cost lawn mowing company in Charlotte was a snap.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Charlotte-NC-lawn-service-in-Charlotte Finding a reliable and affordable lawn care service in Charlotte can be a pain. Because the Charlotte area is growing so fast the best local lawn care services in Mecklenburg County are busy and it's hard for them to return your phone call when you need a price on how much it's going to cost to cut your grass and maintain your lawn and landscaping and getting Charlotte lawn care services to call you back can be like pulling teeth. Well that is why we built GreenPal. GreenPal is by far the easiest way to find schedule and then pay for affordable grass cutting and low-cost lawn maintenance in the Charlotte North Carolina area. GreenPal has done the hard work for you by prescreening and vetting hundreds of lawn care services throughout Mecklenburg County to help you save time on finding the best grass cutting company to mow your yard and save money on the price on how much it's going to cost to maintain your lawn and landscaping.

No matter if you're looking for just a one time grass cutting, weekly yard manicuring, every two week yard maintenance, or even every 10 day landscaping maintenance GreenPal can help accommodate all of those landscape maintenance service schedules and make getting prices in setting up lawnmowing service a snap. All you need to do is just click the orange button or you see on the screen or download the GreenPal mobile app and enter a few details about the lawnmowing request that you were looking for. Just tell GreenPal when and where and GreenPal does the rest by sending out the word to local lawn care services and yard maintenance businesses in the Charlotte North Carolina area that you are needing a price for lawnmowing and yard maintenance. You will then receive up to five competing grass cutting prices from local lawn care services in the Charlotte area that really want to mow your yard to maintain your lawn and landscaping for you. After that you can just read over their lawn care service reviews that other users of the GreenPal mobile app have said about their lawn maintenance skills and how reliable their yard maintenance company is. This way this way you can make an informed decision on who you want to hire to maintain your yard this year rather than just shooting in the dark like you were the old way. So no matter if you live in Center City, Uptown, North Davidson NoDa, Dilworth, Plaza-Midwood, University City, SouthPark, South End, Ballantyne or the Myers Park neighborhoods or over by University of North Carolina at Charlotte, GreenPal has found dozens and dozens of qualified lawn care services who operate their lawnmowing business on top of GreenPal’s technology enabling you to save hours of your time finding the best for lawn maintenance professional maintain your yard while saving money on your lawn care services my finding the best low-cost your maintenance solution that you have in the Charlotte North Carolina area. Should you have any questions on how to use GreenPal to find schedule and then pay the best lawn care service in Charlotte do not hesitate to reach out we would be happy to explain how to use your account. Also if you live in another part of the Charlotte area, GreenPal also has some local lawn care services in Concord, NC as well as also taking care of affordable lawn mowing businesses in Gastonia, NC that use the GreenPal system to operate their yard maintenance business.

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About Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte is a major city and commercial hub in North Carolina.

Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. It is the county seat of Mecklenburg County and the second-largest city in the southeastern United States, just behind Jacksonville, Florida. Charlotte is the third-fastest growing major city in the United States. In 2014 the estimated population of Charlotte according to the U.S. Census Bureau was 809,958, making it the 17th-largest city in the United States based on population. The Charlotte metropolitan area ranks 22nd-largest in the U.S., and had a 2014 population of 2,380,314. The Charlotte metropolitan area is part of a sixteen-county market region or combined statistical area with a 2014 U.S. Census population estimate of 2,537,990. Residents of Charlotte are referred to as "Charlotteans". It is listed as a "gamma-plus" global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network

Charlotte has a humid subtropical climate. The city is located several miles east of the Catawba River and southeast of Lake Norman, the largest man-made lake in North Carolina. Lake Wylie and Mountain Island Lake are two smaller man-made lakes located near the city.

The Catawba Native Americans were the first to settle Mecklenburg County (in the Charlotte area) and were first recorded in European records around 1567. By 1759 half the Catawba tribe had been killed by smallpox. At the time of their largest population, Catawba people numbered 10,000, but by 1826 that number dropped to 110.

Mecklenburg County was initially part of Bath County (1696 to 1729) of New Hanover Precinct, which became New Hanover County in 1729. The western portion of New Hanover split into Bladen County in 1734, its western portion splitting into Anson County in 1750. Mecklenburg County formed from Anson County in 1762. Further apportionment was made in 1792, with Cabarrus County formed from Mecklenburg, and in 1842, with Union County formed from Mecklenburg's southeastern portion and from a western portion of Anson County. These areas were all part of one of the original six judicial/military districts of North Carolina known as the Salisbury District. Source: Wikipedia Charlotte, NC

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