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    13 reviews

The grass was cut to quickly which is why they left it with patches of uncut grass. The edges were terribly cut on a horizontal plain instead of a vertical which makes it look terrible, most of the edges are lower than the remaining grass. The edges are not sharp and honestly look like a 12yo who never edged before did it. My grass clearly has clean canals on the edges

John Leon, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
November 05, 2019
Response from owner.
Mr John Leon, We visited your job site as requested. We did ask for your present and to talk to you while you were home. As discussed earlier with you the day before, you stated that your grass had been cut within two weeks. I also asked if you had any outliers than what you requested through GreenPal app service. As we discovered on sight, the yard and specifically the weed trimming of the grass outside of you fence line (trampoline outside back gate) was well over 12” and not cut or trimmed properly in last two weeks. I let you know via text (before you departed your home) that a $15 up-charge would be necessary to get you yard in good order. Unfortunately you have “stiffed” us for the agreed upon up-charge via text msg received and approved by you. Now you leave a poor review to try and provide reason as to why you did not pay the up-charge you approved for services rendered. Since you know the that this is the truth of the matter, it would be nice of you to pay the agreed upon up-charge. Thank you and hope you do the right thing!

The service was great!. Will definitely use again.

Wendy Hicks, Norfolk, VA 23505
October 17, 2019

Jo Marie Maniwang, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
September 13, 2019

Amazing job. My lawn was really overgrown and he got it looking great in no time. Highly recommend.

Devin Heeren, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
September 06, 2019

Ashley Giddings, Norfolk, VA 23502
September 06, 2019

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