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M&C Lawn Care LLC Lawn Services in Portsmouth, VA

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If you are looking for someone to cut your lawn, edge your driveway, fertilize your yard, or provide lawn care services, you are in the right place. My lawn service team and I offer some of the best lawn care service in all of Portsmouth. What makes our lawn service solutions stand out from the crowd? Well, besides our decades of combined lawn service experience, we are passionate about what we do. We strive to improve the lawn mowing services and lawn care services we provide year after year. 

Our lawn service company is somewhat new to GreenPal, but we are no stranger to providing quality lawn care services, lawn service, and landscaping in Portsmouth. My lawn service team and I are very well prepared. We are trained and have a lot of lawn care experience. We can deliver lawn mowing services and handling all your lawn service projects. We can also provide yard work or lawn maintenance. For example, we implement a four-step plan that includes water, mowing, seeding, and fertilizing. This helps a slew of issues and turns your yard into a green haven.

Whether you live along Route 17 or interstate 264, we offer professional lawn service for all of Portsmouth. A majority of my Portsmouth, Virginia lawn care clients are in Port Norfolk, or Shea Terrace. We like to work out that way so that I can swing to the Bide-A-Way golf course. I just act like I am playing, but secretly I am doing research to learn how to make your lawn greener and keep my lawn care services affordable.

Enough about me, you need your lawn cut Are you ready to get started? If so you can sign up for Greenpal in moments, and start receiving lawn care bids for your lawn today. Seriously, it is super easy to use, and it is great for our lawn service company too. I can't speak highly enough about not having to keep up with my own calendar for once. It is so nice to have a shared calendar with my lawn service clients which we can both see and edit as needed. If you change your mind, you can cancel ant lawn care service at any time. Just let our customer service team know that you won't need lawn service on that date. It is seriously a great product.

My lawn care team and I also travel a bit through Hampton Roads as well. If you live in Norfolk or Hampton we can likely cut your lawn as well. We are always looking to grow our business and our crew. I look forward to hearing from you, and if you shoot me a message through GreenPal and I would happy to tell you more about my lawn mowing services and lawn care services.


KB’s Kustom Lawncare Lawn Services in Portsmouth, VA

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Technology moves fast doesn't it? Who would have thought that there would ever be an app that would help you get you lawn care handled? Simply amazing! When I found GreenPal I had to sign up, and my experience has been great. For me the process was a little time consuming as I had to verify my identity, prove my work, have an interview, take a background check etc. That was all done to keep you safe, and I wanted to take advantaged of this awesome opportunity! And the results have been amazing for my clients and myself.

We have been mowing lawns in Portsmouth for over a decade. Though we have been doing this awhile, we still love what we do, and it shows. If your lawn is less than perfect, or you just want someone to take over and maintain your investment, we are your best option (in my opinion). And if you are not proud of your lawn, there is quite simply no need to worry. The fact is that many of our clients lawns were a bit messy in the beginning to say the least. But over time and with regular maintenance, some fertilizer applications, and some reseeding when needed, we turned those lawns around fast. Here is some great news, today, some of those lawns have become some of the best in town!

Since beginning my business in the early 2000's, it has continued to grow. It is out goal to charge a fair affordable price as well as provide quality lawn care services. Because of this most lawns in Portsmouth start at $35, and bigger lawns are only a bit more. If you are curious, reach out to us and we can send you a bid for your property based on satellite images. And hey if someone is more affordable near you, then what can we say.

Here is the deal, fall is here already, and you should know that we do fall clean up, and fertilize lawns all through Portsmouth. When you are ready to make your lawn the hottest on the block then contact me throughGreenPal. GreenPal gives us as landscapers the tools we need to do your job the right way by giving us all the information that we need before we ever show up to your door. Book us today, and when its time for you to enjoy your weekend visit at Paradise Creek Nature Park. If that seems like something you are into, then reach out to us today!


Baker Enterprises Lawn Care Lawn Services in Portsmouth, VA

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Whether you are in West Norfolk, Shea Terrace, Swimming Point or Craddock, we will take care of your lawn as if it were our own. Portsmouth has been my home since I was a young child, and it is still my home to this day. More importantly Portsmouth is the home of my lawn care services business. I am absolutely proud of the lawns I mow and maintain on a regular basis. It is hard to believe that I have already been in business for 5 years. And lord willing I will be in business for years to come. But here is the deal, my business is growing and I am ready to take on new clients.

Since I began my business I found that I have a knack for lawn care in Portsmouth, VA. I suppose you could say lawn care in Portsmouth is my niche. I am not sure how long you have been in Portsmouth, but chances are, I will be the best asset for your lawn that you have ever had. I love what I do, and I am ready to give you the best lawn in town, or at least one of the best. My goal is to always improve each lawn that I work on. If all you want is a lawn mowing, then I can do that. If however you want me to rake your leaves, and reseed you lawn, I can do that too.

Here is the thing, I started out on my parents tractor mowing their lawn, and shortly after I ended up across the street weeding my neighbors garden. Eventually my neighbors then hired me to mow their lawn, and so did the neighbors next to them, and then again and again, and now here I am today running a 3 man crew with three mowing tractors and more lawn mowing equipment than you can shake a stick at.

Really, I could go on all day with tons of stories about from my clients have told me about their previous lawn care providers; Thorough out Portsmouth, VA the story is the same, lawn care service in Portsmouth, VA, and the surrounding towns is a bit complicated at best. That is why we love GreenPal so much.

Instead of scheduling and organizing my yards, I can focus on my favorite part of lawn care which is cutting the grass, it’s pretty much what I specialize in. I used to do a lot of weeding and the like out by the Craney Island US Naval Supply Center, but I prefer the simplicity of cutting a yard, and I pride myself on offering the very cleanest cut in and around Portsmouth, VA. If you need some nutrients and fertilizers added to your lawn, I have a crew that will handle that. I can't wait to here from you soon, we are looking for a few new clients this year.


David & Son lawn care Lawn Services in Portsmouth, VA

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I have been providing lawn care in Portsmouth for years. Actually I base my business out of Norfolk, but I regularly cross the Elizabeth River to cut a few of my clients lawns over there. I haven't always mowed lawns for a living. In fact, worked at the Norva for a while. However I defiantly prefer the simplicity of cutting a yard, and the fact that I can see what I do in front of me. I pride myself on offering the the sharpest cut in Hampton Roads. It's not just me either, my lawn care crew helps me more than I could ever mention.

If you are looking for the sharpest yard in town, and want the best, lawn care service near you, then you are reading the right listing. That is what I do. Seriously, I can't imagine doing anything else for a living, and as such I pride myself on the best cut lawns in town. I know I have said that a lot, but I am seriously proud of my lawn care services in Portsmouth and Norfolk.

When it comes to my clients lawns, I don't mess around, and I assure you, your lawn will be no different. All of our lawn care clients will tell you about our reliable landscaping services. They will also likely tell you how we gave them the very best lawn in town. That is partly because our tools are always primed and ready for service in your local area. Beyond our precision highly tuned lawn mowing machines, we have the very best lawn care talent.

Our lawn care crew consists of a group of workers with over 45 years of combined landscaping experience. Hire us and you can rest assured that when you trust our affordable lawn care crew with your lawn care services in Portsmouth or nearby, you are in some skilled hands my friend. With your help, maybe I can land my dream gig at the Naval Medical Center of Portsmouth. I would need a massive crew for that job though.

Whether you live in Portsmouth, Norfolk, Park View, Swimming Point, or Port Norfolk, we will come to you and cut your lawn the way you have always wanted it done. No doubt about it we are lawn care professionals, and we would be more than happy to cut your lawn the way it deserves to be done. That way you can enjoy your lawn the way you ought to be able to.

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Stacy Baldwin lawn cut in Portsmouth VA
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Years ago I bought new lawn mower to mow my lawn in Portsmouth, but once it broke down I never had time to get it fixed since I have been too busy working at the Scott Center Annex Commissary . I had to find a new solution, and that is when I found out that there is now an app for scheduling lawn care! So crazy where technology has lead to!

Not only was GreenPal the most convenient thing I have found in a while, and the service I have received has been top notch since day one. Best of all I love that I can rate my lawn care service provider each time they more.

Gregory Hamilton lawn cutting in Portsmouth VA
lawn-maintenance-in-Portsmouth-VA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-VA lawn-maintenance-in-Portsmouth-VA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Portsmouth-VA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-VA

I spend too much time at my job researching at the Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve Foundation. I simply do not have any time to get a handle on my lawn care.

Fortunately, I did a search on google for lawn care in Portsmouth, and found GreenPal. I got to hand it to them, it is much better and easier to use than Craigslist. Don't get me wrong, Craigslist used to rock but something changed. If you are looking for lawn care, in my opinion GreenPal can not be beat.

Gabe AlBrit lawn care in Portsmouth VA
local-lawn-care-services-in-Portsmouth-VA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-VA affordable-lawn-services-in-Portsmouth-VA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Portsmouth-VA affordable-lawn-services-in-Portsmouth-VA

Lawn care has always been an issue for me. When my son was younger he used to handle the lawn care and I never had to worry about it. But when he went off to the Tri-Cities Center to study, I could no longer expect him to keep up with it.

Luckily he found a solution for affordable lawn care in Portsmouth. That solution was GreenPal!

I could hardly believe that there was an app for lawn care, but then again we are living in technological times. The best part is that GreenPal vets the landscapers to I don't have to!

Steve Henderson lawn mow in Portsmouth VA
lawn-care-services-in-Portsmouth-VA local-lawn-care-services-in-Portsmouth-VA lawn-care-services-in-Portsmouth-VA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-VA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Portsmouth-VA

Last year, I bought my first home. It is in Portsmouth and finding lawn care services for my home was not easy for me.

With all the remodeling of my home, and adjusting to my new life, I was not able to get a handle on my lawn. Needless to say it quickly got out of hand.

That is when GreenPal came in to play. Fortunately I was able to find a quality lawn care service through GreenPal, and everything since has gone so smoothly.

Now I can enjoy my lawn and don't have to go to Columbia Park to enjoy a well kept lawn.