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Kehl Enterprises Lawn Services in Chesapeake, VA

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I love Chesapeake! I moved here from Virginia Beach to escape the jet noises that would go off at all hours of the night. I spend most of my day outside mowing lawns and providing lawn service in Hampton Roads. The last thing I need is a jet waking me up at 3 in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I love what those jets stand for, just not when I am trying to rest for work the next day. Anyways enough about jets, you are here to learn more about our quality lawn service solutions and professional lawn care services.

My team and I have over 30 years of combined lawn care experience in Chesapeake. Because of that, we know exactly what it takes to make your lawn look like one of the best in all of Hampton Roads. Not only are our lawn care, lawn service, and yard services affordable, we have been praised for our reliability. Here is the thing, we have experience mowing lawns through much of the Hampton Roads metro area. We have provided high-quality lawn mowing services and lawn care services with great success. Whether you just need a quick mow, need lawn service work, or irrigation, we are ready to get the job done. If you live in Great Bridge, Hickory, or South Norfolk, our lawn service team can get you one of the sharpest lawns around.

Here is the thing, your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. It is important that you don't neglect your lawn. I know most people don't even think about it, but to me it is a big deal. Most people don't consider how much the value of their home is affected by the quality of their lawn ad gardens. Whether you plan to stay at your home for life, or sell it in the future. Be sure to invest in your law and we can help you do that. It is what we have been doing for many years.

Not only does a green lawn boost your home value, you also get a place to relax on your days off from work. You work hard to keep your house in order, and deserve a place for leisure and relaxation. This can be a great way to reuse your stress and improve your quality of life. I know that having a green lawn has helped me enjoy life in Chesapeake a lot more, and I want to share that experience with you. Fortunately, for you I have made all of the mistakes for you, and have learned from experience. And here is the deal, we can help you avoid the common mistakes of lawn care, and yes there are a few.

Together we can make your lawn as green and lush as the Battlefield Golf Club. If you want to hire our lawn service team for professional lawn care services in Chesapeake, then you are in the right place. Reach out to us today for quality lawn mowing services or lawn care services. We will do our best to get your lawn by the end of the week if that is what you are looking for. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. All my best.

Engage with Elite Lawn Care Experts in Virginia via GreenPal: Our service effortlessly pairs you with top-notch lawn care professionals focused on excellence. Covering NorfolkPortsmouthSuffolk, and the entire state, we guarantee high-quality lawn care right to your front door.


Moore's lawn care Lawn Services in Chesapeake, VA

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Having some difficulties with your lawn? We have all been there! But rest assured, if you are reading this, you are in great hands. If you are looking for one green, lush, and thick lawn, consider hiring us for affordable and quality lawn care services. Our lawn service team has decades of experience providing lawn care in Chesapeake, Virginia. When we're not dealing with hurricanes, our lawn service team is out there delivering quality lawn care in Virginia.

My team and I have been providing lawn service work and mowing lawns in Chesapeake, Virginia for nearly 20 years. We love what we do.  If your lawn is less than perfect, no need to worry, many of our client's lawns were a bit messy when we first started. But with regular lawn service maintenance, fertilizer application, and re-seeding when needed, we turned those lawns around fast. Today some of those lawns are the best in town!

When I was young I had started my lawn care business with just a few tools. One of which was an old push mower for delivering lawn mowing services. Over time, I invested in better equipment and a larger lawn service team. If you hired another lawn service company for lawn care services in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads, they don't always tailor their lawn care services as we do.

Since beginning my lawn care business in the late 1990s, my lawn service company has continued to grow. It is our goal to charge a fair price as well as provide quality lawn care services. Most lawns start at $35, and bigger lawns are only a bit more. Reach out to us and we can send you a bid for your property, and hey if someone is cheaper, then what can we say. With fall approaching you should know that we do fall clean up, and fertilize lawns all through Chesapeake. If you want to get your lawn cut or need some lawn service work, contact us asap. We will get to you soon. We are here for all your lawn care needs.

If that sounds good to you, contact our customer service team through GreenPal today. We will do our best to get out to your place by the end of the week. We can schedule your needed lawn mowing services or lawn care services directly through GreenPal. Really, it is that simple. I love working through GreenPal, scheduling is easy, and if you change your mind, you can always cancel with no penalties. I like that GreenPal gives us as landscapers the tools we need to do our lawn service job the right way by giving us all the information that we need before we ever show up at your door. Book us today, and when it's time for you to enjoy your weekend visit at Oak Grove Park.

GreenPal connects you with exceptional lawn care wherever you are in Virginia! Find affordable maintenance in Newport News, personalized services in Chesapeake, or top-rated landscaping experts in Richmond. As our network expands across the U.S., we're making it easier than ever to find the perfect lawn care solution for your home.


Doctored Lawns Lawn Services in Chesapeake, VA

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What is the best way to find your next lawn care service in Chesapeake? Well, in my opinion, GreenPal can't be beaten. It took me a while to get certified to sell my lawn care services through GreenPal. They ran background checks, called references, viewed m credit reports, and more. After all of that was done, they finally allowed me to provide lawn mowing service throughout the Chesapeake and Hampton roads area.

Though I have only recently gotten onto GreenPal, landscaping in Chesapeake is nothing new to me. In fact, I have been mowing lawns and planting gardens for over a decade. But it is not just about me, I also have a team. And we do other things beyond mowing lawns. If you need leaves removed from your lawn, gardens planted, bushes trimmed, or a fence built we do that too. Unfortunately, we can't mow the grass all year round so we have to get a bit creative with our work and be willing to take on new jobs.

This is our team's motto “make the customer happy”. Believe it or not, it can be an easy thing to mess up lawn while mowing and when we get to the end of a contract and they want to start a new one right away, we know we have chosen the right career path. Whether it is Along Dominion Boulevard or along Interstate 6t4, my team offers the best yard fertilizing system and lawn maintenance packages in all of Chesapeake, and my clients agree. The smiles on our client's faces let me know that I am doing my yard mowing right. I strive to bring a smile to their faces, every time we cut their grass, even if we never see them.

We mow yards, fertilize lawns, clean up the grass clippings, and of course, we always use blades that are on point. Here is the deal, the only thing edgy about our lawn care services is the blades on our mowers. Are you ready to get started? If so sign up for Greenpal, and start receiving bids for your lawn in minutes.

One of my favorite places to mow is Greenbrier, especially along Oak Grove Park. A lot of our client's lawns are in Greenbrier, but we often travel to Virginia Beach for work as well. Here is the deal, if you want one sharp lawn, my lawn service team and I may be the best option for lawn care in Greenbrier, or at least we do our best to make that happen. Anyways, that about wraps it up for now. I look forward to hearing from you if you need lawn care work from us. Shoot me a message through GreepPal and I would happy to tell you more about my services.

GreenPal brings affordable and hassle-free lawn maintenance services directly to your Virginia home. We serve HamptonRoanokeLynchburg, and all surrounding areas. Our skilled professionals will transform your yard into a lush oasis while keeping your budget happy


J Dubs Landscaping Lawn Services in Chesapeake, VA

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When I began my lawn care services in the early 2000's I started by using the internet. After the threat of Y2K passed of course Like most people I found Craigslist to be a great way to find new clients. My lawn care business was

essentially built on Craigslist, and it was a great tool at the time. Ten years later, however, Craigslist is simply not the same. I am still not sure what changed, maybe the internet evolved, but it stopped working for some reason. I was able to grow my business through word of mouth, but it wasn't enough. So I did a search on the internet on how to grow my lawn care business, and I was happy when I found a site called

Many homeowners that used to use Craigslist have told me the same. They are so much happier with GreenPal. Seriously, when it comes to finding landscapers in Chesapeake, VA or Hampton Roads, or anywhere in Virginia for that matter, GreenPal can't be beaten. Homeowners and landscapers like myself alike seem to agree that GreenPal is the best way to hire and be hired in the Chesapeake and 757 area.

On my end, the process is a bit tedious. I had background checks, interviews with GreenPal staff, they reviewed my credit report, and even called a few of my clients before I could begin mowing through their program. But, In the end, it was all worth it, and I know that it keeps people that don't have the same work ethic that I do off of the site.

Here's the deal, I and my team are an all-inclusive lawn care and lawn maintenance company. We provide much more than lawn mowing, we offer a professional landscaping experience. We have the tools required to complete even the toughest of jobs, tree removal, hedge trimming, fertilizing, mulching just to name a few. Folks all across Chesapeake are so satisfied with the services that we barely get the time to sleep at night.

Once I see your request for a bid, I or someone on my team will reply and schedule with you for lawn service ASAP. In most cases we often get new lawns scheduled within a week, we typically have an extra lawn care professional on hand, just for making it out to new lawns as quickly as possible. But really we would be happy to have your business and make the best of your lawn. If you don't have time to mow your own Chesapeake lawn, then send us a message today! Don't worry if your lawn is a mess, trust me it likely will not be the worse we have seen.

I have a lot of contracts out by Stumpy Lake Country Club. I am not sure if it happened by accident, because I love golfing there so much, or because I enjoy Stumpy Lake, I just happen to have a number of lawns over there. But I definitely travel throughout Chesapeake when work calls me to do so. I love mowing lawns, and will continue to grow my business for years to come, are you ready to join me?

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Henry Hawthorn lawn mowing in Chesapeake VA
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My lawn was looking sad. In Chesapeake, finding lawn service or good lawn care can be hard to find. Fortunately, I came across GreenPal. I was quickly elated when a week later, my lawn was mowed and fertilized. Within one month, my lawn was looking better than ever. My lawn is nearly as green as the Greenbrier Country Club. I am so happy with the quality lawn service work I received through GreenPal and the amazing lawn care services I got from Kehl Enterprises.

Edgar Wallace lawn mow in Chesapeake VA
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It can be overwhelming to handle all of the things there are to do around the home. As a landlord in Chesapeake, I have several lawns to manage on a weekly basis. And nothing made managing those lawns easier than the GreenPal app which made it possible to manage all of my lawn care through an app. Now that is something I can use an app for! It has saved me a lot of time to use GreenPal, and I finally have the time I need to enjoy the little bit of time I get off without splitting hairs about my lawn care.

Tracy Hart lawn service in Chesapeake VA
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There are few things that stress me out more than lawn care. I know that that is unusual, as many people find lawn care relaxing. Whatever the reason I don't enjoy it. As a lifelong resident of Chesapeake, I was ashamed of the way my lawn looked. But the lawn care service I received through GreenPal made me feel good and made my lawn look even better. Now I can spend more time running my business at Greenbrier Mall. Thanks to GreenPal my lawn is finally looking as on point as ever, and I have to say I am very satisfied.

Timothy Green lawn cut in Chesapeake VA
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I bought my first home in Chesapeake about a year ago. With all the moving and remodeling I was not able to get a handle on the lawn care work and it quickly got out of hand. Fortunately, I was able to find a quality lawn care service through GreenPal, and everything has gone so smoothly. Now that my house is finally in order, and my lawn is in shape, I can enjoy BBGs this fall without having to go to the Chesapeake City Park.