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    Lawn Care Service for Marietta, GA

  • Marekus Fluellen on Jun 24, 2016
    Marietta, GA

    Lawn Care Service for Marietta, GA

  • Rachel Bonilla on Jun 15, 2016
    Marietta, GA

    Lawn Care Service for Marietta, GA

  • Rachel Bonilla on Mar 30, 2016
    Marietta, GA
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My husband and I came to Atlanta three years ago to start our landscaping business. Originally we are from Bulgaria, and came to the United States because we are entrepreneurs and really enjoy being in business for ourselves. I really love the differences the south in has to offer from my homeland, especially the green landscapes and the light winters. My background is in landscape architecture, as I have my masters in degree in landscape architecture. I like to create my landscape designs in photoshop and autocad. I really enjoy taking one of our lawn clients ideas and making them into reality.

Our business is mainly lawn and landscape maintenance throughout the growing season here in Atlanta, Ga. Of course when customers get spring fever around March and April when it gets warmer in Georgia, we will do a lot of landscape installation work. We also do a lot of sod installation work, flower display design and installation, shrub replacements, mulch and pinestraw, really almost everything that has to do with your yard, we will do it.. We do some fertilizing for our existing lawn mowing customers, however, we do not focus on lawn fertilization services.

One thing that separates us from the other lawn care companies in the Atlanta, Ga area is our personal oversight of every job. Either my husband or I personally make sure each lawn mowing customer is taken care of, as we personally oversee all of our lawn work. Other lawn maintenance services in northern Atlanta, might send out a crew of guys to mow your lawn, but they don't ever personally check if their workers did a good job, with us, we know because we personally follow up on all the landscape work we do. Personally my husband and I make sure everything gets done correctly. We believe in building our lawn business through quality work, as we may not be the cheapest price, but we return peoples phone calls, we answer the phone, and we give our lawn care customers the TLC they deserve.

I also will personally do landscape designs for customers all over the Atlanta area. For our lawn maintenance customers our landscape design work is free. For folks that only want consulting and design work for ideas that have for their lawn, I can do the landscape design work only for a fee, and then if they hire us for the project is deducted from the landscape project’s installation price.

We like to serve our customers in the northern Atlanta area. Primarily most of our lawn maintenance customers are located in Dallas, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Oak Park, and Marietta Georgia. So far we have grown our lawn maintenance service to 50 weekly customers.

Currently my husband and I run the lawn business, along with a helper. Our lawn service has grown so nicely that we are looking to hire another lawn care worker to keep up with the new lawn care clients we feel fortunate to get each week.

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