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Amazing Landscaping Lawn Services in Bridgeport, CT

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Transform your yard with our help. Get reliable lawn care services in Bridgeport, Connecticut by hiring us today. We take pride in providing worry-free lawn care services. Our team of experts is dedicated to meeting all your landscaping needs and keeping your property in tip-top shape. 

Trusted Lawn Care Services For Your Bridgeport Yard

Amazing Landscaping provides a range of affordable lawn care services for affordable rates. We serve the Brooklawn neighborhood and other local communities in the region. Our services including lawn mowing services, landscape maintenance, trimming bushes, tree pruning, and other lawn service treatment. 

Commercial Yard Care

We cater to businesses in the West End area and other commercial sections of Bridgeport. We even go as far as providing lawn care services to customers in New Haven, Connecticut

Our meticulous lawn maintenance solutions extends to commercial properties of all sizes and slopes. Give your business a beautiful makeover with help of our trusted pros. 

Residential Lawn Care 

When we say we can handle any property size, we mean it. This includes your home. From small yards to larger front lawns, we deliver a combination of fertilizing, grass cutting, and routine yard maintenance to help your grass grow and stay in good condition. 

We your yard is unique. Properties on Iranistan Avenue and other nearby places have their own grass type, soil conditions, and climate factors. We tailor our lawn care services to meet those needs and keep your property looking great all year. 

Apartment Complex Expertise

We also provide yard and lawn care services for apartment complexes like Nob Hull. Our team uses turn mowers and push mowers for various sized lots. We also handle the cleanup services to clear thatch, remove leaves, branches, and other debris. This offer is available throughout the year and recommend for the start of the spring. 

Affordable Rates For All Budgets

We know things might be tight and you're looking for a good deal. That's why we offer some of the lowest prices for lawn care in Bridgeport. At Amazing Landscaping, we help you pick out the right lawn service solution while sparing your pockets. 

Ready to transform your yard? Schedule an appointment to learn more. Experience the Amazing Landscaping by hiring us for all your lawn care needs. 

Exploring Options Beyond Bridgeport? While we're rooted in Bridgeport, GreenPal's extensive network can connect you with top-tier lawn care professionals throughout Connecticut. Looking for services in FairfieldTrumbull, or Danbury? GreenPal has reliable options ready for you.


Camilo Broder Lawn Services in Bridgeport, CT

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Unravel what's possible for your yard when you hire Camilo Broder's for expert lawn care services in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Maintaining a stunning yard in Bridgeport can be overwhelming. From the complex requirements to the insane time demands, it can be tough keeping things tidy. That's where we come in. We'll transform your outdoor space into a picturesque oasis. Let us mow, feed, water your lawn to near green perfection. 

Creating Beautiful Lawns One Street At a Time

Everyone's yard can look like a golf course or like any of those charming places found on Boston Avenue. Through regular lawn mowing services and routine grooming, our lawn care business can vastly improve your lawn's color, promote more leveled grass growth, and help it blossom all season long. 

In addition to providing affordable lawn care services in Bridgeport, Connecticut, we also serve customers in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Personalized Attention Right At Your Doorstep

Camilo Broder's dedicated team takes pride in their hard work and meticulous approach. Whether we're visiting a property in North Bridgeport, near the vibrant Enterprise Zone, or some other property near Boston Avenue, we start every job with a site visit. We'll assess any issues and check for soil imbalances via free soil testing. 

Whether you're seeking flawless lawn mowing services or help with another landscape maintenance job like bush trimming or weed removal, we have you covered. 

The Secret To Lush Green Turf 

Compacted soil is bad news for your lovely turf. By aerating your compacted soil, we help stimulate root growth and letting your grass better absorb nutrients like fertilizers, waters, and even seeds. Say goodbye to those thatch buildup that ruin your thriving green grass. 

We recommend annual aeration services either in the spring time or fall for the best possible results. 

Leafy Chaos Meets Immaculate Yard Maintenance

Whether you're in the picturesque Mill Hill or some other neighborhood in Bridgeport, dead leaves, twigs, and stray branches can wreak havoc and make things look bad, especially in autumn. Our skilled experts will clear your yard and remove all debris before it turns your outdoor space into a hot mess. 

Tailored Solutions Without Breaking The Bank 

WE tailor all of our lawn care services for your budget, grass type, and overall goals. Looking to spruce it up or simply maintain its appearance? We can help with every landscaping project. 

Contact us today and hire the trusted professionals at Camilo Broder for quality yard care. 

Find Lawn Care Experts in Surrounding Connecticut Cities We provide premium lawn care in Bridgeport, but if you need assistance elsewhere, GreenPal is here to help. Our network includes skilled providers in areas like MilfordWestport, and Norwalk. Install the free GreenPal app now and choose the best service for your lawn.


Anthony's Landscaping Lawn Services in Bridgeport, CT

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Ever wanted your lawn to look like the grass fields in the some of the nicest ears in Bridgeport?Does your yard look like something you'd find in the Beardsley Zoo instead? Maybe you want it to look better than ones near Barnum Museum? Anthony’s Landscaping can make that happen. Through tailored lawn care services, we'll beautify your outdoor space in no time. 

Top-Rated Lawn Mowing Services In Bridgeport

When it comes to grass cutting, we use top-of-the-line standing mowers and battery-powered push mowers. More specifically, we use EGO brand lawn mowers for almost every job. Here's our process:

  • We cut above 2 and a half inches (tailored for your cool-season grass)
  • We use battery-powered mowers that won't leave a stench of gas after we're done
  • We alternate our mowing patterns to promote grass growth
  • We cut on a bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on what type of grass you own and how big your property is

Included are the hedge trimming, edging, and clipping removal services. We'll cut around those hard-to-reach areas such as mailboxes, trim your bushes, and edge all corners of your property. 

Full-Scale Lawn Care Treatment

Our lawn care company also provides aeration, seeding, and weed control services as well. We will clean out weeds and other unwanted growths without potentially damaging your yard. Our experts will not use dangerous chemicals, so you don't have to worry about harming your pets or putting your family at risk.

Included in our lawn mowing package are cleanup services. We can clean up leaves from your yard during the winter or after a storm. We can also remove snow from your property during the winter. Our lawn care services will clean off all random debris without risking damages to your grass, garden bed, or any sensitive areas in your yard. Homes in Melville and other sites that can get messy in a moment's notice can benefit from our yard services.

Flexible Scheduling 

Our services will not interrupt your daily schedule. You can head to the Brooklawn golf course while we come to your yard, for example. We want you to get your time back. You’ll return home to a well-groomed yard. We’ll ensure that we clean everything up before you arrive as well.

Hire Anthony’s Landscaping for all your lawn care needs. We're available as soon as today. We provide affordable lawn care services in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and even Waterbury, Connecticut


Amerigreen Lawncare Lawn Services in Bridgeport, CT

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Looking for affordable lawn care in Bridgeport, Connecticut or New Haven, Connecticut? If you're struggling to keep your lawn looking as great as the grass in Longfellow Park, we can help. You don't have to resort to installing unappealing, dull artificial turf. Amerigreen Lawncare can create beautiful green grass that stays that way all year. 

Serving All Types Of Properties 

We provide affordable lawn care services and lawn mowing services for all yards in Bridgeport. Even the flat yards in Ellsworth Park are no match for our team. 

We do everything including mowing grass and trimming hedges. We also will remove old weeds, dead leaves, and other debris. 

Plus, not only do we offer weed control services, we also get rid of other invasive plants such as dandelions, crabgrass, nutsedge, and more. 

Tree Services Included

Want your outdoors to look as nice as properties near Treeland? Our tree services include clearing out dead branches, trimming hedges, and cleaning up all the leaves and branches that have fallen on your yard. 

We also aerate your yard, apply cool-weather grass seed, and set water schedules. Whether it's maintaining the look or completely restoring your yard and promoting better grass growth in time for the spring and summer seasons, you can count on us.

Affordable Prices For All Local Customers

We offer some of the best rates in Bridgeport. Lawn care doesn't have to be expensive when you hire our team.

Amerigreen Lawncare offers a free estimate for every job. We'll also answer your questions and get started as soon as you need us. 

Extend Your Search for Lawn Services to Nearby Locations Proudly serving Bridgeport, we also encourage exploring GreenPal’s offerings in other regions. Need lawn maintenance in Waterbury, CTTrumbull, CT, or Greenwich, CT? Our platform connects you with the best local services.

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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William McCall yard mowing in Bridgeport CT
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It’s next to impossible for me to try to care for my yard in Pilgrim Place by myself. But the people at Amazing Landscaping do very well with ensuring my yard is cared for right every time they arrive. They can reach my home while I am out at work in New Haven. They let me know when they arrive and when they finish the work. I always come home to a yard that is clean and properly trimmed. The best part of their work is that they clean up all the leaves and other bits of debris without tearing up my grass bed.

Karen Hawkins grass cut in Bridgeport CT
local-lawn-care-services-in-Bridgeport-CT affordable-lawn-services-in-Bridgeport-CT local-lawn-care-services-in-Bridgeport-CT residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bridgeport-CT cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bridgeport-CT

I haven’t had much luck with trying to get the lawn cut at my property at Charcoal Pond. I never seem to get the grass trimmed the right way, not to mention I tear up far too much grass every time I work. But everyone at Camilo Broder has been accommodating in giving me the support I need every time they arrive. They mow my lawn well and never tear up lots of grass all around. I would encourage anyone in Bridgeport who needs help with mowing their lawns to contact them for assistance with their yards.

Jason Carleton lawn cut in Bridgeport CT
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Bridgeport-CT cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bridgeport-CT affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Bridgeport-CT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Bridgeport-CT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Bridgeport-CT

The experts at Anthony’s Landscaping came to my home near St. Mary’s to see why my yard was growing dandelions. They checked on the quality of my soil and noticed that it was too compacted. They also found that some parts of my grass were too dry and were contributing to all those weeds. But they helped me with cleaning out the growths and with aerating my yard. Anthony and the rest of the people here added new grass seeds in the places where my weeds once were. My yard looks fresh and green, not to mention I don’t have lots of dandelions growing all around.

Richard Simcoe lawn cutting in Bridgeport CT
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bridgeport-CT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Bridgeport-CT local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Bridgeport-CT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Bridgeport-CT residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bridgeport-CT

It is never fun for me to come home from my job to my home in Seaview, only to find that my yard has to be cut. I don’t have the time to care for my yard on my own in many cases, so having someone on hand who can help me with getting the lawn cut is always a plus. Everyone at Amerigreen has been very helpful, as they always come to my home when they are scheduled to arrive. They mow my lawn to the best height possible while keeping the grass clean without lots of clippings and other things spreading all around the place.