Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lynchburg, VA as of Feb, 2024


Mow Goat Lawn Services in Lynchburg, VA

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The acronym for the word goat stands for “greatest of all time.” While we don’t want to come across as boastful and conceited, we strongly believe we provide one of the best lawn care services in the region. Here at Mow Goat, we provide exceptional and high-quality lawn care services for property owners in Lynchburg, Virginia. We have helped many property owners enhance and beautify their landscapes with our premium and affordable lawn care services. If you want to receive quality care without breaking the bank, hire the team at Mow Goat.

Our lawn care services are intended to help both commercial property owners and homeowners here in Lynchburg, Virginia. We aspire to create beautiful lawns and yards with our premium and high-tier lawn care services. We can pass on savings to our customers because our application of industry-leading practices helps reduce the time needed to work and the number of employees needed for any particular lawn care treatment.

With our inexpensive rates for high-quality lawn care services, you will be receiving top-tier treatment for your lawn. We can handle smaller projects or larger scale ones. No matter what your lawn care needs are, we have the tools, team, and services to get it done.

Our valuable and high-quality lawn care services are delivered by a team of seasoned professionals. Mow Goat has hired highly trained field specialists that deliver all our lawn care services by adhering to industry-leading practices. Your yard and lawn have never received lawn care services quite like what Mow Goat offers. We are certainly not every lawn care company, lawn mowing provider or landscaper follows industry-leading practices or has trained employees who work as hard as our crew does.

We have gained a large number of customers over the years. We’ve provided premium lawn care services that have massively improved the condition of our customer’s properties. Big or small, we can work to ensure you get quality lawn care, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services.

If affordable lawn mowing, edging, yard maintenance, landscaping, and lawn care services sound good to you, we can handle that. If you need something like dethatching, aeration, edging, mulching, insect control, sodding, pruning, irrigation, fertilization, or anything else for your outdoor space, Mow Goat can do that as well.

Check out our work and all of the landscaping services we offer when you look at our business profile. You can see some of the lawn care work we’ve done for homes and commercial properties near places like Amazement Square, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, Hollins Mill Park, The Anne Spencer House & Garden Museum, Randolph College, properties near Fort Ave, Miller-Claytor House, Peaks View Park and Playground, properties near Seminary Hill, the University of Lynchburg, properties overlooking Percival’s Island Natural Area, and many other places in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Contact Mow Goat for affordable and high-quality lawn care services. 


Nate's Yard Work Lawn Services in Lynchburg, VA

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For the busy families and the people fed up with having to mow their lawns every other Sunday, let Nate's Yard Work provide a total lawn care treatment plan for you. Nate's Yard Work has been providing results-driven lawn care and landscaping services that have transformed properties all throughout Lynchburg and nearby cities. We offer premium, high-end, and trustworthy lawn care services for all kinds of properties. As one of the more affordable lawn care companies in the region, you can have your landscape looked over by seasoned experts without burning a hole in your wallet. No matter what your needs, problems, or end goals are, we can help you.

Property owners in Lynchburg can have their lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services provided by our reliable lawn care company. Our lawn care company doesn’t just improve your lawn and yard, we provide a pleasant experience to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Our lawn care services can help improve conditions of your lawn if it is damaged, enhance fading grass, provide seasonal cleanup, provide minor hardscape services, apply seeding treatments, remove weeds without using harmful chemicals, trim hedges, and deliver many other lawn care services. No matter what you ask of us, we will provide a specialized lawn care solution for you.

Nate's Yard Work offers quality lawn care services that will turn any poorly conditioned outdoor space into a wonderful place to enjoy. Our inexpensive prices are one of the best in the region and we even encourage you to compare prices. We are certain other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers to offer the same care that we do for the prices that we do.

Nate's Yard Work offers a long collection of lawn care services. This includes landscape maintenance, dethatching, fertilizing, sodding, irrigation, core aeration, mulching, weeds removal, seeding, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services. Nate's Yard Work ensures we provide optimal lawn care specific for your lawn’s condition. In order to get the best possible outcome, we provide lawn care services that are catered for your lawn and yard’s current needs.

Our team of well-trained experts handles all types of lawn care issues for you. We will make sure to provide the best treatment for you.

You can see some of our landscaping and lawn care projects we’ve worked on for homes and businesses near places like Clay Street Reservoir, Point of Honor, properties in Rivermont, Jubal Early Monument, Hollins Mill Park, Pest House Medical Museum, Legacy Museum-African American, properties near Fort Ave, Lynchburg Public Library, Lynchburg Stadium Complex, properties along Oakley Ave, Randolph College, Riverside Park, properties in Turtle Creek, Central Virginia Community College, River Ridge Mall, and many other places in Lynchburg, Virginia.

When you hire us for any lawn care service, we will begin working on your schedule. Contact Nate's Yard Work today for any of our lawn care services after downloading the free GreenPal app.   


Mono Service Corp Lawn Services in Lynchburg, VA

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Mono Service Corp is a full-service landscaping and lawn care company. Ongoing care for your property is essential if you want to maintain the value of your property and have a great looking landscape. Our lawn care company offers a series of lawn care services that are specific to all your needs. Whether it is to handle ongoing lawn mowing, restore fading grass, repair poorly cared for yards, or handle some other landscaping project, we offer a list of treatment programs that will be customized for you.

Mono Service Corp strives to provides high-quality care for your lawn and yard. We provide a long list of lawn care and landscaping services to property owners in Lynchburg, Virginia. We also drive to nearby cities and other parts of the state. Our lawn care services are designed to handle various issues, goals, and even budgets. Don’t hold yourself back from having your lawn cared for just because of your tight budget. We can handle ongoing yard maintenance and lawn care without breaking the bank.

We can provide general upkeep and other yard maintenance work. From edging, maintaining bed lines, trimming, regrading, irrigation, water reduction, raking, pressure washing, lawn mowing, and much more. We will set your lawn to grow during its prime growing season and preserve its condition.

Mono Service Corp will offer our professional services to spot any potential threats you may be unaware of, gauge the current condition of your lawn, and see which particular lawn care services match your end-goal. Our lawn care services begin before you even hire us. We first learn what you are looking for, check out your property, and then craft you a specific lawn care treatment plan.

Mono Service Corp’s lawn care and yard maintenance provide basic work around your lawn and yard. You’ll get a long list of lawn care services to choose from based on your needs and goals. Our long-term care packages are priced competitively, helping you save massive amounts of money over time.

Regardless of the lawn care services you request from us here at Mono Service Corp, we offer many to select from. Many services like edging, lawn mowing, core aeration, dethatching, irrigation, aeration, raking, power washing, seeding, water management, sodding, yard maintenance, weeds eating, insect control, mulching, trimming, landscape maintenance, and other lawn care services.

Check out some of our landscaping and lawn care work on homes and businesses near places like the University of Lynchburg, FunQuest Family Entertainment Center, Sandusky Park, properties in Perrymont, Lynchburg Kemper Street Train Station, Yoder Center, Garland Hill Historic District, Trail Access, Peaks View Park and Playground, properties all along Ivy Creek, Paul Munro Elementary School, properties near Amayas Way, and many other places in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Kory’s Lawn Care Lawn Services in Lynchburg, VA

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Kory’s Lawn Care offers a total and transformative scale lawn solution for all your landscaping needs. We can create the front lawn or backyard you’ve always dreamed of owning. Whether it is minor hardscaping, basic lawn mowing, or some other lawn care service, we can give your property the right amount of attention to completely improve its appearance. Kory’s Lawn Care offers services to property owners right here in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Kory’s Lawn Care will provide you with affordable and high-quality yard maintenance, lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, and several other lawn care services. Our lawn care services are the complete package for both restoring and maintaining great looking grass. Best of all, all of our lawn care services are affordable. So, you can receive year-long care without dreading another hefty bill. Plus, you can cancel at any time without being locked into a contract.

Kory’s Lawn Care can provide your yard and lawn any of the several lawn care services we offer. Depending on your goal and your needs, we will implement a lawn care program that is customized for your specific needs. No matter whether you hire us for landscape maintenance, aeration, yard maintenance, seasonal cleanup, weeds removal, or some other lawn care work, the customized plan will ensure your lawn and yard is receiving exactly what it needs.

Not only do we save you time, we try to win you back more free time. Some of our customers don’t enjoy tending to their lawn and yard. It is a time-consuming task. Our lawn care company will help you avoid the dreaded chore of mowing your lawn.

As one of the leading lawn care companies in Lynchburg, we have provided top-tier lawn care services to numerous property owners in the area and other parts of Lynchburg.

No matter what you are in need of, Kory’s Lawn Care provides the lawn care service and solutions for your landscape. You won’t have to deal with expensive prices for lawn care services or poorly done work. Here at Kory’s Lawn Care, we have trained our staff to efficiently follow the most updated industry leading practices.

Kory’s Lawn Care offers many lawn care services that include snow removal, lawn mowing, sodding, fertilization, insect control, weeds removal, dethatching, raking, power washing, irrigation, aeration, sod removal, regrading, seeding, landscape maintenance, and other lawn care services.

We’ve delivered various landscaping and lawn care services to various parts of Lynchburg, Virginia. This includes commercial properties and residential properties near places like Fort Hill Memorial Park, Blackwater Creek Natural Area, Fairview Center, properties near Panorama Hills, Sandusky Elementary School, Miller Park Pool, Liberty University, Diamond Hill Recreation Center, Fort Hill Community School, Younger Park, Pleasant Valley Church, Guggenheimer Memorial Park, properties along Filmore Street, and many other places in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Hire Kory’s Lawn Care now to get all your yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, and lawn care services. 

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Bobby Ordonez lawn care in Lynchburg VA
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I would like to recognize and praise the team at Mow Goat for their excellent lawn care services. They offer fast and efficient lawn care services. They also have very fantastic customer support and their technicians are always providing my lawn that is near Big Horn Market great lawn care work. I had hired Mow Goat for a one-time lawn mowing job. I soon realized I needed more ongoing yard maintenance and lawn mowing so I felt hiring the lawn care company that did an amazing job for me would be ideal. I have not been disappointed and I am happy with the lawn care work they’ve done.

Jamie Ortiz lawn cutting in Lynchburg VA
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lynchburg-VA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Lynchburg-VA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lynchburg-VA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lynchburg-VA lawn-care-services-in-Lynchburg-VA

I had an issue with my irrigation system and I needed to find a lawn care company that would help me. I did a search for landscapers and lawn care companies near me which is where I found GreenPal. The app made it easy for me to find Nate's Yard Work who has been nothing short of amazing. I was so impressed by the amazing attention to detail and the quality work in repairing my irrigation system for my home that is near the Animal Hospital of Lynchburg. Nate's Yard Work made sure to correct the problem for a great price. I’m happy to recommend them for any lawn care work.

Todd Darling lawn mow in Lynchburg VA
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lynchburg-VA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Lynchburg-VA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Lynchburg-VA lawn-care-services-in-Lynchburg-VA affordable-lawn-services-in-Lynchburg-VA

The folks at Mono Service Corp really care about their customers. Mono Service Corp went out of their way to make sure I was completely satisfied with the results of the lawn care services I hired them for. They put a great deal of effort to handle all of my requests and I am happy to report the amazing landscaping results. My lawn and yard that is near Historic Sandusky Museum has gotten a total makeover and it is all thanks to Mono Service Corp. Give these guys a shot and you won’t be disappointed. 

Adam Freeman lawn mowing in Lynchburg VA
lawn-maintenance-in-Lynchburg-VA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lynchburg-VA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lynchburg-VA local-lawn-care-services-in-Lynchburg-VA local-lawn-care-services-in-Lynchburg-VA

We have been very pleased with the cleanup and lawn mowing work provided by Kory’s Lawn Care. They implemented fantastic lawn care services and some yard maintenance work for my property that is near Perrymont Park. Along with the lawn mowing and clean up, they did some mulching for me as well, while making sure it went well with my lawn and yard. They are very knowledgeable and explain most of what they’re doing and why. I really enjoy their customer support as well and I would be happy to recommend Kory’s Lawn Care to anyone for landscaping or lawn care services.