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What the Company Does
Our platform seamlessly connects homeowners with pre-screened local lawn care professionals. In a matter of minutes, users can get competitive bids for their lawn maintenance and even schedule and pay for their service, all from their smartphone or computer.
Think Uber, but for lawn care. I know, sounds like a lightbulb moment, right? Well, it absolutely was.
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The Solution
What makes GreenPal stand out? Our unwavering focus on simplicity and customer-centricity. Homeowners can get bids, compare prices, and book a professional, all in minutes. As for lawn care pros, GreenPal becomes their operational backbone. We handle the nitty-gritty – scheduling, route optimization, payments, and even customer reviews. It's like giving them a business-in-a-box solution.
Birth Story
Let me tell you a story. After running a landscaping business for 15 years (yep, you heard right) and eventually selling it, I was faced with the age-old question: "What next?" That’s when the idea of GreenPal hit me. I realized there was this huge gap in the market for an easy, efficient, and tech-driven lawn care solution. So, with zero tech experience but a vision as clear as day, I teamed up with my co-founders, and GreenPal was born.
The Current
The lawn care industry is a fragmented $93 billion giant, brimming with small businesses, and, surprisingly, dominated by old school operations. Even in the age of digital convenience, homeowners were still thumbing through phone books and leaving voicemails (voicemails!) to get their lawns serviced. And on the other side, service providers were getting bogged down in the logistics of client management. In short, the industry was screaming for a technological facelift.
The story of four friends with a vision
GreenPal’s mission is to build that platform for Lawn Care professionals while offering a delightful experience for homeowners needing a lawn care pro.

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Team Culture
Our core team? A vibrant mix of tech enthusiasts, gardening aficionados, and customer care wizards. We're bound together by our passion for simplifying lawn care. From our Lawn Care Trivia Tuesdays to our infamous “Mow-a-thons,” our work culture is just as dynamic as our platform.
Customer Story
Meet Sarah, a homeowner from Nashville.
Before GreenPal, her weekends were a frustrating blend of back-and-forth calls with lawn care guys. Now, she simply logs in, selects her preferred pro, and gets her weekend back. In her words, "GreenPal is the modern-day magic wand for homeowners!"
"In the hustle and noise of today's tech-driven world, solving a genuine, everyday problem is gold. At GreenPal, we're not just creating an app; we're reshaping an industry. We're not just serving customers; we're enriching lives."