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Bryan Kosarek, Austin, TX 78702
April 06, 2021
Yard Mowing near East Cesar Chavez

Brad Littlepage, Austin, TX 78705
March 03, 2021
Lawn Mowing Service near North University

Lainey Ramsey , Austin, TX 78741
December 05, 2020
Lawn Service near Montopolis

Lainey Ramsey , Austin, TX 78741
October 10, 2020
Lawn Mowing Service near Montopolis

Looks good!!!!!

Lainey Ramsey , Austin, TX 78741
September 19, 2020
Lawn Service near Montopolis

This Pro Story

HC Green Lawns dedicates to go above and beyond, caring for every need of what makes home, home. That smell of fresh cut grass and a well groomed lawn makes trusting HC Green Lawns with any yard worry you may have. Our services, come with hard work, dependability, communication and excellence. Bonded and insured, with experience of over 20 yrs in lawn care with a home grown agricultural background in farming and basic gardening. HC Green Lawns takes pride in caring for your lawn, like it's our own.

Lawn & Yard Services Offered:

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

NOW OFFERING TREE SERVICE!!! 4 years ago I started a lawn business in Corpus Christi unintentionally. I say that because while going by a friends house one day I noticed she had a small trailer some yard equipment and wondered why she had it. She simply said my husband had passed, I'm in my 60's and need additional income. Being I had past farm experience I offered to help her gain a supplemental income. We easily gained 10 steady clients in 3 months. My friend still runs her small business and since I moved to Austin I've now had the gumption to get on my own. I have over 20 years of home grown agriculture background. I say home grown because it was out in the country and everybody had to work! I really enjoy being outdoors and using my hands.

How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

Well I've always learned that communication is key and I find in this line of work in a mostly Male dominant field communication is a female's domain. Communicating and knowing exactly what clients limitations are just as important as their needs. With that said the customer will receive updates, confirmation and good work ethic.

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

I would be very specific to your needs and be open to recieve suggestions as well as adjustments. We definitely want to give you what you pay for and recieve what we're worth so that everyone is happy. We do not mow in wet weather as it bogs down mowers. I try to take care of my equipment, so bad weather or wet weather will be rescheduled. Honesty is most important. Also if your looking for just a one time mow or to deal with HC Green Lawns directly please reach out to me.

What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

It's hard work and it's something you can be proud of because, it's your hands and labor that get the job done!

What areas do you mainly service?

Right now Austin, Buda, Kyle

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