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This Amazing Spring Cleaning Guide Has Exactly What You Need To Perfect Your Lawn in 2019


This Amazing Spring Cleaning Guide Has Exactly What You Need To Perfect Your Lawn in 2019

It’s time for spring cleaning, and this guide has all you need to get the lush lawn of your dreams.

Spring clean up can often be can be a hassle, but these products will make spring cleaning a breeze!

Seriously this list has all you need.

Best of all, these must have products can all be purchased for less than $500!

And, to reward you for all of that spring cleaning work, we have a treat for you....

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Spring Cleaning Lawn Care Essentials

When it comes to spring cleaning, and sprucing up your lawn this spring, there are a few tools that are absolutely necessary.

These 4 products will help you get the most out of your clean up this spring.

Pruning Clippers from Corona

In my experience, Corona Clippers are hands down the best! Whatever your pruning needs Corona has a solution. Whether you need to prune back your forsythia, rose bush, or cut some flowers, the 1-inch hand held Bypass Pruners are the best! They are my go-to pruning tool! They are well made, work amazingly, and last for years. For your spring cleaning tasks, you need some Corona pruners!

Pro Tip!
Proper pruning is essential to maintaining fullness in your bushes and shrubs. Ignoring pruning can lead to "leggy" bushes and shrubs that don't add much to your yard.

Water Timers from DripWorks

Have you ever accidentally left the hose running? I know I have. It can be easy to forget that the hose is turned on. Whether you are refilling the pool this spring, or just watering the lawn, use a water timer! Drip Works offers a range of timers with the cheapest being only $15 and better models such as their Bluetooth controlled timer for $45. Whichever timer you choose, you can rest assured that you will disperse just the right amount of water each time you turn on the hose, and this can save you a lot of headaches. 

Pro Tip!
If you are looking to go the extra mile, DripWorks offers great water saving irrigation systems for your garden which can save you a lot of water, and still keep your garden healthy!

Sprinklers from Gardeners Edge

No doubt about it, a good sprinkler is a must when it comes to preparing your lawn for spring. In my experience, Orbit's oscillating sprinklers are some of the best. They are affordable, and one can be used to cover up to 3,600 sq. ft. Even if you don’t need a sprinkler in your lawn all year round, you will definitely want to use one each time you throw down new grass seed. And when it comes to spring cleaning preparations for your lawn, it is always a good idea to apply new grass seed.

Pro Tip!
Always water in new grass seed for at least two weeks. Just 10-15 minutes in the morning can make a huge difference!

Hoses and Nozzles from Garden Goods Direct

Whether you forgot to drain your garden hose for winter, or it’s simply time for a new one Garden Goods Direct offers some great options. No doubt about it, having a good hose and nozzle that doesn’t leak is a great way to save water and money. Cheaper hoses may save you money now but rarely last more than a year. It’s true, the more you spend the better quality hose you will get.

Pro Tip!
If your house leaks at the connections, often times you can just change the gaskets. A great hose gasket set can be as little as $5. Often the cause of leaky connections is a bad gasket.

Lawn Preparations for your Spring Cleaning Plan

Now that you have gotten your watering and pruning all sorted out, it’s time to handle your spring preparations in the lawn. 

These three products are a must for making your lawn the lush, green yard you have always dreamed of. Do not leave these three products out of your spring cleaning routine!

Soil Additives and Testing from Good Sweet Earth

Adding nutrients to your lawn is absolutely critical, especially as your grass starts to grow and requires a range of nutrients from the soil. Fertilizer alone is often not enough. One amazing soil additive that is often overlooked, but highly effective is biochar. Biochar is very effective at helping beneficial microbes grow in your lawn, and the effects of biochar have been seen to last centuries. Good Sweet Earth has a range of great soil additives including biochar, definitely a great source to order soil additives from.

Pro Tip!
Add top dressing to your spring cleaning regiment. Additionally, you should opt for fertilizers with humic or organic substances. This will help the unseen microbes which fight off invasive molds and fungi, and help keep nutrients in your lawn.

Lawn Fertilizer from Am Leo

Look: Lawn fertilizer can be very important to make your lawn as green as possible, but most fertilizers lack the organic compounds that it takes for your grass to properly grow. Very few fertilizers on the market include these necessary compounds. That is why i often use organic lawn fertilizer when I can. AM Leo has a great selection of fertilizers both conventional and organic. My personal favorite is their Bradfield Organics Luscious Lawn Natural Fertilizer. They also offer Neptune's Harvest Turf Formula, which can be used in conjunction with any lawn fertilizer program. 

One thing is for sure, you will need some grass seed to make your lawn as green as possible! Seeding in fall and early spring is a crucial step to making a lush green lawn, and a necessary step to proper spring clean up. Spread some seed on bald, or thin spots. Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap seed either, you will want to buy the right seed for your climate, or you may run into a lot of issues.

Pro Tip!
When planting new grass seed be sure to cover it with some shredded straw to retain moisture and to hide it from the birds.

Spring Cleaning Garden Utilities

Bulbs from Blooming Secrets

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Bulbs are a highly effective, very affordable way to boost your spring lawn and gardens. You can buy a few dozen of many bulbs for about $10. Tulips, crocus, and daffodils are some great flowers to make your lawn and gardens this year. Bulbs are fairly easy to plant too. You only have to dig a few inches and add a little fresh soil to each whole. It doesn’t take long to plant even a few hundred bulbs. It gets better, bulbs have a much higher germination rate than seeds, in fact, nearly all bulbs planted effectively will bloom. BloomingSecrets.com offers some of my favorite bulbs from Canna lilies to a wide range of Dalhias.

Pro Tip!
If you live in a climate where certain bulbs, such as Canna Lilly, won't survive the winter, you can overwinter them by digging them out, air drying and placing in shredded straw. Keep the container in a warm and dry location.

Soap From Old Factory Soap

This one is a two for one deal! After a long day of spring cleaning, you are going to need some good soap to do some “self” spring cleaning. I simply had to include Old factory soaps to the list not only for the high-quality soaps which they produce but also for their unique packaging design. Each Old Factory soap is wrapped 100% compostable paper, which is embedded with wildflower seeds! Best of all the wildflower seeds can be planted in your gardens to invite native bird and bee species. This product is an all-around win.

Pro Tip!
Whenever possible use native wildflowers in your landscape. Native flowers are easier to maintain, self-propagating, and help out the local bird and pollinator species.

Gardening Gloves from Foxgloves Inc.

It’s no secret When it comes to spring cleaning you are going to need some gloves! Whether you are working on removing stuff from the garage, planting a new tree, or burying some bulbs and seeds quality gloves are a must. Unfortunately finding good gloves can be difficult, and they are often pricey. In my experience, One of my favorite sets of gloves from Foxgloves Inc. is their Extra Protection Gloves Gauntlet. These gloves are durable and yet flexible enough to assist you with a wide range of work, and they protect most of your arm, making them very useful when removing vines with thorns, or pruning thick brush.

Spring Weed and Pest Control

How can you do spring cleaning in the lawn without these next items?

Want a hint? You can't.

These next two items will make your spring clean up a lot easier, and help you all year round. 

Natural Weed Killer from Natural Armor

Don’t let those pesky weeds get out of control this year! With all of the coverage surrounding Roundup exposure, it seems like a better time than ever to search for a non-toxic weed killing solution. This spring try Natural Armor, an effective weed control solution. Natural Armor uses a very concentrated form of vinegar which is very effective at killing weeds and can do so within 24 hours. This natural weed killer will effectively kill weeds, best of all without the long term environmental impacts, they also have a bulk container as well, definitely a great product!

Pro Tip!
Corn gluten is a great pre-emergent herbicide, meaning it can kill weeds before they grow. After using Natural Armor, consider using corn gluten to kill any straggling weed seeds.

Diatomaceous Earth from Diatomaceous Earth.com

Why Diatomaceous Earth? Simply put it is great for a lot of things when it comes to lawn care. One of the most common and important uses of DE is for controlling flea and tick populations in the lawn, garden, and home. DE is very useful for eliminating a wide range of pests including mites, slugs, flies, aphids and more! Best of all its cheap, and non-toxic to pets, bees and butterflies. Get rid of those pesky pests with your spring clean up this year with DE, and there is no better source than DiatomaceousEarth.co m!

Pro Tip!
Use diatomaceous earth for insect control inside and outside of your home. This will help your spring cleaning regiment get off to a less buggy beginning!

Add These Three Features for the Bees and Butterflies

Adding these next three items to your lawn and garden this spring and "they will come".

The butterflies and Bees that is!

What better to help you enjoy your hard spring cleaning work than these attractive lawn additions.

Butterfly Puddler From Amaranth Stoneware

No doubt about it, butterflies are beautiful. One unique way to attract butterflies and keep them around is a butterfly puddling stone. When water lands on butterfly stones, the water pools and collects essential nutrients and minerals that butterflies need. The best part is that as they land to feed on the stone you can watch them. Perhaps you could even set up a tripod and record them! Amaranth Stoneware makes a very unique butterfly puddler and I highly recommend it.

Fun Idea!
Monarch butterfly kits can be purchased for as little as $25 and they are easy and fun to use. Why not grow your own butterflies and watch them feed on your butterfly puddler when they mature!

Bird Feeders from Schoolhouse Woodcrafts

It’s no secret, birdfeeders make a great addition to a lawn, and so do the birds that come along with it. There are a lot of bird feeders on the market, but few are as amazing as the ones offered by Schoolhouse Woodcraft. Their birdfeeders are made from fresh, natural walnut and cherry logs, and they are all the rage among the birds! They have a range of bird feeders starting at just $29! If you want a great way to improve your lawn this spring, getting a bird feeder is one surefire way to make your lawn a more attractive space.

A little bird told me that their natural appearance makes the birds feel more comfortable eating from them!

Pro Tip!
Bird Feeders can attract native bird species which can help you to fight off a wide variety of garden insects and pests!

Birdbaths from Amaranth Stoneware

As if that weren’t enough , add a birdbath to your lawn this spring to give the birds another reason to come and visit. No doubt about it birdbaths are a bird enticing feature that will surely make your feathered friends happy. There are a lot of types of birdbaths, and some may require a bit of space or be easily knocked over, that is why I like the birdbath above from Amaranth Stoneware. It’s more compact than most, and can easily be hung in a spot that is out of the way.

Want to Learn All About Urban Gardening? $20

Once you have completed all of that hard spring cleaning work, you can learn more with this Amazing book!

Pre-order The Field Guide to Urban Gardening by May 7th, 2019

This book looks awesome! Kevin Espiritu shares his expertise in urban gardening with this unique book. In this book, you will learn how to make the most of your small space with unique gardening techniques such as growing on balconies and rooftops, as well as indoor and hydroponic techniques. Don’t wait to pre-order this excellent book today, and claim your free gardening seeds just in time for the spring season! 

Luxury Items

I know, I know. You thought spring cleaning couldn't get any better, but it can!

In researching this spring cleaning article I came across some items that I loved, but couldn’t quite fit in the $500 budget. 

Nonetheless, these items make enjoying your spring cleaning in 2019 a whole lot more enjoyable!

Nautical Lobster Rope Welcome Mats

Welcome Mats from The New England Trading Co.

When you head inside after a long day of spring cleaning you want to leave the dirt outside . It’s no secret that having an awesome doormat outside your door can trap dirt and help keep your home clean. These Lobster Rope Mats are built to withstand UV light and can last for years and years to come. They come in a range of shapes and colors, each more awesome than the last. When it comes to spring cleaning, no home is complete without a welcome mat from The New England Trading Company!

The Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit by Curonian

These outdoor fireplaces are awesome there is no denying that, and one unique way to up your spring cleaning regiment is to get one. The products I came across by Curonian are exceptionally amazing. These are some very unique finely tuned outdoor fireplaces which will certainly make your lawn stand out this spring. No doubt about it these fire pits add a unique accent to any lawn, deck or patio.

Enjoy the fruits of your spring cleaning all summer long with an outdoor fire pit from Curonian.

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