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lawn-maintenance-services-in-Affton-MO greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-st-louis-mo-yard-cutting-service-in-st-louis-missouri

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Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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EJ Lawn Care in Ferguson, MO

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My lawn maintenance company specializes in weekly, every 10 days, and every two weeks lawnmowing service in the greater St. Louis area including Ferguson Missouri. We run a family owned and operated and honest local lawn care service serving the residents of Ferguson Missouri for the past six long cutting seasons. We are actively taking on new lawnmowing customers this yard cutting season so if you were looking for a reliable and affordable yard maintenance company in Ferguson, then look no further you have found it. If you would like for us to cut your grass please click the little button below this paragraph and you will get started with a free lawn cutting quote from me. Included in that lawn maintenance price is mowing your grass, bagging of your clippings is not included however as we do not have grass catchers on our lawn mowing equipment. However included is edging your sidewalks and driveway, weed whacking around anything that you have in your yard, and I'm blowing off all of the grass.

Basically you get a good professional basic lawn cutting when you hire us to mow your yard on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app. We also do other yard maintenance services such pruning and shaping of your shrubbery, and cleaning up of your leaves in the fall. If you have any large deciduous trees in your yard then let us help you clean up after them in the months of October November and December, that's what we are here for. Our company has several customers near Mccluer South Berkeley school, and the Wild Cherry Ridge Conservation Area, and odds are you have probably seen my lawn mowing truck and trailer riding up and down Chambers Rd in Ferguson. So we are always in the Ferguson area cutting grass I would be happy to pick up the maintenance of your yard, landscaping, gardens on a weekly or every two weeks lawn maintenance schedule. The cool thing about GreenPal is that you can sign us up for whatever yard maintenance you want to do and it just appears on my schedule and I am happy to take care of it for you. Payment for your grass cutting is all handled seamlessly, I don't have to mail you a bill for cutting your lawn, you will just be billed right through the lawn care service app. Thank you for considering my yard cutting company to maintain your grass in Ferguson, I look forward to adding you to my lawn maintenance service route of satisfied lawn maintenance customers in the greater St. Louis area and Ferguson Mo.

Also , if you need local lawn care services in Clayton MO near me GreenPal services that part of the greater St. Louis area and also has local lawn maintenance services in Granite City IL.


2 Bros That Mow Lawn Care in Ferguson, MO

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Hello there and thank you for your consideration in hiring my lawn maintenance company to cut your grass in Ferguson Missouri. My lawn care company is not like other grass cutters that are mowing yards in the greater St. Louis area, we do things a little bit differently than everybody else. Let me explain… We believe in building our lawn care service one satisfied lawn maintenance customer at a time. That means that we will strive to do three things. Return your phone calls within 24 hours no matter what. So many lawn care services don't bother returning their customers phone calls, text messages, or emails when they have question about their yard maintenance. We believe that's just crazy. The customer is the lifeblood of our lawn maintenance business and we intend to take care our lawn care service customers.

The next thing that we do differently than other lawn cutting services in the Ferguson area is we actually make sure to mow your yard on the day that we are supposed to. So many lawn maintenance companies will just cut your yard on the day they want to, but not us when you set up a predetermined lawn maintenance schedule for lawn cuttings on the GreenPal lawnmowing mobile app, we will do our best weather permitting and lawn maintenance equipment permitting to mow your yard on that day each and every week. So if you sign up for lawnmowing's every other Wednesday we will be there every 14 days on Wednesday to cut your grass unless it is raining and then we will move your lawn mowing appointment on the GreenPal lawn care app to the next day let you know when we are coming to cut the yard. This may sound like a simple thing, but most lawn maintenance companies don't bother doing this, they will show up and cut your yard whenever it is convenient for them to mow it. But we believe in keeping a tight lawn maintenance schedule and showing up on time to cut the grass every week or every two weeks. You probably see some of our yard work around the Ferguson area, we cut some yards over by Norwood Hills Country Club and also by Johnson Wabash Elementary School. So you can rest assured that we are in the Ferguson area mowing yards and improving the curb appeal of people's yards throughout the Ferguson area three days a week. We cut yard in Ferguson on Tuesday Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week and we would be happy to add your yard to tomorrow lawn maintenance route. Our lawn cutting class start out at $33 per lawnmowing and go up to about $55 for lawn cutting depends on how big your yard is, and how tall your grass is. If your grass is over 20 inches tall the first lawnmowing will be about double the cost and it will go down to your normal lawn maintenance price after that. But don't worry if your grass has grown to be a little tall, we don't mind helping you out and getting the yard back under control for you. Thank you so much for considering me for your lawn maintenance needs, if you're looking for a reliable and affordable lawn care service near me in Ferguson Missouri, we are it look no more further.
Also , if you need affordable lawn cutting services in Granite City IL we service the greater STL area and also proudly offer lawn maintenance services near me in Clayton MO as well.


BJ Lawn Care Services in Ferguson, MO

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When I first started my lawnmowing company in Ferguson Missouri all I had was just a push mower and a weed whacker. Luckily a few customers placed their trust in me and let me cut the grass with such cheap inadequate mowing equipment. Fast forward a couple lawn care seasons and now I have a full professional lawn maintenance trailer and set up with over $30,000 in lawn care equipment and lawn mowers ready to manicure your yard in Ferguson. Why do I tell you this? Because you may or may not realize it but the kind of lawn maintenance equipment that your yard maintenance company uses to cut your grass will dictate a lot of things. First of all the lawn mowing price. Believe it or not it's actually easier to find a cheap lawn care service in Ferguson near me if that yard maintenance company has professional grade equipment. Why does that matter? Because I can actually mow your yard in a higher-quality fashion and in less time and that means you actually get a cheaper price on your lawn cutting.

So it might not make sense at first but the better and more professional the lawnmowers that your yard maintenance company brings to the table the more affordable your lawnmowing price will be. When all you have is a push mower and a weedeater it actually takes three hours to cut an average size yard in Ferguson Missouri. When you factor that the average lawnmowing price that we offer for a typical lawn in Ferguson is $35 per yard cutting, that means that lawn cutting service that only has a push mower is going to make less than $10 per hour probably less than minimum-wage once they pay for the gas, insurance, and all the other expenses that go into running a lawnmowing business in the St. Louis Missouri area. So I'll tell you all that just to help you with who you pick to cut your grass and Ferguson. If you're ready to get a firm lawnmowing price from my lawn maintenance company go ahead and click the button below this paragraph and I will get a text message telling me how big your yard is, how tall your grass has grown to be, where your lawn is located in Ferguson exactly and then I can prepare my lawn cutting price for how much it's going to cost to cut your grass. We have a dozen lawn maintenance customers near Griffith Elementary School, and 20 or so lawn care customers near St. Louis Community College. So it's no problem for us to pick up your yard maintenance and offer you affordable lawn cutting price for weekly or every other week yard maintenance for your home in Ferguson. Thank you for the opportunity to become your trusted landscape maintenance and yard maintenance service provider for his long as you own your home in the Ferguson Missouri area. We also do affordable residential lawn mowing services in St Charles MO and provide local lawn care services in affton MO as well.


GreenSide Services in Ferguson, MO

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We have been cutting grass in Ferguson for five years now and we pride ourselves in offering a reliable and affordable lawn maintenance solution to the residents of Ferguson Missouri so we can maintain their yards within their lawn maintenance budget. We strive to keep our lawn cutting cost low and our prices cheap for lawn care service in Ferguson. How do we keep our Lawn care prices so cheap? Because we keep our lawn maintenance equipment paid for, we don't drive flashy trucks all over Ferguson, and we run a very well-organized lawnmowing business in St. Louis County, Missouri. You've probably seen or trucks running up and down Elizabeth Ave and Chambers Rd and now it's time for you to hire us to maintain your yard and save you some money on your lawn cutting costs. Why does this matter? Because there's no reason to overpay for lawnmowing service. Unless you are looking for a private gardener or a horticulturalist specialist for your landscaping all lawnmowing companies are about the same.

Sure you don't want to hire a cheap grass cutting service in Ferguson off of craigslist that's going to try to push mow your yard, but most professional lawnmowing companies with professional lawn maintenance equipment do about the same job of cutting grass for yards in Ferguson Mo. Let's face it the yards in Ferguson Missouri are pretty straightforward and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to cut the grass on them. Most folks in the Ferguson Mo area are just looking for a basic, reliable, consistent, and affordable lawn maintenance company to keep the grass nice and neat. That's where our company really fits best in the Ferguson community. When you sign up for quotes on the GreenPal lawn services app you can compare prices, and read the reviews the other residents in Ferguson Missouri have said about those lawn maintenance companies. I recommend looking for how reliable they are and if they will actually show up and cut the grass on the day they say they're going to mow the yard. That's one thing you can count on with our lawn maintenance company, we will be there to cut the lawn when we say we will be there. Included in your free lawnmowing estimate that I'm going to send you is mowing of the turf, trimming any grass around any thing you have in your yard and gardens, edging, and blowing off any debris from your hard surfaces. Then after that we can do any other yard services for you as well such as leaf cleanup, shrub trimming, seed if you want that, and mulch or pine straw if you're looking for that kind of landscaping maintenance work as well. Our company is a very well rounded landscape maintenance company and we do all kinds of yard work in addition to your weekly or every two week lawn cuttings. So if you live by Jeske Park, or by the Wayside Park Unleashed Dog Park we would be happy to pick up your lawn maintenance and yard cuttings for you this grass mowing season. Thank you so much for your consideration looking forward to meeting you in your yard. Our lawn care service also mows yards in affton MO and also offers yard maintenance services in St. Charles MO as well.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

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Beatrice Murphy Lawn Cutting in Ferguson MO
“I rent a home in the Calverton Park neighborhood in Ferguson Missouri, and I was looking for a decent lawn cutting business in Ferguson to cut my grass once a month. I called around to every lawnmowing company that I could find on Google and Facebook and nobody would cut my grass one time per month every yard maintenance business wanted to signed me up on a weekly lawn maintenance contract. This is a rental home I'm not really too worried about what the grass looks like, I just need to keep the city of Ferguson off my back. When I found GreenPal after doing my Google research for a cheap lawn cutting service near me, I saw they had an every 14 day option for ongoing lawnmowing service. I figured this would be the closest that I was going to get to not having to sign up for weekly service. The lawn care service that I hired on the mobile app came at the very same day and cut the grass, and now they're coming out every 14 days and mow with the yard maintenace being within my budget. Thank you GreenPal.”
Jeff Hill Grass Cut in Ferguson MO
“I am a real estate investor and I own dozens of properties throughout the greater St. Louis area. For some reason my four yards that I have to maintain in the Ferguson, MO area are always my biggest headache because it's so difficult to find reliable lawn maintenance contractors in the Ferguson Missouri area. One home is the Dellwood neighborhood, and the other yards are in the Abston Street Neighborhood . A fellow real estate investor friend of mine told me about GreenPal and how I could money on their yard maintenance costs. Sure enough I signed up and got competitive prices for maintaining the yards on the four properties. I hired EJ's lawn care to maintain both yards for $27 per cut each. That was cheaper lawn care service than I was paying for with the previous lawn maintenance company that flaked out on me. GreenPal saves me time and money on my real estate investment properties and I have told three other investors about the lawn care app since.”
Carl Butler Grass Cutting in Ferguson MO
“My mother lives in Ferguson and I was looking for a reliable affordable lawn care service in the Ferguson area nearby to take care of her yard for her. She has always cut her own grass, but I felt like the hot summers in Missouri and her little push mower we're a little excessive these days. The thing I like about GreenPal is I get a picture of her lawn cut every time the lawn maintenance company that I hired mows her grass and yard. This gives me peace of mind that mom's yard is being maintained and I'm not getting billed for any lawn cuttings that she didn't receive. GreenPal allowed me to get an affordable lawn maintenance company in Ferguson without even having to make a phone call.”
Patricia Lawson Lawn Service in Ferguson MO
“My roommate and I usually cut our own grass for our yard near Forestwood Park, however it always just seemed like an argument as to who is going to push mow the yard that week. We finally decided that it was time to hire a lawn care service, but we wanted to get out for less than $75 per month for our yard maintenance costs. Upon researching what lawn care costs were in the Ferguson Missouri area, I begin to get concerned that that was going to cost us more like $200 per month for lawn maintenance. I found on Facebook on the Ferguson Missouri Facebook group people chatting about a new lawn care services app called GreenPal. I gave it a shot and I got hooked up with a affordable lawn maintenance company that cuts the grass for us for $33 every two weeks. Problem solved.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Ferguson-MO-lawn-service-in-Ferguson Hi there and welcome to GreenPal my name is Gary and it's my job to help you find the best lawn care service you can in Ferguson Missouri. If you are needing to get your grass cut you are at the right place and if you're ready for free lawn mowing quotes from lawn cutting services in Ferguson, go ahead and click the orange button at the top of your screen otherwise let me tell you little bit about how GreenPal works. GreenPal does the hard work and finds the best lawn care services and yard maintenance companies In Ferguson Missouri. We have an office in downtown St. Louis Missouri and we recently extended our online ordering for lawn mowing services to the Ferguson Missouri area. I imagine your lawn and grass has gotten to be a little tall, well that is no problem you are at the right place because you're five minutes away from getting five free quotes from rated lawn care services in the Ferguson Missouri area. No matter if you live near the >Spirit of St Louis Airport - KSUS, or over by the Ferguson Mall GreenPal has the best lawn care services in Ferguson, MO and all of St Louis County.

You might be wondering how do we know they are any good at cutting grass? Well that's the good news, we do the hard work by interviewing hundreds of lawn care services in the St. Louis area and find the best ones in Ferguson Missouri for you to hire easily online. The first thing we do is we sit down and interview each lawn care service and yard cutting company to make sure that they have great lawn work ethic after that we take a look at their lawnmower equipment and make sure that it is of professional lawn cutting quality and then we talk to other lawn care customers of theirs in the Ferguson Missouri area and make sure that they have good lawn cutting and yard mowing references for other yard mowing jobs they have done in Ferguson, MO. Then we have them do a lawn cutting audition for another GreenPal lawn customer in the Ferguson, and then we inspect the quality of their lawn mowing work to make sure that they edge the grass, blow off the grass clippings and trim the grass around all of the obstacles in the yard. After all of that we implement them into the GreenPal lawn care mobile app so you can easily order lawn cutting service and yard maintenance from them.

The City of Ferguson, MO in St Louis County is going through a construction boom right now and is the 14th largest city in the state of Missouri and as a result is most of lawn care professionals and landscape maintenance contractors in Ferguson get busy and won't even return your phone call will that is where GreenPal really helps out with your lawn care service quotes because they can submit the lawn quote to you without having to field any phone calls so there are no voicemails and no getting stood up for a lawn mowing estimate. We have really taken the pain out of getting reliable lawn cutting service and lawn care service in Ferguson, so just click the orange button and you will be all set with free lawn mowing quotes so have a great day.

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About Ferguson Missouri

Ferguson is a city in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States. It is part of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

The population of Ferguson grew rapidly during the late nineteenth century. In 1880 the population of the then Ferguson Station was 185 people. By 1890 the population was recorded as being 750 and only four years later it had increased to 1200. The population of Ferguson continued to grow rapidly during the first six decades of the twentieth century, from 1,015 people in 1900 to 22,149 people in 1960, an average growth rate of 5% per year. Since 1960 the population has remained nearly constant.

The ethnic composition of Ferguson has shifted, however. In 1970, 99% of the population of Ferguson was white and 1% Black. In 1980, the proportion of White residents went down to 85%, whereas the proportion of Black rose to 14%. In 1990, residents of Ferguson who were identified in the U.S. Census as white comprised 73.8% of the total, while those identified as black made up 25.1%.[16] (The remainder, 1.1%, identified with other racial categories.) In the 2000 census, 44.7% were white and 52.4% were African-American, now the majority ethnicity. A recent investigation found that the Ferguson Police Department had outstanding arrest warrants for more than two thirds of the citizens, mostly for trivial offenses.

The Mayor of Ferguson is directly elected for a three-year term. The Ferguson city council is composed of six members. James Knowles III was elected mayor for a 3-year term in April 2011 and ran unopposed in April 2014. Voter turnout in the April 2014 mayoral election was approximately 12%.

On March 4, 2015, the Ferguson Police Department was criticized by the United States Department of Justice for civil rights violations. On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson stated he was willing to resign, likely later that day (though no timeframe was confirmed) if he could get assurances that the Ferguson Police Department would be left in place and would not be dissolved; Fox News said he was not pushed out or fired. His resignation followed City Manager John Shaw who resigned March 10, and Municipal Judge Ronald Brockmeyer who resigned March 9. Shaw had ultimate oversight over the Police Department and other city departments and was the most powerful civic official in Ferguson. He faced criticism for not doing enough to ameliorate the situation. The week before, three Ferguson Police Department employees were fired for offensive emails mentioned in the Justice Department report Source: Wikipedia Ferguson, MO

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