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lawn-maintenance-services-in-granite-city-IL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-st-louis-IL-yard-cutting-service-in-st-louis-Illinois

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Granite City, IL as of Apr, 2024


M&G Lawn Care in Granite City, IL

Hired 137 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

I am mowing yards in Granite City Illinois three days out of the week. I cut grass for 22 different lawns in Granite City Illinois, and I would be happy to add you to my list of satisfied lawn maintenance customers that I have in Madison County, Illinois. My lawn mowing service specializes in consistent, affordable, and reliable lawn maintenance that you can depend on. If you're looking for other services to be done around your yard I can handle those too, such as adding fresh mulch we can get you black or brown mulch which ever you want, we can also do pine straw in your landscaping beds if you want that. If you have any dead bushes in your landscaping we can give you a price to replace those, typically it's around $50 per bush. Speaking of bushes we also do shrub and bush pruning. We will shape each shrub nicely and rake up and haul off the clippings debris from the shrub pruning after we are done trimming your bushes. Most Lawn Care services in Granite City don't bother offering these additional yard services, but that's a little something that we do to set ourselves apart from our lawn maintenance competition.

We are cutting grass in Granite city on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Nameoki, Lincoln Place, and Maryland Place. If you live by the Old Six Mile Museum we have about a dozen customers in that part of town and we would love to add you to our lawn care services route that we run through the Granite City area every week. We are pretty flexible with accommodating our yard maintenance customers’ needs. If you only want your grass cut every 14 days we can accommodate that however most of our customers off for having us mow the yard every single week as the spring summer and fall in the Granite City area really makes the grass grow fast. However if we experience a drought in August or get an early winter and have a cool October we are fine with backing down the lawn maintenance to every other week. Some of our lawn care service customers have us come back in the winter time just to spruce things up, pick up leaves, pick up any sticks and also had a great time of year to knock out any landscape renovation projects that you have as we offer a little bit of a winter discount during the non-busy season. So let me just say thank you for considering our yard maintenance company serving the entire Granite City Illinois area. If you're ready to get started with your free lawn cutting price from our lawn maintenance company click the button below my biography and I will prepare a customized lawn care service price to mow your yard and blow and weed-eating. I look forward to meeting with you and your yard to develop our relationship around maintaining your home, gardens, and landscaping and top quality shape. Cheers!

Also , if you need grass cutting services in Ferguson MO near me GreenPal services that part of STL and also does affordable lawn maintenance in Affton MO.


Greenside Lawn Care in Granite City, IL

Hired 17 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.219 Reviews)

Over the years I have built up my lawnmowing business to over 40 customers in the Granite city Illinois area and the good news is is that I am taking on more clients this lawn care season. Our lawn maintenance company has built itself on a solid foundation of happy, customers in Granite City and we look forward to adding you to one of our list of satisfied lawn care service customers. The thing that separates our lawn care service from other grass cutters in the Granite City area is our professional approach to our lawn maintenance customer relationships, and our professional lawn maintenance equipment that we impeccably maintained. Let me first talk about how we are different with respect to how we handle our lawn care service relationships with residents of Granite City. We have a policy that if you call our lawn care service for anything while we are maintaining your yard, whether it be you need to change your yard mowing date for a special event, or suggestion or recommendation on how best to improve our grass cutting service, we have a 24 hour return phone call policy. That means if you call us and leave us a voicemail or send me a text message I will get back to you within 24 hours guaranteed to resolve the yard maintenance issue that you have with your yard. Most lawn care services don't even bother calling their customers back and that's where we set ourselves apart from other lawn maintenance companies throughout Madison County, Illinois and Granite City.

The other thing that differentiates our lawn care company from other yard maintenance companies in Granite City is we have professional grade lawn cutting equipment in which to maintain your yard and improve your curb appeal. That means we come to your house with over $50,000 of lawn care equipment that we have invested in our lawn care service to make sure your yard looks as good as it can. On top of that we sharpen our lawn cutting blades on a weekly basis to make sure that when we show up to cut your grass we are mowing your turf with razor-sharp lawn mowing blades to make it look as good as it can. You might be wondering, I didn't know that that was a thing and why that would even matter, while it does matter because if the cheap lawn care service that you hire in Granite City IL mows your yard with old raggedy dull Lawnmowing blades it will leave your grass in a damaged and frayed look good inviting diseases and insects into your turf that will further damage it. So the good news is when you hire our lawn maintenance company to cut your grass you don't have to worry about stuff like that we will take care of it. Towards the middle of the week we are near Horseshoe Lake Mound and Village Site cutting grass and then towards the end of the week we are over by Legacy Golf Course. So if you live and those parts in Granite City that's when you can expect for us to come by to cut your grass. I really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to earn your yard maintenance and for us to continue to grow our successful lawn care service in Granite City Illinois with your business patronage

Also , if you are not in Granite City and need yard mowing services in Ferguson MO near me we cut grass there and also offer local lawn care services in Clayton MO with no contracts..


Brandon's Lawn Care Services in Granite City, IL

Hired 128 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.129 Reviews)

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to learn more about my lawn and landscaping maintenance company serving residential lawns throughout the Granite City Illinois area. I try to treat every single one of my customers like they are my only lawn maintenance customer. That means if you need your lawn mowed just one time, we will do our best to accommodate that. Most lawn care services in the Granite City Illinois area will not do one time lawn cuttings, however we try our best to accommodate these lawn mowings because we have found if we go above and beyond for a lawn maintenance homeowner more times than not they will love our lawn care service that we do for their yard and they will book us for weekly or every two week lawn cuttings for the entire year when in fact the only wanted a single lawnmowing.

Maybe your lawn mower broke down and you are needing the an affordable lawn maintenance business and Granite City to jump in there and mow your grass while it is getting repaired at the lawnmower repair shop, no problem if that's the case we can jump in and pick up the slack until you get your lawn mower back. On top of that if you haven't found a decent lawn mower repair shop just asked me have you hired me to cut your grass and I'll make a few recommendations of a good fair and affordable lawnmower shops in Granite City. So that just kind of gives you an idea of how I run my life Lawnmowing business and landscape maintenance company, I try to go above and beyond for my lawn care service customers so they feel like gold. Now I will say this, if we have a lot of rain one week I have to put my regular lawn care service customers first on the route so I will get priority, however most weeks throughout the lawn care season in St. Louis I can accommodate one time lawn cuttings no problem. We have most of our lawn maintenance customers in Nameoki, Lincoln Place, and Maryland Place, and we have some other yard cutting customers near Horseshoe Lake Mound and Village Site. But we do the entire Granite City and Madison County area so if you were needing an affordable yard maintenance company look no further you have found it in my yard maintenance business, just click the button at the top that you see by my bio here and I will send you a cost for what it is going to be to cut your grass. If my lawnmowing price looks good go ahead and hire me and I will do your lawn mowing just one time and if it turns out you like my lawn cutting service you can hire me for the rest of the season. Don't worry there is no obligation to hire me and there is no lawncare services contract, which is what I really like the GreenPal mobile app does is that you could hire a great lawn care service without having to sign a full lawn maintenance contract with them. Thank you so much for your consideration and I will be seeing you soon in your yard to beautify your lawn and garden.

Also , if you are not near Granite City and live somewhere else in the STL area Greenpal has some solid yard maintenance services in Granite City IL near me and also offers lawn maintenance services in Ferguson MO.

EJ Lawn Care Services in Granite City, IL

Hired 298 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.219 Reviews)

My favorite thing to tell my lawn maintenance customers in Granite City Illinois is "sure I'll do that” I just hate saying “no” to my lawn maintenance customers and I do everything I can to accommodate everything they are going to need with respect to the yard maintenance and taking care of their prized asset, their home, lawn, and landscaping.. so no matter what kind of yard work you need done around your home I will do everything I can to furnish it for you. Our lawn maintenance company has been providing lawn care services to Granite City and Madison county for over 10 years and we would love to add you to our list of happy yard maintenance services customers that we mow on a weekly basis for in the area.

Now that's not to say you have to sign any kind of lawn maintenance contract with us, However we are not taking on one time lawn cuttings right now. Now, sure you can use us to cut your grass one time but please keep in mind us with the understanding that we are coming out to mow your yard in good faith that if you like our lawn care service you hire us for weekly, every 10 days, or every two week lawnmowing for the entire lawn care service near me this season in Granite City. We have dozens and dozens of references from other residential lawn maintenance customers in the Granite City area so once you get our lawn maintenance quote on the GreenPal lawnmowing mobile app you can read over reviews about our lawn mowing service. Keep in mind every review on GreenPal is real and cannot be faked. Every lawn care service review that you are going to read about me is linked to an actual lawn cutting and an actual transaction that took place on GreenPal. That way you know that the lawn care service reviews you are reading are legit. Other lawn maintenance reviews that you read about other lawn care service in the Granite City area on sites such as yelp and thumbtack can easily be faked so just keep that in mind as you're comparing quotes and looking to hire a trusted lawn maintenance solution for somebody to take care of your grass cutting for you. I specifically service the neighborhoods Nameoki, Lincoln Place, Maryland Place in Granite City so if you live in those parts of town odds are I can get to your grass cutting tomorrow for around $30 for lawn cutting. Including that lawn cutting price will be your basic mowing, we do not bag grass clippings, sorry, trimming of all your bushes is also not included however we can add that if you need it I will just need to quote it after I cut your grass for the first time, also included is blowing off your patios and decks when we get done cutting your grass and also trimming any grass or on any obstacles with a string trimmer. If all that sounds good do you just click hire me want to get my lawn maintenance quote I look forward to being your one stop lawn maintenance solution in Granite City, IL.

If you are not near Granite City , IL we also do local lawn maintenance services in Clayton MO near me and also offer local grass cutting services in Affton MO.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 17 reviews)
Stephen Bruno Lawn Service in Granite City IL
“I have been using Greenpal for my personal home in St. Louis for two lawnmowing seasons, and now I have added a new property to my account with them to mow my mother's home in Granite City. Getting quotes for that home and yard was a breeze. GreenPal’s mobile app for multiple properties dashboard makes managing multiple yard services for multiple yards a snap and now mother's yard gets mowed every week and I don't have to go over there and cut the grass for it, and I don't have to worry about her cutting the grass anymore. GreenPal gives me peace of mind that my mom's yard and my personal yard will be taken care of I don't have to worry about lawn maintenance anymore.”
Robert Brown Grass Cutting in Granite City IL
“I rent a home in Maryland Place in Granite City and I was just looking for a basic lawn cutting service to mow my yard once every 14 days. My last lawn care service flaked out on me so I got on craigslist and started dialing for dollars so to speak and I couldn't even get anybody to come out to the yard to take a look to give me a price on cutting the grass. I found an ad for GreenPal on the St. Louis craigslist and while it seemed too good to be true, I signed up for free lawnmowing quotes on it and got introduced to an a reliable and affordable lawn care service near me in Granite City, Il. I have them booked for every two weeks grass cutting for the rest of the lawnmowing season and I'm all good now.”
Sharon Williams Lawn Mowing in Granite City IL
“I don't know what it is about lawn care services in the St. Louis area but they kind of just come to cut your grass whenever they want to. Now I know that things like rain and the weather can't be helped however it just seem like 10 days at a time we go and my grass will not get cut by the lawn care service that I was using in Granite City Illinois. A friend from Restoration Church recommend the GreenPal lawn mowing website, so I decided to give it a shot. The thing the GreenPal system does is that it keeps your lawn care service on a tight schedule throughout the lawn care season. I book weekly lawn mowing from April through September and then bi-weekly lawn mowing in October and November. None of that was possible when I was working with my last lawn care service, heck we could even keep things straight enough as it was. So I recommend GreenPal anybody tired of arguing or having to nag their lawn guy, it really solved that problem for me.”
Charlene Short Yard Mowing in Granite City IL
“I have been using the same lawn cutting guy in Granite City for the last three mowing seasons, and I guess you can just say that I tolerated his yard work. It just seem like he always left clumps of grass in the yard and did a rush job of cutting every time he came to mow. Every time I would ask him about it and ask him to improve a little on the yard work for the next lawnmowing he would get defensive, I really got tired of it so I decided it was time to replace him. That prove to be harder than I thought it would be after calling around to different lawn care services in Granite City nobody wanted to mow my yard in Pontoon Beach. That is until I found the GreenPal lawnmowing app. I signed up and in less than five minutes and had a replacement for lawn mowing guy pronto. The app introduced me to a solid affordable Lawn Care service that now is mowing my yard every seven days.”

lawn-maintenance-in-granite-city-IL-lawn-service-in-granite-city GreenPal has helped thousands of homeowners in the St. Louis area get the grass cut for three lawnmowing seasons now, and the great news is now we are live in Granite City Illinois. If you're looking for reliable, affordable, a professional lawn maintenance service and yard cutting company in Granite City then you have arrived to the right place. Have you ever tried to call around to different lawn care services in Granite City to get an estimate for how much lawnmowing at your home will cost? I imagine that you probably made a few phone calls and left a few voicemails for different lawn care services in Granite City and haven't even gotten a phone call back for your lawn cutting quote. Don't feel bad that's pretty normal. The reality is is that Granite City is a growing community and that lawn care service business owners in town are busy and they are cutting grass and don't have time to return your phone call or drive out to your yard to measure it to prepare you a lawn cutting estimate. But the good news is that where GreenPal comes in to help you get competitive lawn cutting prices, compare quotes for lawnmowing, read over lawn care service reviews that other residents of Granite City, IL have said about them, and then make the best and informed hiring decision you can make with who is going to provide you your yard maintenance and grass cutting this season.

GreenPal has invested time and effort for you to find the best lawn care services in Granite City Illinois that want to mow your yard. GreenPal has hundreds of satisfied customers in Granite City already and is currently on-boarded dozens of professional lawn care services in Madison County near Nameoki, Lincoln Place, Maryland Place, and near Wilson Park in Granite City. When you sign up for lawn cutting quotes you'll get four or five competitive and free lawnmowing estimates from rated and reviewed lawn care services near me in the Granite City area. You are under no obligation to hire any of the lawnmowing companies, you can read over the reviews at your leisure, and then hire the best fit lawn care service out of the lawnmowing price list that you get from GreenPal. Included in each lawnmowing estimate is a good professional lawnmowing of all of your grass, edging all of your sidewalks and driveway concrete lines, blowing off all the grass clippings when the yard maintenance service is done, and also trimming the grass around anything that you have in your yard. If you want some additional yard work done such a shrub pruning, mulch, weed removal and other yardwork you can certainly order those after the first lawn cutting goes well and the lawnmowing business that you hire prepares those additional lawn maintenance quotes for you. Thank you for stopping by and checking out GreenPal as your go to method to find, schedule, and pay the best lawn care service in Granite City Illinois that you could hire. Should you have any questions about how GreenPal works or need any help in selecting which lawn care service to hire after you get your lawnmowing estimates from the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app, do not hesitate to reach out we are here to assist you. Also if you need affordable lawn maintenance in Ferguson, MO or needing to hire a local grass cutting service in Clayton MO nearby me GreenPal also covers those areas of STL as well.

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About Granite City Illinois

Granite City is a city in Madison County, Illinois, within the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

Granite City is a city in Madison County, Illinois, United States, within the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area. The population was 29,849 at the 2010 census, making it the second largest city in the Metro East and Southern Illinois regions, behind Belleville. Officially founded in 1896, Granite City was named by the Niedringhaus brothers, William and Frederick, who established it as a steel making company town for the manufacture of kitchen utensils made to resemble granite.

Granite City was founded in 1896 to be a planned company city similar to Pullman, Illinois, by German immigrant brothers Frederick G. and William Niedringhaus for their Granite ware kitchen supplies factory.

Since 1866, the brothers had been operating the St. Louis Stamping Company, an iron works company, that made kitchen utensils in St. Louis, Missouri.In the 1870s, William discovered an enamelware process in Europe whereby metal utensils could be coated with enamel to make them lighter and more resistant to oxidation. At the time, most enamelware was usually just one color as the additions of any colors to the process was inefficient. On June 1, 1878, William applied for Patent 207543 to improve the efficiency whereby a pattern could be applied to enamelware while the enamel was still wet simply by placing a thin piece of paper with an oxidized pattern on top of it. The paper would fall off in the drying process and the pattern was embedded. The brothers' pattern made the utensils resemble granite. The resulting product was enormously popular.

In 1896, Granite City was officially incorporated as a City within Madison County, Illinois.The first seven years went as planned with rapid growth. Henry Fossiek was hired as the first policeman, a School Board of Directors was appointed by the Mayor, four schools opened, the 1st Church of the Concordian Lutheran Church was built, Stamping Company changed its name to National Enameling & Stamping Company (NESCO), and lots were sold for a new subdivision to be named ‘Granite Park’ (More commonly known as West Granite, today). Then in 1903, a massive flood covered all of West Granite while the rest of the town stayed relatively dry.

There were 12,214 households out of which 27.1% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 42.4% were married couples living together, 15.4% had a female householder with no husband present, and 36.2% were non-families. 30.4% of all households were made up of householders living alone, and 13.0% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.42 and the average family size was 3.

The Granite City Park District owns 13 parks. Wilson Park is the most notable. A 1.4-mile paved trail encircles the 74-acre park which contains a pool, ice rink, park office, skate park, food and beverage stand, tennis courts, several pavilions, baseball fields, and a wedding area. The Park District offers baseball, flag football, tennis, soccer, basketball, and hockey programs for the youth. Source: Wikipedia Granite City, IL

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