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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Independence
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Independence, MO as of Jun, 2018


Yard Ninjas Lawn Services in Independence, MO

Hired 36 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.163 Reviews)

Yard Ninjas is committed to finding you the right solutions for your yard and lawn. We are more than a lawn care service in Independence, we are your trusted professional in all things grass and lawn. Our knowledge is unmatched, our experience unmet. You could hire a cheap lawn mowing in Independence, but that is exactly what you will get. A guy might come over and chop your lawn up, but is he cutting the grass to make sure it comes back stronger?

A lot of people don’t know this, but cutting the grass is the least of your worries. Do you think that the maintenance team at Drumm Farm Golf Course just cut the grass? It doesn’t take skill to cut grass. Okay, it kind of does, but for the most part you can find anyone to push a lawn mower and call themselves the best landscaper in Independence, Missouri. What we do is take care of your grass to make it more lush and green. A lot of times a lawn mower will just cut the grass for the sake of that day, but they might be doing more damage than you think. Let the grass experts take care of you and your lawn, and let us show you what a real landscaper in Independence, MO can do for you!

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Punky Brewster Lawn Services in Independence, MO

Hired 77 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.44 Reviews)

I owe a lot of my success to GreenPal. I could not tell you how long it would take me to find ten people asking for local lawn mowing in Independence on my own, but with GreenPal it happens almost every day. I’m very grateful for it, and you should be too! That means that you get more exposure to some of the best lawn mowing services in Independence, me included. I have been operating in the Kansas City metro area for over three years now, but I do visit the smaller suburbs like Independence at times. If you are curious about my work throughout your part of the city, know that I have been hired several times to mow the grass at Woodlawn Cemetery. Trust me, if someone trusted me to cut around rows and rows of concrete without damaging them, I think I can handle a regular home’s lawn!

I mostly do lawn mowing, but if you need something special done then let’s talk about it. As a young landscaper in Independence, I not only know who to talk to for a job well done, I know where to find the best sources for materials and labor. I pride myself in my abilitiy to keep things affordable, and I think you will appreciate that. Thank you for taking your time to check out my page, I look forward to working with you in the near future! 

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Austin Lawn Services in Independence, MO

Hired 69 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.114 Reviews)

Your personal lawn mower is here. Austin’s Lawn Management is your professional and local lawn mowing service in Independence, Missouri. I settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to your lawn. From showing up on time to sweeping/ blowing away every last clipping, I am one of the few lawn mowing services that provide you full service from start to finish. Ask your next hire what their services really entail, if all they say is a lawn mowing, prepare to get your broom.

I will take care of all your lawn care needs! I know if you had the time to take care of your lawn you would. But lawn care is something that if you don’t invest a lot of time and money into it, it ends up a bigger cost than you think. Ignore the hidden costs and avoid them all together with Austin’s Lawn Management. My prices are always honest with no hidden fees. To be fair, you will get more than you bargained for. I sort of fall in love with every lawn I work on, I have a few committed relationships in Englewood that I always worry about. If you want the best for your lawn, I think you have found your match!

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Ultimate Lawn Services in Independence, MO

Hired 88 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.52 Reviews)

Ultimate Lawn Care has been a part of the Missouri lawn care scene since 2012. We are responsible for your lawn and we take it seriously. When you trust us with your lawn, you are getting more than a good grass cutting. We offer free estimations on what your lawn really needs, whether that is a soil treatment or aeration. We are based in the small town of Mill Creek Park where we started our business with five lawns (well, maybe not five since four of them were family). But since then we have built our clientele to a roster of over twenty lawns! We thought we capped out our market and our resources, but GreenPal changed the whole game for us.

We are now at over thirty lawns per week, and looking to take on five more for Thursdays and Fridays. We are challenging ourselves to bring our cheap yard maintenance in Independence to over a hundred new lawns at the end of the year. Want to be a part of our team of beautiful lawns?? You know where to find us on GreenPal. Every way to get in touch with us is listed on our profile, as well as all our pictures of our recent jobs. 

We also offer discounts to students and veterans. So if you live in a rented house for the semester, or if you served to protect America, we want to say thank you for bringing us a brighter future. Call us to talk more about our discount for you. 

We can also help with out with Lawn Cutting in Overland Park, Mo and Lawn Cut in Shawnee, Mo

Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Adrian Broaddus Grass Cutting in Independence MO
“I bought a rental property in November and waited all winter before hiring a reliable landscaper in Independence. I already had my research done by the time it got warmer, but it was much easier to go through GreenPal for it. There were three local lawn mowers in Independence near me in Sugar Creek, but I wanted to reach out to everyone I could. I’m very glad I did, some landscape maintenance services in Independence, Missouri had much different prices on GreenPal than on their website. No idea why but I got the best deal possible. I’d recommend GreenPal to anyone who asked!”
James Cranston Lawn Care Service in Independence MO
“Highly recommend Yard Ninjas for cheap lawn mowing in Independence!!! I have been loyal to them since my first hire. Great customer service, prompt with their scheduling and will send you pics of the job after. It has gotten to the point where we set up a few appointments on GreenPal and think no more of it. Sterling Acres is very fortunate to have such a professional lawn mower in Independence near them, I have heard some pretty bad stories of people who weren’t careful with who they hired. From one nervous homeowner to another, you won’t regret contracting Kent for your yard mowing!”
Alex Gutierrez Lawn Mowing in Independence MO
“​I wouldn’t say GreenPal is everyone, but if you are paying someone already to mow your lawn then it’s something you should think about. Best thing you can do is check every local lawn maintenance in Independence, MI and their prices, so that’s good. As far as an app you are going to use, it depend how much you care about contracting local lawn care near you. I’m lucky enough that in Blue Vue Hills there are a few honest men who mow lawns out here, so we only used GreenPal to help his business out. Otherwise, I think I would stick to old fashioned call and conversation.”
Megan Shafir Lawn Service in Independence MO
“We moved to a part of Independence right by Oak Ridge Memory Gardens, so you know we had to keep up our own lawn and garden. I have one green thumb if that, and it is always in the office. I tried out three different landscapers in Independence, and after a whole lotta of the same conversations on my lawn, I went with Lee. He just seemed more with it, more “grounded” if you will about his work and his landscaping. I really respected that. He’s done a good job so far, I see no reason to hire anyone else for right now. ”

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Congratulations! You have stumbled on to the internet’s premiere platform for all things lawn mowing. The same way you would call for an Uber, GreenPal can connect you with all your options for local lawn care in Independence, Missouri. No longer will you need to scour the phone book and google for the best deals in your area, because GreenPal has done all that for you. All the hard work of tracking down the local lawn mowers and affordable landscaping in Independence has been done for you. All you need to do now is pick your option and get the best lawn care there is!

What we have always found funny about the landscaping industry is that both sides of the market are missing each other. The best landscapers in Independence can’t be found because there wasn’t a dedicated source to list them. On the other side, home and business owners alike scramble to find a decent lawn mower on Craigslist, trying their hardest to avoid the scammers. We thought this was ridiculous, and a few years ago a group of old lawn mowers themselves got together and created GreenPal.

Now, in 2018, GreenPal has over two thousand vendors and is in the smallest suburbs of the biggest cities in the United States! Kansas City alone has racked up the second most local lawn care services in Kansas City for a metro area. Alongwith Independence, GreenPal has a strong presence in communities like Fort Osagearea, Golden Acres, Lacy Addition, Lee’s Summit, and Pepperwood. 

These people are your neighbors, essentially. So GreenPal isn’t connecting you with strangers via the internet. These are the same people who go to your churches, your supermarkets, and your parking lots. They share the same space as you, and all GreenPal is trying to do is connect you with them. With every home needing lawn care somehow which way, all we try to do is bring the business that is needing to be done get done. No more scrounging through Craigslist or shady bulletin board ads, when you sign up for GreenPal, you can be sure that every affordable yard maintenance service in Independence, Missouri is certified, licensed, and insured to handle your business. This is how lawn care should be in 2018!

About Independence Missouri

Independence is a city in Missouri, United States.

Independence, Missouri holds its place year after year as being the fifth-largest city in the state of Missouri. A suburb of Kansas City, and in turn a city/town in Jackson County, Independence lies as the county seat, and rightfully so. Officially, Independence is considered a satellite city of Kansas City, which makes it a part of the Kansas City metro area. Of the several cities that make up the Kansas City metro area, Independence is one of the top three largest and most populous, with a population of 116,830 since the last U.S. census in 2010.

The area that is now Independence was once the territory of Missouri and Osage Indians. The French and Spanish both had periods of control over the area, but what officially marked the end of any native control was the Louisiana Purchase. Because one group of humans used tree pulp and ink to declare domination over a massive chunk of North America, another group of humans bought it from the former group and worked to eliminate anyone who opposed them. 

The natives were slaughtered to near extinction, but now the area has shopping malls and miles of chain restaurants that are fairly priced. The town of Independence was named so after the infamous document that freed the Americans from tyrannical rule. It was founded in March of 1827, and soon became an important frontier town of the state. In terms of trade, the Missouri River was a point where steamboats and cargo vessels would travel up into the Kansas River or down into the south. Independence just happened to be the farthest westward point until the waters became the Kansas River, where a lot of traffic was located to go on to different parts of the country.

During the Civil War, two major battles took place in the city. The first was in 1862 when Confederate soldiers seized the town and thus took control of supplies going north. The second was an attack from the same southern soldiers, which they won.

Source: Wikipedia

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