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lawn-maintenance-services-in-Affton-IL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-st-louis-mo-yard-cutting-service-in-st-louis-missouri

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Belleville, IL as of Jun, 2024


Buckner Lawn Care in Belleville, IL

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As a young boy, Richard always admired his grandfather's work ethic. He was Richard's mentor and taught him so many of life's valuable lessons. At the time, Richard's grandfather had one of the largest landscaping companies in Belleville, Illinois, Buckner Lawn Care. When Richard was contemplating his next move, he decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and Buckner Lawn Care was reborn. Buckner Lawn Care is now a family owned and operated business.

Before settling back in Belleville, he lived in Cahokia, Il. For 7 years now, he has called Belleville home and now services over 50 residential properties. Richard and his crew are currently looking to expand their residential footprint and are looking to take on some commercial properties as well.

Buckner and his family crew cuts lawns in Belleville, St. Louis, Westview, Centreville, Cahokia, Fairview Heights, Crestwood, Clayton, Kirkwood, & Fenton. They even go east and handle lawn maintenance in Belleville, Missouri.

One of his grandfather's teachings was paying attention to detail. Richard says that this is something that he has never forgotten and it shows in his work. "Every customer I have, I try to envision anything I could to make the property look better," Buckner says. "I will walk around after every service and make sure that we didn’t miss anything or have the opportunity to improve the appearance of the property. We pride ourselves on our neatness and cleanliness of every job."

Buckner Lawn Care is not only limited to regular lawn service but also handles gutter work, landscaping design, mulching, sodding, dry wall, sprinkler installation, aeration, edging, power washing, leaf cleans ups, fertilization, grass treatment, and much more.

Richards love for carrying on the family name and tradition are certainly motivation for starting his business. "I love being outside and I love the satisfaction of seeing a lawn that looks better because of me," Richard explains. "We want the Buckner name to be associated with great work because that is the only way my grandfather would have wanted it."

When Richard has some extra time, he loves to spend it with his family. "We all work together so we all play together as well," Buckner laughs. "We are a true tight-knit family run business."

Richard also loves Chinese buffets and loves to partake in those when he gets a chance to visit Cahokia.

When your next lawn project is needing some helping hands, let the Buckner family handle all of our landscaping needs.

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

Ive been doing this over 10 years and im inspired from my grandpa buckner How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

The neatness and how more professional look that i bring to every lawn What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Dont pay for the equipment pay for the labor most people bids high because most of the time they rent equipment to do the work and they try to make you pay for it What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

Keeping communities outside as beautiful as the inside What areas do you mainly service?

the St.Louis metro area and Belleville IL. We also offer lawn maintenance services in Chesterfield Missouri and also expanded our lawn services area to provide lawn mowing services in Florissant Missouri.


Manny's Lawn Care in Belleville, IL

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Before starting his landscaping company, Manuel Nava worked in a bakery for 12 years. He always knew that he wanted to start his own business. So in 2000, Manual started Manny's Lawn care. Manny's Lawn Care now has 3 full time employees and services over 80 customers. "We are actually looking for more employees because our business has grown so much over the past year," Nava laughs. Manny and his crew also service several commercial properties around the St. Louis area including various strip malls and gas stations.

Originally from Mexico, Manuel has lived in St. Louis for over 20 years now and loves the area. "St Louis and its people have welcomed my family and we love being able to service all of our customers," Nava says. "We will never leave the area and I look forward to growing old here."

Manny's Lawn Care services the Great St. Louis area including Ladue, Clayton, Brentwood, Maplewood, Olivette, Belleville, Maryland Heights, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, and Creve Coeur. Manual and his crew also travel as far east to perform lawn care in Chesterfield, IL. They also provide lawn care and landscaping in Belleville, Illinois.

We asked about his success, Manuel attributes his drive to keep his customers happy as his reason. "For bigger companies, quantity is a must but for us we take our time on each and every lawn," Manuel explains. "We make sure that everything has been completed and done properly before we leave. Things like making sure that grass is not on the sidewalks or the driveway is something we take pride in. Everything is in the details and we want to make sure that we get everything right for the customer."

Manuel and his crew can also handle multiple things around your home too. They also do mulching, aeration, over seeding, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, sodding, bush and shrub pruning, low level tree trimming, leaf removal, and snow removal.

While growing up in Mexico, Manuel always loved to be in the garden. He would always volunteer to work in the gardens of his friends and family and loved making things look pretty. "I was always intrigued by horticulture so owning my own landscaping business just fit," Nava says. "I get to do the things I love every day."

When Manuel is not working he loves to spend time with this family. They enjoy cooking together and playing soccer together. Manuel and his wife have three sons and his brother lives in St. Louis as well. His parent still live in Mexico but they are able to come and visit 2 times per year. Manual and his family are also members of the St. Cecilia Church in St. Louis.

When your landscaping project is too much to handle or you are just wanting to relax this weekend, let Manuel and his team tackle all of your outdoor projects

If you need lawn cutting services in O'fallon IL or if you need yard mowing in Florissant IL just let me know, I offer affordable lawn care services in those areas as well.

My mainly service area has radius of 35 miles around the Saint Louis Metropolitian area. Including offering lawn care services in Belleville, Il.


Dahlias Landscaping Services in Belleville, IL

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Joel Rodriguez has had a love for landscaping his entire life. Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, he knew one day he would get the opportunity to start his own business. "When I was growing up, my dad, uncle, and grandfather had their own businesses," Joel explains. "They did everything from landscaping, painting, selling houses, and roof repair in the St. Louis area. I always remember looking forward to working with my uncle's landscaping business the most. I really enjoyed seeing a property transform after we serviced it. That was always my favorite part."

So in 2007, Joel started Dahlias Landscaping. This family owned and operated business loves serving the residents of St. Louis and is looking forward to expanding their business this next year. "Our business has been blessed to grow every year and that allows us to hire more help and provide for more families," Rodriguez says. "My wife and I love the St. Louis area and are fortunate that we have been able to raise our children here."

Joel and his crew service Clayton, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, St. Louis, Jennings, Florissant, Chesterfield, St. Charles, Hazelwood, and St. Peters. They will also travel west on I270 and cut yards in O'Fallon, Missouri. Joel also has one dedicated crew that travels south east and mows lawns in Belleville, Illinois, Millstadt, Swansea, Briar Hill, and Westview.

Dahlias Landscaping is not just your regular lawn mowing company. They also do full landscaping design including mulching, sodding, aeration, over seeding, leaf cleanup, shrub and bush trimming, flower planting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, low level tree trimming, and weed removal. "Our team can pretty much do anything outside of the house," Joel says. "We are not just limited to mowing the grass and love being trusted by our customers to make their homes look better."

Joel attributes his hard work ethic and attention to detail as his recipe for growth. "All of our employees are highly trained and we make sure that they are paying attention to everything they do," Joel explains. "We have a checklist that must be approved by each worker that is on site to make sure that we have not missed anything on the property." Joel goes on to add, "We work 7 days a week to make sure that every one of our new and recurring customers get serviced and will not leave the property until the customer is satisfied."

Next time your lawn is needing some extra TLC, click on the blue button below and get your free quote from Joel and his professional crew at Dahlias Landscaping.

We service South St. Louis County, city and surrounding regions. Offering lawn mowing services in O'Fallon, IL and performing lawn services in Florissant Missouri


Wilson Lawn Mowing Services in Belleville, IL

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Wilson's Lawn Care has been a staple in the southern Illinois community for over 16 years. Started by Craig Wilson, he worked for a larger landscaping company before taking the entrepreneurial leap. Now, Wilson's Lawn Care is one of the premier landscaping companies that provide commercial and residential properties with full landscaping services. "We realize that first impressions last forever," Craig says, "so we make sure that the first time working with us will leave a lasting impression."

Wilson's Lawn Care has a fully trained and insured staff that pay close attention to detail and use the highest quality materials and state-of-the art equipment to make sure that all of their customers get the quality they deserve. "We make sure that every person in the crew knows that our reputation is on the line for every service," Wilson explains. "We are all on a mission to be the best landscaping company in southern Illinois." If you fall out side of our service area, the good news is GreenPal has some other great lawn care businesses over in Chesterfield, IL as well as lawn services in Florissant Missouri

Their crews service St Clair, Madison, and Clinton County, Illinois. More specifically they perform landscaping services in Belleville, IL, Collinsville, Columbia, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Freeburg, Glen Carbon, Highland, Lebanon, Mascoutah, Maryville, Millstadt, O’Fallon, Scott AFB, Shiloh, Smithton, Swansea, Trenton, Troy, and Waterloo. "We have even serviced lawns in the greater St. Louis areas," Craig says.

Not only will Wilson's Lawn Care tackle your standard lawn mowing, they also do complete landscape design and installation, landscape lighting, tree pruning and removal, grading and erosion control, retaining walls, paver and pavestone work, irrigation installation and maintenance, pressure washing, sodding, aeration, fertilization, de-thatching, over seeding, shrub and bush trimming, leaf removal, mole control, and snow and ice management.

When asked what has led to their resounding success, Craig replied, " A number of things." He adds, "All of our equipment is top of the line commercial grade and we tailor the height of each mow to the type of grass and the align that with the time of year as well. We also teach all of our employees the science of edging and make sure that it is done perfectly along all curbs, sidewalks, driveways, and patios and we will make sure that all of the hard surfaces are completed free of grass clippings." Craig and his team's goal is to provide their customers with the healthiest, best looking yard in the neighborhood.

If having a beautiful, Dark Green, Lush, Thick, Weed Free, Insect Free, Environmentally Safe and User Safe Lawn is on your list, let the professionals over at Wilson's Lawn Care handle all of your landscaping needs.

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Jimmie Hale Grass Cut in Belleville IL
“I work near Scott Air Force Base in Belleville Illinois. I am in maintenance services procurement and had a few rental properties that needed to have the grass cut so it is my job to find a reliable lawn care service in the Belleville area to take care of the yard cutting for our property maintenance department and that proved to be harder than I thought it was going to be. After being delayed two weeks from one lawn mowing business in Belleville, IL I figured I would just sign up for GreenPal and let their system do the hard work of finding scheduling and paying a reliable lawn care service for our rental property lawn cuttings in Belleville.”
Barbara Simoneaux Lawn Mow in Belleville IL
“I live off of N Belt St. in Belleville IL, my son usually cuts the grass however he is now busy with classes at Southwestern Illinois College and I am on disability so I cannot push mow our lawn. I had to find a reliable affordable lawnmowing company in the Belleville area to cut our yard for us. After making dozens of phone calls to different yard mowing companies in St. Clair County, Illinois I gave up. Luckily a friend from church recommend GreenPal to us and it has been smooth and easy ever since. I highly recommend this app to anybody needing the yard mowed in Belleville Illinois”
Daniel Newman Yard Cutting in Belleville IL
“One of the things I hate about lawn mowing companies in Belleville is that they send you a bill every month for lawn care services and you never really know if you got all of the lawn cuttings that they are charging you for. I was always suspicious of my last lawn care service was charging me for lawnmowing's for my yard that I did not need especially during the hot summer months in August. When I started reading about the GreenPal lawn care mobile app I learned that they require the lawn care contractor to send you a picture each time they cut your yard and that you are only billed for each lawn cutting and you pay individually after each lawn cutting after I heard that I was sold. I signed up and got set up with an affordable lawn care service in Belleville Illinois and it has been very smooth and painless to use. I highly recommend this lawn care app for anybody that needs to get the yard cut in Belleville, IL.”
Tom Murphy Grass Cut in Belleville IL
“Have you ever had the problem of the disappearing lawn guy? That happened to me after using the same lawn care service in Belleville Illinois for 10 years.. One day my lawn man just up and disappeared and never returned my phone calls and never showed up to mow the yard ever again, I even owed him for a couple of lawn cuttings but I was never able to get a hold of him again to settle up our lawn mowing bill. After doing some research online I came across a Facebook group that was raving about this called GreenPal lawn care website. I checked it out and downloaded the mobile app signed up and got three competitive prices for lawn mowing from different lawn care services throughout the Belleville Illinois area. I hired one and they mow the yard the same day.. what a great time to be alive.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Belleville-IL-lawn-service-in-BellevilleHello and thank you for visiting the online ordering page for lawn care services in Belleville Illinois, please allow me to introduce myself my name is Gary and it's my job to make sure that you get matched up with the best lawn cutting service and yard maintenance service in Belleville Illinois . If you are ready to get started go ahead and click the orange button that says get my free bids and you will receive 3 to 5 free affordable lawn mowing quotes from affordable lawn care services throughout the Belleville Illinois area.

GreenPal has done the hard work of finding the best lawn care services and yard cutting companies throughout the Saint Clair County Illinois area whether you live in Belleville Illinois or Fairview Heights, IL we have done the hard work of finding the best lawn cutting companies and yard mowing businesses nearby in the Belleville, IL area available. You might be wondering how do we know they are any good? Well, let me explain our process to you. First we interview dozens and dozens of different lawn mowing companies in Belleville Illinois we check over their lawnmower equipment to make sure that it is in good operational lawn cutting condition, we also talk to other homeowners about yards they have cut and Belleville IL to make sure they did a quality lawn cutting job and that their client was satisfied with their yard work. After all of that we personally interview them to set them up on the GreenPal mobile app to run their lawn care business.

Why does that matter? Because now you can easily hire an affordable lawn care service with a few clicks of the mouse or taps on the GreenPal mobile app and not have to make dozens of phone calls requesting estimates for lawnmowing for your yard. As you know, The city of Belleville is prosperous and is the eighth largest city in the state of Illinois. Scott Air Force Base in Belleville has brought quite a bit of economic activity to the area so that means that lawn care services in Bellevue are busy and they cannot always return your phone call for your lawn mowing price quote or drive out to your yard to measure it to give you a quote for lawn cutting. But that is where the GreenPal mobile app comes in, after you list your yard maintenance details it will be sent to the rated lawn care services in Belleville, IL area on the Greenpal system to submit their quote for lawn cutting and lawn maintenance to you. Next you receive an email showing you all of the lawn care companies in Belleville that want to cut your grass, their price, and reviews from other customers in the Belleville area that were satisfied with their yard maintenance services. After that you can make an informed decision and hire the best lawn care service in Belleville, IL to cut your grass for you. If you're satisfied with the lawn cutting you can book them for your lawn mowings for the rest of the season and never have to leave a check under the mat again because payment for the lawn cut is easily handled for your lawn cutting on the GreenPal mobile app! So take a break and let a pro in Belleville Illinois cut the lawn this week for you. Also if you are looking lawn care services in Chesterfield MO, or a lawn mowing company in O'Fallon Missouri GreenPal can help you find a great lawn care service in those areas as well.

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About Belleville Missouri

Belleville is a city in St. Clair County, Illinois, United States, co-extensive with Belleville Township.

George Blair named the city of Belleville in 1814. Blair donated an acre of his land for the Town Square and an additional 25 acres (100,000 m2) adjoining the square for the new county seat, causing the county seat to be transferred from the village of Cahokia. Belleville was incorporated as a village in 1819, and became a city in 1850. It is said that Blair named the city Belleville (French for "beautiful city") because he believed that a French name would attract new residents. Since major immigration in the mid-19th century occurred following revolutions in Germany, most of the population is of German heritage.

Many of the educated people fled their homeland after the failure of the German Revolution in 1848. Belleville was the center of the first important German settlement in Illinois. By 1870, an estimated 90% of the city's population was either German born or of German descent. After the Civil War, Belleville became a manufacturing center producing nails, printing presses, gray iron castings, agricultural equipment, and stoves. Belleville became known as "The Stove Capital of the World." The first brewery in Illinois was established in Belleville and in 1868, Gustav Goelitz founded the candy company that is known today as "Jelly Belly

The first style of homes in Belleville was simple brick cottages, known locally as "German street houses" or "row houses." However, there is a great variety of architectural style with American Foursquare, French Second Empire, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, and Victorian. The Belleville Historic District, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, comprises 73 contributing properties. The "Old Belleville Historic District," was formed in 1974 and is the city’s first historic district. The city also had two more historic districts: "Hexenbukel" (est. in 1991) and "Oakland" (est. in 1995)

Belleville’s early German immigrants were scholarly, with most of them having graduated from German universities. They were nicknamed “Latin Farmers” because of this. After 1836 Gustav Koerner contributed to establish the city’s public library. The Belleville Public Library is the state’s oldest, predating the Illinois State Library by three years. The German settlers also founded choral and dramatic groups as well as literary societies. Belleville was also home to one of the first kindergartens in the country. The National Civic League recognized Belleville as one of the ten 2011 recipients of the All-America City Award. Source: Wikipedia Belleville, IL

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