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east-point-scene-best-lawn-care-service-in-east-point-georgia greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-east-point-GA-yard-cutting-service-in-east-point-Georgia

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Mikes Lawn Care in East Point, GA

Hired 777 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.799 Reviews)

Hey there thank you for checking out my lawn care company in East Point Georgia. My lawn cutting business specializes in maintaining yards and cutting grass for homes specifically in East Point and College Park Ga. Whether you got an existing home that needs to have a yard maintained on or live in one of the newer teardown and redeveloped homes we can do either yard maintenance for you. Our local lawn care company provides basic affordable lawn maintenance such as an every two week lawn cutting all the way up to full-service landscape maintenance and yard maintenance packages. When you get my quote on GreenPal keep in mind that it's just for a basic lawn cutting, but it can serve as the jump off point for us to develop a relationship around your yard maintenance. After I get done cutting your grass the first time I will take a look at other items in your yard that will need quoting such as your shrub pruning, keeping the weeds out of your landscaping beds, picking up all of the leaves from your yard in the fall, and also reseeding of your turf and keeping the grass thick in the fall as well.

Most folks go for just a basic every two week lawn cutting however if you are needing all of these additional yard maintenance services the good news is we specialize in those as well. Our service area runs from I 285 all the way down to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. So if you live anywhere in those areas of College Park or in East Point then odds are we can get to your lawn mowing tomorrow. So long as you sign up for your lawn care service price list today I can get your lawn cutting turned around back to you by tomorrow and mowed tomorrow. This is because our local lawn care service is always nearby in your area we can get to your lawn service usually the next day or sometimes we can even cut your grass the same day it just depends on what time you signed up for your lawn care quote. So if you're looking for a good solid local and affordable Lawn Care service that can take care of your yard maintenance for you on a one-time basis or every two week basis or even weekly basis then look no more we are it. After you get my quote for lawn cutting go ahead and just click to hire me and I will give you a call and we can take it from there. Thank you so much and God bless.

Also , if you want lawn care services in Cumming GA we mow lawns there and alos go north and providelawn care services in Smyrna GA as well.


Rooks Lawns Lawn Care in East Point, GA

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(overall rating 5/5.349 Reviews)

Thank you so much for considering our lawn care company serving the East Point Ga area. We service the entire greater Atlanta area including East Point, College Park and Forest Park Georgia. East Point and College Park are growing so fast that we have had to shift our focus from the eastern part of Atlanta to now the southwestern part. There are so many good looking lawns in East Point that need to be maintained that our service just couldn't help but not extend our service coverage area for grass cutting in East Point. We cut grass in East Point on every Thursday so as long as you can wait till Thursday to have your grass cut on a weekly basis or every two week basis then we can accommodate that for you. If you live near Woodland Middle School we already have five lawnmowing customers nearby that area already so it's no problem to pick up your yard maintenance for you when we are in the neighborhood.

If you need anything else like mulch or pine straw or any other yardwork done around your yard we can do that for you as well. First, we will need to cut your grass to get familiar with your yard but after that we can talk about other landscape maintenance services and yard work such a tree pruning shrub pruning, pulling weeds in your landscaping beds, and all that good stuff. Our company has nothing but highly trained lawn care service technicians that know how to operate professional grade lawnmowers and leave a good nice level cut on your yard. Be careful when hiring fly-by-night lawn care services in the East Point Ga area as there's tons of them. Especially on the East Point Craigslist I've seen several guys don't have any clue what they're doing in the lawn care business and will just cause more damage to your turf and yard than what you could save by hiring a cheap lawn care service to save $5 or $10 per cut. I know it's tempting to go with the cheapest lawn care service in East Point when you are comparing your lawn care service pricing quotes, however for another $5 or $10 per lawnmowing it really does show the difference. So thank you so much for your consideration and hiring our lawn care service for yard maintenance. We look forward to making your grass look the best on the block. Also , if you are needing lawn maintenance services in lawrenceville GA we service that area and also perform affordable lawn mowing services in Marietta GA as well.


Stanley Lawn Care Services in East Point, GA

Hired 579 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.570 Reviews)

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to learn more about my landscape maintenance and yard maintenance company in Atlanta Georgia serving primarily the communities of East Point and College Park Georgia. I grew up in the greater Atlanta area and I am quite fond of East Point as the city has been very good to me and my lawn mowing business. We have grown our lawn care service in East Point from 2 yards per week to now over 40 yard cutting customers every week. My specialty is a good solid affordable lawn cutting at a good price. Other lawn care services in the East Point area and also in College Park will try to sell you on services that you really don't need and lawn cuttings that you don't need. Now if you were looking for a private gardener for your yard then my lawn care service may not be the best fit for your needs, however if you were looking for a good basic weekly or every two week local lawn mowing service then I am your guy. Our lawn cuttings in the East Point area start out at $35 per cut and go up from there. Most lawns in the East Point, Ga area are pretty straightforward and can fall into that $35 price, However if you want to start adding on additional yard work and yard services such as weed removal and shrub pruning along with your lawn care services, then the price per lawn service can go up $20 or $30 per cut it just depends on how much extra yard work you want done when we come out to mow your grass. Looking for lawn care services in another part of ATL? No problem, we offer lawn maintenance services in Smyrna GA as well as affordable lawn care services in Roswell GA as well.

We typically mow yards in East Point area on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week. Now that's not to say if you sign up for lawnmowing prices on GreenPal on Monday and need a cut on a Tuesday we will squeeze you in on that first week, but then all of the other lawn cuttings after that we kind a need to work them into their other lawn care service customers that we have in the East Point area. Our sweet spot for lawn care services in East Point is from Paul D. West Middle School all the way over to Sylvan Hills . We like to keep up like to keep our drive time between lawn cuttings under 10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes and that's all it'll enables us to keep our lawn mowing estimates and grass cutting costs down to an affordable level. When we are sitting in traffic on Norman Berry Dr we are not making any money and have to make that up somewhere. So we really appreciate you being flexible and accommodating our lawn care services route when we set you up on your weekly or every two week lawn cuttings. Also one thing to think about our company is that we maintain impeccable lawn care references and also keep our lawnmower equipment in top-notch shape. We will not be showing up to your yard and a junkie Home Depot style mower, it will be a professional grade lawn cutter that will do a great job cutting your grass. Thank you so much for the opportunity to perform your lawn maintenance and yard care for you this lawn care season after you receive my free lawn cutting prices feel free to read over my lawn care reviews from other lawn care services customers in the Atlanta Georgia, East Point and College Park areas.


SOA Lawn Care Services in East Point, GA

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(overall rating 5/5.643 Reviews)

Hey there thanks so much for checking out my lawn maintenance company and yard service in East Point Georgia. I love serving the community of East Point, Ga because it is getting rejuvenated and I love that my yard maintenance business is a part of beautifying neighborhoods like Greenbriar, Jefferson Park, and Colonial Hills. Nothing makes me happier when we pick up a new customer for lawn care service in East Point and they want to take on a yard project to improve the yard and curb appeal it. That's really where we shine. No matter if you are needing a basic lawn cutting service to keep the city of East Point from fining you for tall grass, or all the way up to a full service landscape maintenance firm, we can take care of your needs for lawn care services all in points in between. We recently renovated a customer's lawn in East Point who had nothing but dirt in the yard, and over the course of a few months through seeding, fertilizing, and careful lawn cutting, we were able to grow that yard into a nice thick healthy turf and one of the best looking yards on the block. That's kind of what we specialize in in yard renovation and then yard care. If that's what you are wanting in a lawn care service then I recommend making sure you ask the various lawn mowing businesses that submit to you a price for cutting your grass if they are able to handle additional yard maintenance services such as these.

Most of the lawn care services in the East Point area nearby only do basic lawn cutting and that's fine if all you're looking for is an affordable yard cutter, however if you were looking for a local lawn care service to get your yard into tiptop shape, well then that's an entirely different discipline for what lawn maintenance company in ATL you hire for your lawn care services. Rest assured that all of the necessary yard maintenance equipment such as shrub trimmers, aerators, professional lawn mowers, weedeaters and all of that stuff, we come with to perform your yard maintenance. We come prepared. We will never have to go looking for the needed lawn maintenance equipment because we already have all the lawn equipment that you're going to need in a trusted landscape maintenance company in East Point or College Park. So with that being said, if you are looking for the best lawn care service in East Point, Ga you have found it. Just click the button that you see right below my biography here and you'll get a free lawnmowing price for me to get us started on our game plan for how we are going to take care of your yard maintenance for you this lawn mowing season in East Point. Our lawn care service also performs lawn care services in Cumming Ga and goes into northern Atlanta and provideslawn maintenance services in Smyrna Ga as well.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

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Phyllis Cunningham Lawn Cut in East Point GA
“Have you ever had a case of the disappearing lawn care service? Yeah that happened to me this past summer I was using the same lawn cutting service for my home in East Point Georgia for three lawn care seasons and everything was going fine and it all of a sudden he stopped showing up to cut the grass and would not return my phone call. I thought OK I'll just hire another lawn cutter take care of my grass for me and I was a tad shocked as how hard it was the find a reliable lawn care service near me in East Point. I jumped on Facebook and started asking for lawn care service recommendations and a neighbor in East Point recommend GreenPal. I thought why not I'll give it a shot it's free and ended up getting a lawn cutter to come out and mow my grass that same day .I was shocked at how easy it was.”
Duane Adams Lawn Mowing in East Point GA
“I work for a property investment firm in Atlanta and we manage hundreds of properties throughout the greater Atlanta area. For some reason finding reliable lawn care services that are local and service the East Point Georgia area is harder than anywhere else in Atlanta. I don't know if it's because most lawn care services are servicing other parts of Atlanta but for some reason East Point and College Park is always my trouble spot. The cool thing about GreenPal was they enable me to manage multiple properties on their app to where I can manage all of my lawns in the East Point area with multiple lawn care services. Scheduling, payment, and managing the lawn care services calendars on all of them is a snap. I now use GreenPal for all of my greater Atlanta area yards I have to maintain.”
Dorothy Pena Grass Cutting in East Point GA
“I'm a nurse at the Atlanta Medical Center South Campus and by the time I get done with my 16 hour shift I have zero energy to cut my own grass. Now I didn't want all the bells and whistles that come with yard maintenance, I was just looking for a reliable and affordable lawn care service nearby me, and that serviced the East Point Georgia area. After interviewing a couple different local lawn care services I called out of yelp, I was frustrated because all of them wanted to come cut the grass every seven days. Then I found GreenPal on a Google search and was pleased to see that I could set them up for every 10 day or every 14 day rotation for lawn cutting rather than having to pay for lawn cuttings I did not need. GreenPal solved that yard maintenance problem for me and saves me time and money on my yard care.”
James Young Lawn Mow in East Point GA
“I usually cut my own grass, but my lawn mower broke down and had to take it in for repair. I was looking for a one or two lawn cutting solution that would get me out of my tall grass jam and tide me over until my lawnmower got fixed. I found that with GreenPal, I hired Rrooks lawn care out of East Point Ga to come mow my yard for me and the funny thing his lawn care service was so affordable that I said to hell with it I'm not cutting the yard anymore and I just hired Rooks lawn care to mow my yard every 14 days for the rest of the season. He is now my go to yard maintenance provider.”

lawn-maintenance-in-east-point-GA-lawn-service-in-East Point Hello there and welcome to Greenpal's online ordering page for lawn care services and yard maintenance in East Point Georgia. If you live in East Point and your grass has gotten to be tall then you are at the right place. GreenPal is the world's easiest way to find, schedule, and pay a yard cutting business in East Point Ga. My name is Gary and it's my job to make sure you're completely satisfied with your GreenPal lawn care experience. First let me say thanks checking us out, and second let me tell you a little bit about how the GreenPal lawn care service app works. GreenPal has invested the time effort and energy into finding the top 10 best lawn care services to service the East Point Ga area. How do we know that these lawn mowing companies are top-notch grass cutters? Because we invest the time to meet with these lawn care services personally, interview their previous lawn care customers, look over their lawnmowers to make sure they are a professional lawn cutting grade, and also check out firsthand some other lawns they have mowed in East Point. When we are inspecting their lawn mowing service quality we look for things like do they leave grass clippings left over, do they blow off all the clippings off the driveway, and do they do a good job of edging and weed eating. After they pass all of those required yard maintenance standards to operate their business on the GreenPal system we then set them up to enable you to order lawnmowing and yard maintenance directly from them online without having to make a phone call.

Why does this matter? Because with all of the redevelopment going on in the City of East Point and College Park area lawn mowing services and yard maintenance companies in East Point are busy and their lawn care business are exploding. This means it's hard for them to return your phone call during the day when you need a price for lawn cutting and I imagine you have probably already called a few local neatby lawnmowing companies and lawn care services in East Point already and left a few voicemails inquiring about grass cutting or lawn care services and haven't even gotten a return phone call? Am I right? Well GreenPal solves this problem because now you can order lawn cuttings from them directly online without having to call around. After you sign up you will get a lawn mowing pricing list from multiple local lawn care services nearby submitting to their lawn cutting quote and how much is going to cost to maintain your yard. After you get your local lawn care pricing list go ahead and read over their lawn mowing reviews and then hire the one that is the best fit for your budget. GreenPal has on-boarded several affordable lawn care services that serve East Point and College Park Georgia so the good news is is that you can hire a good lawn cutting and yard maintenance company without breaking the bank. So what do you live over by South Fulton Medical Center or by Tri-Cities High School you are right in Greenpal's online lawn care services coverage area and can expect 3 to 5 free and affordable lawn mowing prices after you sign up for lawn cutting bids. It is our pleasure to help you find schedule and pay the best fit lawnmowing business nearby me in the East Point area. Also if you need lawn cutting services in Smyrna GA or looking for lawn maintenance services in Smyrna nearby me GreenPal offers on-demand lawn care in those areas of the greater ATL area as well.

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About East Point Georgia

East Point is a suburban city located southwest of the neighborhoods of Atlanta in Fulton County.

The name "East Point" derives from the fact that this is the terminus of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad in the east; West Point, Georgia, is the terminus where the rail line ends in the west. This settlement was founded as a railroad terminus with 16 families in 1870, but grew quickly after it became an inviting place for industry to develop. Soon it boasted the railway, two gristmills, and a government distillery located on Connally Drive. One of the earliest buildings was the factory of the White Hickory Manufacturing Company, built by B.M. Blount and L.M. Hill (who became the first chairman of the board of aldermen of the city).

By 1880 the town had two churches, a common school, a steam-cotton gin, a sawmill, a post office (founded in 1851), a telegraph office and its own newspaper weekly, The Plow Boy. East Point ranked as a grain and cotton-growing center. With its pleasant upland climate and proximity to the railway, it was a popular summer resort for people from the city of Atlanta.

East Point is served by Sumner Park, Sykes Park, Brookdale Park, Grayson Field, Jefferson Park, John Milner Park and Chris Stacks Field. The city boasts of producing several notable athletes, among them Reggie Rutland, Jonas Jennings (NFL), Nick Rogers (NFL), Bill Thorn, Donald Adams (Basketball), John Milner (baseball) and Jay Hudson.[citation needed]

When the Dick Lane Velodrome was built in 1974, it was one of only two in the United States. Named after a longtime City Council member, the Velodrome was inspired by a facility seen by a group of residents and city officials who visited the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Velodrome is a 1/5 mile and 36° banked concrete track for bicycle racing, set in Sumner park in a residential part of historic East Point. Dick Lane is the only velodrome in the world with a green space that contains a large oak tree and a creek running through the in-field.[16] It is located eight miles south of downtown Atlanta. Source: Wikipedia East Point, GA

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